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In cases of bus accidents, both passengers on the bus itself and other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians may sustain devastating injuries. If the accident was caused by negligence, you may be able to sue to recover compensation based on the consequences of your injuries.

These injuries, such as fractures, whiplash, or traumatic brain injuries, may be serious, so you should always seek medical attention after your accident. Once you get treatment, you should call your lawyer and begin discussing who might be liable in your case, be it the bus driver, operating company, or manufacturer. You likely have three years or less to file your claim, so be sure to act quickly to secure representation.

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Common Bus Accident Injuries in Cambridge

Due to their sheer size, buses are more likely to cause serious injury in a collision than most standard personal vehicles. You should know the types of injuries for which you may recover in a lawsuit after a bus accident in Cambridge.

Broken Bones

The human body is simply not built to stand up to the impact of a bus collision. Even with advances in modern accident safety technology, drivers and passengers suffer blunt force impact as a result of car accidents that could fracture the bones in the legs, arms, ribs, collarbone, and face. In fact, it may be the airbag, the design feature meant to protect you, that does the most harm in this area.


Whiplash is a diagnosable medical condition wherein the muscles of the neck are strained to the point that it becomes difficult for the victim to move their head. Whiplash is commonly associated with vehicular collisions because of the sheer force that affects the head on impact. This condition can affect many of the day-to-day functions of a bus accident victim, who should be compensated as such.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Victims of bus accidents may sometimes endure such force that the brain bounces off the inside of the skull, causing bruising or bleeding. This is what is referred to as a traumatic brain injury (TBI). TBIs do not require that much force and may go undetected at first, so it is critical for both your immediate safety and your potential court case that you seek medical care immediately after you are involved in an accident.

Determining Who is Responsible for a Cambridge Bus Accident

If you are considering filing a lawsuit in Cambridge to recover for your bus accident injuries, your first step should be determining who was at fault. The at-fault party is the person or entity that was responsible for causing the accident. You can name more than one defendant in your lawsuit in Massachusetts. For help determining whom you should file your complaint against, talk to the resourceful Cambridge bus accident attorneys at the Law Offices of John J. Sheehan.

Bus Driver

As is the case in any collision where the other driver was negligent, you can file suit against the bus driver if they caused you injury. Bus drivers are required to carry insurance that will cover the damages you win in your lawsuit.

Bus Operating Company

The company that puts the buses on the road has responsibilities as well. Most of these responsibilities come in the form of employee screening and training. Driving a bus is far more complicated than most other vehicles on the road, and if the bus company does not put explicit training programs into place, they could be liable for the consequences.


Buses are as complicated to build as they are to drive. Certain safety features such as kill switches must be built and installed correctly to work as intended. If a bus driver relied on their bus to work correctly, and a defect caused the accident that injured you, you may have a case against the part manufacturer or the party who was responsible for inspecting the bus for defects.

Time Limits for Filing a Bus Accident Injury Lawsuit in Cambridge

The statute of limitations in Massachusetts for bus injury cases puts a time limit on how long you can wait before filing your injury complaint. For injuries sustained in a bus accident, plaintiffs must file their complaint with the appropriate county court clerk within three years of the date of the accident. This applies to injury victims who were passengers on the bus as well as other drivers or passengers in other cars.

This three-year restriction is just the general deadline. There may be more stringent time limits on notification if the bus was owned or operated by a government body. to file a suit against the government or one of its agents (such as a bus driver), you will need to comply with specific procedural requirements, some of which may include notifying the government early on of your intention to file a complaint. The specific requirements in your case depend on which jurisdiction you are in and which government body you intend to sue. Our Cambridge bus accident lawyers are familiar with all of the various procedural issues that could come up and can help you avoid them, but only if you call us as soon as possible.

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