What’s the Average Payout for Nerve Damage in Boston?

Nerve damage can lead to many different types of debilitating and painful symptoms. There are varying degrees of nerve damage, some injuries may heal quickly while others will be permanent. Those who suffer nerve damage as the result of other peoples’ negligence can recover payment for the harm they sustained.

The average payout for nerve damage lawsuits in Boston is very hard to determine. Each case is unique and there are a multitude of factors that play a role establishing a claim’s value. Our lawyers can help evaluate how much your case is worth during a free case review.

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Average Payout for Nerve Damage Cases in Boston

The value of nerve damage cases can vary greatly. Assessing the average payout for such claims can be difficult because there are several factors used to determine each claim’s worth. In general, the more severe your injuries are, the higher amount of compensation you can recover. For example, a victim who suffers nerve damage that impacts their entire lower body may be able to recover more damages that someone whose injury only affects one hand.

In addition to the severity of your injury, there are several other factors that may affect your payout. During a free case assessment, our lawyers can help analyze these factors within the context of your claim. Accordingly, you will have an idea of what your lawsuit is worth.

What Are the Factors Used to Determine Your Payout for Nerve Damage in Boston?

The circumstances surrounding your nerve damage injury will play a major role in determining your claim’s value. All of the following factors will be used to determine your payout:

Your Share of Fault

If you shared fault for the accident that caused your nerve damage, then you may be limited in the amount of payment you may recover. When evaluating your claim, the rule of comparative fault will be applied. Therefore, compensation will be awarded based on each person’s degree of fault. For instance, if the defendant in your case is 65% responsible for the accident at issue and you share 35% of the blame, then the defendant will be ordered to reimburse you for 65% of the damages caused by your accident while you are left to account for the remaining 35%.

Furthermore, if your portion of fault is greater than 50% for the accident that caused your nerve damage, then you may not recover financial compensation. At-fault parties can employ various strategies when seeking to shift blame onto victims. The support and guidance of our experienced Beverly personal injury attorneys can be beneficial when presenting evidence and proving that another party is responsible for the harm you suffered.

The Degree of Nerve Damage You Suffered

The extent of nerve damage you sustained will also play a role in determining the value of your claim. There are three degrees of nerve damage victims can incur. Neurapraxia is the mildest form of peripheral nerve damage where the structure of nerves remain intact. Those who suffer from neurapraxia can usually reach a state of full recovery. Meanwhile, axonotmesis is a more severe degree of nerve damage that can result in long-term or permanent paralysis of certain sensory and motor functions. Lastly, neurotmesis is the most severe form of nerve damage. Neurotmesis occurs when nerves are completely severed, leaving permanent effects.

Those who suffer worse forms of nerve damage are likely to incur greater damages. Accordingly, the more severe degree of nerve damage you suffer, the more compensation you are likely to recover.

Still, it is important to remember that injuries involving nerve damage are complex. Evaluating the severity of your injury without the assistance of a medical professional is very difficult. Our Danvers personal injury lawyers can help find the right physicians to treat your nerve damage and assess its overall impact.

The Cost of All Current and Future Medical Treatment

The cost of all current and future medical treatment related to your injury will also be analyzed when determining the payout for your nerve damage in Boston. There are many different types of treatment that may be required to treat injuries involving nerve damage. For example, some victims will require pain medications and physical therapy for their injuries to properly heal. For others, surgical treatment may be necessary.

In severe cases, such as those where victims suffer from paralysis, medical treatment will be required well into the future. For example, some patients with nerve damage require permanent assistance with nursing care, home care, and transportation assistance. The experienced personal injury attorneys at our law firm can help obtain payment for the cost of all current and future medical treatment related to your nerve damage.

Your Lost Income

The amount of income you lose because of your nerve damage is another factor used to assess your claim’s value. In many cases, victims with nerve damage will be unable to return to their jobs until they fully recover. Accordingly, you may acquire compensation for the income you lose because of your injury. Furthermore, if your nerve damage detrimentally impacts your ability to work going forward, then our attorneys can help pursue damages for your lost earning capacity in the future.

Your Prior Injuries

Lastly, any injuries you previously suffered may play a role in the valuation of your case. For example, if you have prior injuries that produce symptoms similar to those caused by nerve damage, then obtaining compensation for your nerve damage may be more difficult. The support of our experienced Fall Rivers personal injury attorneys can be very helpful when explaining pre-existing injuries and establishing the harm caused by your nerve damage.

If You Sustained Nerve Damage in Boston, Our Law Firm Can Help

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