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Side-impact collisions, or T-bone accidents, are serious crashes which could leave victims seriously injured. Victims could face a plethora of injuries including broken bones, severe head trauma, and long-term paralysis. In addition, the damage inflicted upon the victim’s car could be especially brutal. In some cases, vehicles are totaled, forcing victims and insurance companies to scramble to find a solution to replace that vehicle. If you have sustained such injuries, contact an accomplished Boston T-bone accident attorney.

A Boston car accident lawyer that specializes in side-impact or T-bone accidents can help you file an effective injury claim in an effort to get you the compensation you fully deserve. Call the Law Office of John J. Sheehan today for a free consultation at (617) 925-6407.

What is a T-Bone Accident?

A side-impact collision is commonly referred to as a T-bone accident. These accidents almost always occur at intersections consisting of two to three roads. T-bone crashes could involve one car crossing the intersection that is hit from either the left or right side by another car. These accidents could result in serious injuries, as well as massive damage upon the car. Victims should consult with a Boston side-impact collision lawyer to see if they are eligible for a compensation reward for their injuries.

Common Fact Patterns in a Boston T-Bone Accident Case

A common fact pattern surrounding side-impact or T-bone accidents in Boston include failure to yield, where a driver failed to stop to check to see if the coast was clear before proceeding to the intersection. What is also common is drivers speeding up when the light turns yellow instead of slowing down and getting ready to come to a stop.

One common fact pattern regarding T-bone accidents is the failure to yield by a negligent driver. If a driver fails to stop to check to see if they can safely turn onto an intersection, the end result could be a disastrous accident. Another common theme in this type of accident is speeding through a yellow light. Drivers could potentially mistime a yellow light instead of slowing down, ultimately running a red light making it much more likely to hit another car or pedestrian.

Other common causes that could result in a T-bone accident includes distracted driving. If a driver is not paying attention to the road, either because they are zoned out or were on their phone, a side-impact collision could occur if they are driving through an intersection.

What to Do After a T-Bone Car Wreck in Boston

Oftentimes, the shock of an accident is so exhilarating that victims may not feel injured. However, it is not only beneficial to a person’s health to seek medical attention, but is also beneficial to an injury claim should the accident merit a civil suit. by seeking medical assistance, victims are also creating a record of their injuries which could be presented in court as evidence of their injuries.

Common Effects of Side-Impact Collisions

Common effects of T-bone collisions are bodily injuries. Drivers could sustain serious fractures or head injuries. Even if the victim’s head does not impact any part of the interior the car, the force of the whiplash effect on the brain could result in a traumatic brain injury even though there was no blunt trauma to the victim’s head.

In addition, a driver could sustain serious muscle sprains and strains of the neck and mid to lower back. Drivers could also sustain injuries in the discs, in their spine, and at the cervical spine and neck level of the mid back or lower back. If it is a herniated disc, it might require surgery. Victims could also sustain serious injury to their shoulder joints or knee joints.

Recoverable Damages from a T-Bone Car Accident in Boston

Victims of side-impact collisions may be eligible to receive compensation for any medical expenses incurred. They may also be able to recover damages for future medical expenses, lost wages, and lost profits if they are self-employed and cannot recoup the money they lost. If a vacation was planned and could not go because of their injuries, victims could recover the money that lost from missing out on their vacation.

If the injury proves to be long-term or permanent, victims could be compensation for that loss of function or permanent impairment. Victims could also receive compensation for any pain and suffering that they suffered as a result of the physical injuries, as well as pain and suffering for the psychiatric trauma they suffered,

Contact Our Boston T-Bone Collision Attorney for Help

A Boston T-bone collision lawyer can investigate the accident, take statements from the witnesses, and secure any photographic evidence. They can also make sure that all of the insurance companies providing coverage to the driver who caused the side-impact collision are notified that the coverage is confirmed. an attorney can also ensure that they have explored all possible avenues of insurance coverage to fully compensate the injured driver. If you or a loved one may require this type of legal assistance, schedule a consultation today with our Boston personal injury lawyers at (617) 925-6407.