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One of the more common causes of car accidents in Boston is failing to yield to drivers who have the right of way. Victims of this negligence may be entitled to compensation for their injuries and any damages sustained by their car. If you are someone who has experienced such an accident, be sure to get in touch with a capable car wreck attorney. a Boston failure to yield accident lawyer may be able to provide you with valuable assistance during the injury claim process as well as conduct any investigations in order to assign liability.

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Examples of Failure to Yield Accidents in Boston

As defined by law, a failure to yield accident is a car wreck in which a driver failed to allow another car to proceed when that car had the right of way. Common examples are seen in Boston and other surrounding areas occur more frequently in roundabouts or traffic circles. In these areas, a car waiting to enter the roundabout may have entered without stopping to see if there were any other vehicles within the roundabout. The end result could be a side-impact, rear-end, or even a front-end collision. Drivers should be especially cautious when driving in these areas.

Other common forms of failure to yield auto crashes occur at stop signs and intersections. Drivers may feel the need to not come to a complete stop or look both ways before turning on an intersection and stopping at a stop sign. by engaging in this type of recklessness, drivers are putting not only themselves at risk, but other innocent drivers as well.

Factors Complicating a Failure to Yield Collision Case

One of the more common complicating factors that can negatively impact your claim is not having any witnesses. In these cases, it may become difficult to process an injury claim since there is no outside party who can confirm who is liable for the accident.

A Boston failure to yield accident lawyer may be able to conduct an investigation to bring forth factual evidence should the claim make it to trial. However, without a proper witness, filing a successful injury claim without the help of an attorney could prove to be difficult.

Assigning Liability in a Boston Failure to Yield Accident Claim

Liability can be impacted if there is no convincing physical evidence. If a person did not seek medical attention following a crash or take pictures of the wreckage, it may prove difficult to file a successful claim. If there is a mixture of evidence suggesting that both drivers could be at fault for causing the accident, the insurance adjuster evaluating the claim may determine that the injured driver was comparatively negligent. As long as an individual is less than 51 percent at fault, they may be able to recover damages.

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If you have been injured in an accident where the driver at fault failed to yield, it is highly recommended to retain the services of a Boston failure to yield accident lawyer. One of the main benefits of hiring a Boston car accident lawyer experienced in failure to yield accidents, as opposed to a general practitioner, is that you will be working with someone who possesses the level of dedication and experience necessary in order to effectively deal with these types of cases. Schedule an appointment with a seasoned Boston personal injury lawyer today to learn more about how they can help you recover the compensation you are owed.