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Personal injuries caused by negligence might result in various damages for victims. If you file a lawsuit in Milton with help from our lawyers, you could get compensation for those damages.

Depending on the case, we might have to reconstruct an accident to determine its cause. Exactly how we do this might differ depending on the type of accident a victim was injured in, but it often includes interviewing eyewitnesses and collecting relevant evidence, like surveillance footage. When we file your claim, we can request compensation for emotional and economic damages due to the defendant’s negligence. In order to recover any compensation from a negligent party, plaintiffs must meet the standard of proof that applies to personal injury claims in Milton.

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Reconstructing an Accident for Your Milton, MA Personal Injury Lawsuit

Our extensive experience collecting and reviewing evidence and our network of expert consultants make us well-equipped to reconstruct accidents for your personal injury claim in Milton. This process is often crucial in determining the cause of the accident, which will be key to your case.

We can do this for various types of incidents in Milton, including car crashes and slip and fall accidents. For instance, if you were involved in a car accident caused by a reckless driver, we can gather evidence from the scene, such as photos of tire marks, vehicle damage, and road debris. When reviewed by an accident reconstruction expert, this evidence can help determine the point of impact, vehicle speed, and the negligent party.

Reconstructing an incident might be necessary for other claims, such as premises liability claims. If you tripped and fell due to a hazard on another person’s property, our personal injury lawyers will aim to determine the exact cause of the accident in question. For example, a broken handrail could cause a victim to trip down the stairs, and a cracked floorboard could cause a similarly devastating accident. Certain evidence, like surveillance footage and eyewitness statements, may be necessary to reconstruct these types of accidents and determine their causes in Milton.

Recoverable Emotional Damages Due to Personal Injuries in Milton, MA

Personal injuries often come with very real emotional consequences for victims. On top of prioritizing your economic recovery, our lawyers will also focus on ensuring you get compensation for your psychological damages.

Some of the most serious injuries due to negligence include traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, which might be permanent or have long-lasting effects on a victim’s emotional and mental well-being. While the risk of victims sustaining such serious injuries is higher during motor vehicle accidents or other accidents of similar severity, they can happen during seemingly minor incidents like slip and fall accidents. Furthermore, even less serious injuries could disrupt a victim’s life for some time, causing them compensable pain and suffering.

Victims can use several tactics to document and prove their eligibility for non-economic damages. For example, if your case goes to court in Milton, we can prepare you to testify so that the jury fully appreciates the extent of your emotional distress. In addition to victim testimony, statements from mental health experts can help juries understand a victim’s pain and suffering and calculate their deserved recovery.

Unless your personal injury lawsuit is because of a car accident, you can sue for non-economic damages without meeting a serious injury threshold. However, if a driver hurt you, you must meet the criteria laid out in Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 231, § 6D to bring a claim for pain and suffering in Milton.

Recoverable Economic Damages Caused by Personal Injuries in Milton, MA

Many injury victims are primarily concerned about recovering economic damages from negligent parties. To do this, you must present proof of your financial losses in your claim.

Any records or documentation showing your monetary losses will be proof of damages. Often, this includes a victim’s medical bills and expenses. Personal injury lawsuits can help victims get compensation for all essential medical expenses, including surgical, ambulance, medication, dental, and professional nursing costs, among others.

If you cannot return to work because of your injuries, we will need to show your losses from missed income. We can refer to your employment history and wage records to do this. In addition to your lost wages and medical costs, note any other out-of-pocket expenses you incurred because of the incident, like transportation costs to and from the hospital, so our lawyers can record those losses.

Massachusetts does not limit injury victims’ recoveries of economic damages. If you can submit proof of your losses and establish the defendant’s financial liability for your damages, you could get compensation for all economic losses from an accident.

The Burden of Proof in Milton, MA Personal Injury Lawsuits

The burden of proof is the responsibility to show the defendant’s liability for the plaintiff’s damages. This burden falls on the plaintiff, which would be you.

Since you are the one to bring a civil claim, you must be the one to prove the defendant’s fault. It is your burden to prove, by a preponderance of the evidence, that the defendant in your claim is more than likely liable for your damages.

Meeting the standard of proof becomes more feasible when victims have substantial evidence to support their claims. Because of this, our attorneys will start investigating the accident that caused your injuries right away and work to preserve and gather relevant evidence, like eyewitness statements, surveillance footage, and physical evidence from the scene. If you delay this process, evidence might be lost, which could lower your chances of meeting the burden of proof in your case.

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