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Cycling is a great way to take in historic Cambridge. While this form of travel has its benefits, it also has significant drawbacks. Riding a bicycle on a public street is exceedingly risky, especially at night. Careless drivers are often in such a hurry that they fail to notice the cyclists they share the road with. When this happens, the consequences can be severe.

If you have suffered an injury due to the negligent actions of another negligent individual while riding a bike, you should feel entitled to file a compensation claim with the help of a knowledgeable attorney. to get started on a claim, be sure to schedule a free consultation with a Cambridge bicycle accident lawyer today at (617) 925-6407.

Rights and Responsibilities of a Cyclist

Motorists and cyclists in Cambridge possess similar rights, but they also share the same responsibilities. However, there are some unique regulations that only apply to cyclists. These vehicles are different from motor vehicles in some important ways, making additional rules necessary. These regulations come in the form of both state law and city ordinances.

In Cambridge, cyclists have the same right of access to streets and roadways in the city as motorists, with one important exception. Cyclists may not travel on limited-access highways, which typically involve much higher speed limits than city streets.

According to state law, there are many safety requirements that apply to cyclists. They must also use headlights when cycling shortly after sunset until shortly before sunrise. Helmets are only required for cyclists 16 years and under. Cyclists must also affix reflectors to the rear of their bike for visibility.

Cambridge has fairly lax requirements for biking in the city. The major regulation in the city ordinances relates to riding bicycles on public sidewalks. While biking on sidewalks is allowed, there are certain designated areas where bicycles are banned from the sidewalks. These areas include the Central Square Business District and the Harvard Square Business District.

Establishing Negligence in Cambridge Bike Injury Claims

For a Cambridge bicycle accident attorney, obtaining a favorable outcome in a trial requires proving that the driver involved in the crash was negligent. by establishing negligence, a plaintiff could recover monetary compensation for their damages. There are plenty of potentially negligent acts that could lead to a collision between a car and a bike.

One of the most common types of bicycle injury claims occurs when a driver drifts into a bike lane and strikes a cyclist. Cyclists always have the right-of-way in a bicycle lane. Intersections are also a dangerous location for bike riders. Visibility is a major safety issue with bikes, and it is not uncommon for a motorist to turn into an intersection without seeing the cyclist in their path.

Visibility is also an issue when a bike is in a motorist’s blind spot. There are certain areas surrounding the sides of a motor vehicle that are difficult to see. When a driver carelessly changes lanes without checking their blind spot, a nearby cyclist could pay dearly.

Any breach of a cyclist’s right of way or other traffic violation could result in a viable claim for damages. a Cambridge bicycle accident lawyer could advise a victim if they are entitled to seek compensation from their injuries.

Seek Advice from a Cambridge Bicycle Accident Attorney

Due to the size difference between bicycles and passenger vehicles, the injuries from a collision between the two can be traumatic. Cyclists have the right to use Cambridge roads in safety. Unfortunately, motorists do not always respect that right.

To take action on your injury claim, reach out to a Boston bicycle accident lawyer right away. You can learn about your legal options and your chances for success at a free, no-obligation case evaluation. Call our Cambridge personal injury lawyers today at (617) 925-6407.