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Workers at all levels and in many different industries risk lung injuries and illnesses while at work. Lung injuries can be a problem for almost any worker, especially when they cause temporary or permanent disabilities that reduce an employee’s working ability. Lung injuries may be chronic illnesses that develop due to prolonged exposure on the job or may result from a one-time exposure to corrosive or hazardous material. Regardless of how the injury developed, those who have sustained lung injuries on the job may be eligible to claim workers’ compensation.

If you have suffered a lung injury in the workplace, a Boston workplace lung injury lawyer could help you obtain the appropriate amount of compensation for your losses. a skilled workers’ compensation attorney could advise you about your legal rights to workers’ compensation benefits for workplace injuries. Call (617) 925-6407 for a free consutation.

Boston Industries that Can Injure Workers’ Lungs

Certain industries in Boston and the surrounding communities put their workers at great risk of acute or chronic lung injuries from exposure to harmful materials. Some of these include:

  • Chemical plants and refineries
  • Railroads
  • Construction and other building industries
  • Painting
  • Mills and textile factories
  • Shipbuilding

Dangerous and potentially hazardous materials are a regular presence in these types of jobs. Fumes from many dangerous chemicals are often invisible and otherwise not readily detectable. Pulmonary damage or illness can easily result if proper safety equipment and procedures are not in place to protect against these risks.

Substances that Cause Lung Injuries to Workers in Boston

Exposure to chemicals can cause lasting lung damage or other injuries. For example, fumes from common chemicals such as ammonia or chlorine can cause severe burning that quickly damages the respiratory system and/or the eyes.

Air pollutants such as hydrogen sulfide or nitrogen dioxide can have a delayed effect that takes hours to build up but can cause permanent harm to the lungs. Other common chemicals such as carbon monoxide, methane, and ethane can cause a worker to asphyxiate. These chemicals displace oxygen in the body and can cause permanent injury or death.

Workers should insist on knowing what they are working with and employers must be held accountable when they do not use appropriate safety equipment and processes to minimize risks.

Lung injuries may also arise not from hazardous exposures, but from other immediate injuries. Hemothorax and pneumothorax are two types of lung disease that can result from chest injuries, such as a collapsed lung.

A skilled workplace lung injuries lawyer in Boston could assess a worker’s situation and determine the extent of the damage he or she has suffered to seek fair compensation for their losses.

Let a Boston Workplace Lung Injury Attorney Help You Today

If you suffered a lung injury during the course of your job duties, consulting a workplace injury lawyer can help you pursue the compensation and other benefits you may be entitled to. Lung injuries can be complex cases and may require skilled advocacy from a dedicated Boston workplace lung injuries lawyer. Additionally, management may not help you file a claim or your employer’s insurance company may refuse your claim.

In these and other situations, a skilled lawyer could help you pursue a favorable resolution to your legal concerns. Call the Boston workers’ compensation lawyer at the Law Office of John J. Sheehan at (617) 925-6407 today to learn more about how a lawyer could help.