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Under state law, Cambridge landowners owe a duty of care to most of their visitors. The duty they owe varies depending on the visitor, but they generally must work to eliminate hazards on the premises when possible. These hazards could include anything from spilled food or abandoned wells.

If you have sustained an injury while visiting another person’s property, an experienced premises liability attorney in Cambridge could evaluate the strength of your claim. Working with a Cambridge premises liability lawyer could ensure that your claim gets the attention it needs to succeed. Call the Law Office of John J. Sheehan for a free consultation at (617) 925-6407.

Responsible Parties in a Cambridge Premises Liability Case

While property owners are responsible for the hazards on their property, there are other people that could face liability as well. In fact, some premises liability claims could result in lawsuits against multiple defendants.

Landlords and property managers are also common defendants in a premises liability case. Although they are not owners of the premises, they have a legal duty to maintain safe conditions through their professional capacity. it is not uncommon for a Cambridge premises liability lawyer to file suit against a property owner and any landlords they employ for the specific property.

In some cases, business owners and tenants could also face liability. While landlords and management companies are responsible for conditions in the common spaces of a property, tenants could face liability for conditions in their apartment or private residence. Additionally, businesses that lease property could be responsible for injuries on the premises.

Duty Owed by Property Owners to Visitors in Cambridge

The duty of care owed by a property owner depends on the nature of a visitor. There are three types of visitors under state law: licensees, invitees, and trespassers.

Invitees enjoy the highest duty of care. Invitees enter the property with permission to conduct business. They could include customers entering a place of business or contractors at a private residence. Property owners must maintain safe conditions for invitees.

Licensees are also visitors that enter property with permission of the landowner. However, they do so for their own purposes. This could include social gatherings and visits. a property owner must warn licensees of hidden hazards.

Trespassers are visitors that enter the premises without a legal right to do so. While they do not enjoy the same duty of care as invited guests, they are not without protection. For example, a Cambridge property owner may not intentionally harm a trespasser.

Shared Fault in a Premises Liability Accident in Cambridge, MA

In some cases, the injured party shares in some of the blame for an accident on another person’s property. For example, if a hazard was partially roped off or if the injury victim was wearing inappropriate footwear, they could bear some of the responsibility for the accident.

When this occurs, a plaintiff still has the opportunity to seek compensation from the landowner. However, the law will bar their claim if they are more than 50 percent responsible. When a plaintiff is partially responsible but falls below the 50 percent threshold, a jury will reduce their damages proportionally to by their degree of fault.

Talk to a Cambridge Premises Liability Attorney Right Away

Whether from a fall or a falling object, injuries that occur on another person’s property could have major implications on your life. You could face significant medical bills and miss time at work while you heal. These complications can make it difficult for an accident victim to make ends meet.

A Boston premises liability attorney could help with recovering compensation for these injuries. You can learn more about your legal options by scheduling a case evaluation with a premises liability and personal injury lawyer in Cambridge at (617) 925-6407.