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Each year, nearly 40,000 people in the United States go to hospital emergency rooms for treatment of nail gun injuries. of these, 39 people injured by a nail gun will die.

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Types of Injuries from Defective Nail Guns

More than fifty percent of injuries involving nail guns involve hands or finger. of these, more than 25 percent have structural damage to bones, nerves, or tendons. Next to fingers and hands, the most injuries are to the lower body extremities such as the foot, knee, or thigh. Nail gun injuries can cause paralysis, break bones, cause brain damage and may be fatal

A study of apprentice carpenters found that forty percent were the victims on at least one nail gun injury within their first four years of training.

These tools when made with and/or designed with defects can become deadly. Defective nail gun injuries can be significant as they may involve serious tissue damage and nerve damage. Puncture wounds also run a high risk of infection. When a nail gun is defective you may be seriously wounded or even lose your life. Contractors use nail guns and employees are apt to have an accidental nail gun injury.

Who is Liable for a Defective Nail Gun Accident in Boston?

If a contractor’s employee is injured on the job the first thing to do is filing a worker’s compensation claim. Many employees believe that once they have done they have no other way to get money for lost wages, pain and suffering, and both past and future medical expenses. This is not correct!

If you were injured because a nail gun was defective, you are allowed to sue the manufacturer of the nail gun, even if the injury occurred on the job. This is known as a third-party suit since the nail gun manufacture was the entity that was responsible for your injury. If you believe your injury is due to a defective nail gun contact us for a no obligation case evaluation. Call our friendly Boston office to set up an appointment.

Common Reasons for Injuries from Nail Guns in Boston, MA

Blow Out

Blow outs occur when a nail fired from a nail gun hits a knot in the wood, becomes airborne, and then strikes the user or someone nearby.

Double Fire

A double fire is when the nail gun fires two nails. The second nail often causes injury.


The user accidentally misses the object to be nailed entirely and the nail hits the nearest object – often a person.

Safety Contact Failure

A dangerous occurrence, as the nail gun discharges unexpectedly and is not aimed at anything.

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Employees who have been injured by a defective nail gun should follow normal business procedures, tell someone in management and seek medical help, complete all forms required by workmen’s compensation and then seek the advice of a qualified defective product personal liability or Boston personal injury attorney for your defective nail gun accident.

If you have reason to believe your nail gun injury was due to a defective nail gun and are in the Boston area call on a lawyer who specializes in personal injury. You may be entitled to receive monetary compensation for past and future wage loss, rehabilitation, past and future medical expenses, disability and in some cases punitive damages. Contact (617) 925-6407 to speak with our Boston defective nail gun injury lawyers today.