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Attorney Sheehan has been representing injured workers and accident victims throughout Massachusetts since 1993. Our firm consists of a group of legal professionals with one overarching goal, to protect the rights of our clients and get them the compensation they deserve for their injuries. We are here to provide you with the kind of personalized attention and legal expertise that you need following an accident.


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Each personal injury lawyer at our firm has worked with numerous clients, in a wide variety of personal injury cases. We understand how painful, frightening, and confusing it can be to find yourself injured, through no fault of your own. Our personal injury law firm is dedicated to helping you through the challenging times ahead. Please contact us now to discuss your situation and to learn what your legal options are. Remember, you do not have to go through this alone.


When an accident occurs, it almost always takes you unawares. One moment you are going about your day like you always do, the next moment you are hurt and wondering what just happened. Whether you are involved in an auto accident a workplace accident, or a slip and fall accident, your life is altered. To make matters worse, you did not even do anything wrong. Your injury and all the aftermath were caused by another person or organization’s negligence.

As your Boston personal injury lawyers, we can help you make sense of your situation and understand what your next steps should be. Our personal injury firm is comprised of highly trained legal professionals that have ample experience in handling different types of personal injury cases. We only have to hear your story to give you detailed advice on how to proceed with a personal injury case. While every case is unique, there are a number of best practices that ensure that your rights are protected throughout the entire process. When one of our team is working as your personal injury lawyer, we can ensure that your rights are always guarded, from start to finish.


When you decide to pursue legal action against a negligent party, you will need to prove fault to win your case. Enlisting the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer is the single most effective way to accomplish this goal. You can almost guarantee that whatever party you are pursuing compensation from will have an attorney as well, so you need your own personal injury lawyer to fight for your side of the story.

When you hire a personal injury lawyer from our firm, you will have several advantages that will help you prove fault. First you get our investigative experience—our firm has extensive experience investigating accidents. We go to the scene of the accident, take photos, talk with witnesses and bring in the help of experts in different fields when required. We will reconstruct what happened and gather evidence to prove it.

The second advantage you will get when you hire our firm, is our trial experience. In an ideal case, the responsible party or the insurance company, will recognize that we are going to win our case and will attempt to settle outside of court. A settlement is often just what our clien. needs—immediate compensation and an end to the legal battle; however, not all cases are ideal.

M your case needs to be argued in front of the court, a personal injury lawyer from our firm is an excellent choice. We are comfortable in the courtroom, and we have a proven ability to argue effectively for our clients. We will use all of our skills and training to make sure your voice is heard.

A Boston Area PersonalInjury Lawyer You Can Depend On

If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident, chances are that you are under a great deal of stress right now. You may be in pain and uncertain what to do next. If this is your situation, please contact the law firm of John J. Sheehan now. We are here to help accident victims through the toughest situations, and we are ready to do the same for you.

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