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Elder abuse is an unfortunate and growing trend. This abuse is common in a nursing home setting. Nursing home residents frequently are often unable to communicate, which greatly impacts the reporting of these incidents. Every senior deserves to remain safe and healthy during their time in a nursing home. When that does not occur, an experienced Cambridge nursing home abuse attorney could work to hold the perpetrator accountable.

By filing a civil lawsuit against the at-fault party, you could potentially hold them accountable for their actions. Additionally, these claims could result in financial compensation. This money could be used to ensure your loved one receives necessary medical care in a safe environment. a Cambridge nursing home abuse lawyer could guide you through the process of recovering this compensation. Call our law firm at (617) 925-6407 for a free case review.

The Rights of Nursing Home Residents in Cambridge, MA

Nursing home residents have extensive rights in Cambridge. In 1987, the United States Congress passed the Nursing Home Reform Act. Through this act, the federal government required each state to develop and enforce a series of legal rights for nursing home residents. Massachusetts has taken the steps to adopt these rights.

These rights address every aspect of a resident’s life. From the ability to manage their finances to having control over their medical treatment, these rights are important for every resident. Should a nursing home or one of its employees violate these rights, a resident could have a viable nursing home abuse claim. an experienced Cambridge attorney could help a nursing home abuse victim proceed with this type of claim.

Many of the rights covered by state law relate to a resident’s decision-making. Nursing home residents have the right to make decisions about their finances as well as their medical treatment. They are also guaranteed the right to participate in their choice of religious activities.

Nursing home residents also have rights related to information and privacy. State law guarantees the right to conduct medical and legal business in private without the fear of staff opening their mail.

Above all, state law enshrines a resident’s right to treatment with dignity and free from abuse. Whether physical, emotional, or financial, abuse should never occur to the vulnerable residents of a Cambridge nursing home. with the right legal counsel, a victim might be able to hold their abuser accountable.

Filing a Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit in Cambridge

Abuse in a Cambridge nursing home amounts to a violation of the resident’s rights. When abuse happens, law enforcement and state regulators may quickly become involved. However, a nursing home resident has their own legal rights when they suffer abuse. with the help of a Cambridge nursing home abuse lawyer, a resident could seek monetary compensation from their abuser through a civil lawsuit.

There are strict deadlines for filing a nursing home abuse lawsuit. According to state law, a resident must file their lawsuit within three years of the date the abuse occurs. The courts could dismiss any claim filed after the deadline expires.

Call a Cambridge Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Toda If Your Elder Was Abused

Following an incident of nursing home abuse, you could be at a loss for what to do next. Even if you have reported the incident to state regulators or law enforcement, there are other actions you could take.

When your loved one suffers nursing home abuse, experienced legal counsel could help you and your family pursue compensation on their behalf. Contact a Cambridge nursing home abuse lawyer at (617) 925-6407 to learn more. Our Cambridge personal injury lawyers can help you through this difficult time.