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Workers engaged in heavy, manual work commonly suffer shoulder injuries. The injuries can vary in severity from muscle sprains, rotator cuff tears, torn ligaments, impingement, dislocated shoulder and fractures. Causes of shoulder injuries can be lifting heavy material and equipment, overhead work, blunt trauma. The shoulder injury may have been caused by one traumatic event or may be the result of cumulative trauma caused by repetitive use of the shoulder and upper extremity.

Shoulder injuries are not limited to workplace accidents. People suffer various degrees of shoulder injuries in car accidents, slip and fall accidents, and other incidents that cause bodily injury. If another person, entity, or company is to blame for your injury, they should be held responsible for your financial losses and physical pain and suffering.

Shoulder injuries are similar to other personal injury cases. You want professional, knowledgeable, and aggressive legal representation. If you decide to file a lawsuit or negotiate with an insurance company, our Boston shoulder injury lawyers will fight for the compensation you deserve. Therefore, if you injured your shoulder in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, call the Law Office of John J. Sheehan for a case review at (617) 295-7731.

What to Do After You Injure Your Shoulder in an Accident in Boston

If you have a serious shoulder injury, it is important that you consult an appropriate medical specialist early in your treatment, usually an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in shoulder and upper extremity injuries. In order to diagnose your shoulder injury and prepare the appropriate medical treatment plan, your treating doctor may send you for an MRI.

Shoulder injuries may develop complications such as Adhesive Capsulitis or Frozen Shoulder, nerve damage and, in some cases, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (“RSD”). Also, it is common that workers, who suffer a shoulder injury to their dominant or major arm, may develop an injury to the opposite arm caused by repetitive use and overcompensating for the injured upper extremity. Treatment for shoulder injuries may include physical therapy, pain and anti-inflammatory medication, cortisone or steroid injections and surgery.

Depending on the person’s age and given the heavy nature of construction work, a worker who has suffered a severe shoulder injury may not be able to do construction work again. Once they reach a medical endpoint, they may be retrained to do light work in another field or, in some cases, apply for Social Security Disability (“SSDI”) benefits.

Types of Shoulder Injuries People Suffer in Boston

Shoulder injuries come in a broad range of types and severities. Typically, a personal injury case will involve damage to the muscle, tendons, or ligaments rather than bone. However, there are times when our Boston personal injury lawyers handle cases where the damage includes a fractured bone.

Your shoulder consists of three bones: the scapula, the clavicle, and the humerus. The top of your humerus fits into your shoulder socket.

People are familiar with the term “rotator cuff” injuries. Your rotator cuff includes the tendons and muscles that hold your shoulder in position. Rotator cuff injuries often occur in car accidents and are one of the most common types of injuries that give rise to personal injury claims. Another common injury is a torn labrum. This type of injury occurs when the cartilage that holds the shoulder together tears.

The severity and type of shoulder injury will impact the medical treatment required. In some cases, an accident victim will require surgery to repair a damaged shoulder or physical therapy to regain usage after an injury. Some labrum tears and rotator cuff injuries could be treated with less invasive arthroscopic surgery.

Shoulder injuries could also result in other types of conditions.


Some injuries will result in a misalignment of the should joints. These types of injuries cause pain and discomfort whenever the person moves or raises their arm. an unstable shoulder will often feel as if it is slipping out of place.


This type of injury is caused by the muscles in the shoulder rubbing against your shoulder blade. Typically, this type of injury results from repetitive motions and is seen in athletes or people whose job requires repetitive tasks.

Impingement usually comes in one of two forms. an inflammation of the bursa is referred to as bursitis. When a tendon breaks or tears, it is known as tendinitis. Either of these injuries could make performing daily tasks painful or impossible.

Common Causes of Shoulder Injuries in Boston

Shoulder injuries occur in a wide variety of accidents. However, there are a few main causes that usually give rise to personal injury lawsuits.

Slip and Fall Accidents

One of the most common causes of injuries resulting in personal injury claims is slip and fall accidents. Slippery surfaces, broken pavements, or other hazards could cause a person to lose their balance and fall. When someone reaches out to break their fall or grabs hold of something to restrain their fall, they are liable to injure their shoulder. Property owners have a duty to ensure that their premises are properly maintained.

Automotive Vehicle Accidents

When a vehicle is involved in a collision, the sudden impact and combination of forces often result in injuries to the driver and passengers. a car accident victim could be slammed into a door, windshield, or be thrown from the vehicle. This kind of trauma could cause significant damage to several body parts, including the victim’s shoulder.

Bicycle or Motorcycle Accident

When riding a motorcycle or bicycle, the rider is afforded little protection. When someone falls from a bicycle or motorcycle, they are liable to land on their arm or shoulder. The force of the impact could result in a muscle tear or fracture.

Workplace Injuries

Many jobs require an employee to repeat a specific motion, such as working on an assembly line or as a painter. When a muscle is overworked, it could become weak and deteriorate to the point where a serious injury occurs. Often, these types of injuries result in workers’ compensation claims. However, depending on the circumstances, it could be possible to hold another party liable.

Type of Compensation Available After a Shoulder Injury in Boston

The severity of a shoulder injury will also impact the compensation an injured person is likely to receive through an insurance settlement or jury trial. Our Boston personal injury lawyers will thoroughly evaluate your case so you can make an informed decision regarding a settlement offer.

Medical Expenses

The first thing you need to consider is what your medical expenses are and will be in the future. If your shoulder injury is going to require surgery and months of physical therapy, you should be justly compensated. Medical costs include emergency care, hospitalization, prescription or over-the-counter medications, doctor’s appointments, and any other expenses associated with your medical treatment.

Lost Wages

Another consequence of a severe injury is the inability to work. a shoulder injury could result in missing a few days to several months of work – especially if you require surgery. Depending on your job, a shoulder injury could make it impossible to perform the duties necessary for your job. You should be able to recover the money you have lost and the money you would have made if you were not injured.

Other Economic Damages

While medical expenses and lost income will often account for a substantial portion of your economic damages, there are other costs you should be able to recover. For example, you should be reimbursed for childcare to go to a doctor’s appointment or any parking fees you incurred. Our Boston shoulder injury lawyer will thoroughly examine your economic losses related to your injury.

Non-Economic Damages

A person with a shoulder injury is also entitled to be compensated for their non-economic damages. For example, you could recover for your physical pain, emotional anguish, and mental distress. Additionally, if your shoulder injury prevents you from engaging in a favorite hobby or playing with your young children, you should be fairly compensated.

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