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Boston Car Accident Lawyers

Car accidents on the interstate highways in Massachusetts are very common in large part because of the increasing volume of traffic, especially in the morning and evening commuting hours. an automobile accident has the potential to cause severe damage and injuries.

If you or a loved one were injured in a car crash, a Boston interstate highway accident lawyer could help you through the process of filing a personal injury claim. with the help of a skilled car crash attorney, you may be eligible to recover compensation for your injuries and damages.

Commonalities Between Interstate Highway Accidents and Other Car Collisions

Common fact patterns involving accidents scenarios on major roadways in Boston such as interstate highways are multiple vehicle pileups due to one vehicle rear-ending another vehicle and then pushing that vehicle into the vehicle in front of them and causing sort of a chain reaction. This happens especially due to the congestion and the volume of the traffic on Boston major highways. This usually not a lot of stopping distance especially in the morning or evening.

Another common factor is a rollover accident, especially with the tractor-trailers, is that the tractor-trailer was driving in excessive speed or sometimes the tractor-trailer may have been cut off by another car that makes a sudden lane change. The tractor-trailer tries to take evasive action to not hit the car and ends up rolling over. Additionally, in rollover accidents trucks exiting the highway at excessive speed and not slowing down in time. Because of the curve in the off-ramp, he or she may not able to maintain control of the vehicle and they end up hitting a guardrail or hitting the vehicle in front of them and rolling over.

Steps to Take Following a Crash

When someone is involved in an accident, the first steps he or she should do is call 911 and check to see if they are safe. If the vehicle is not safe to be in, motorists should try and get out of the vehicle just in case of any danger. Motorists should make sure he or she are safely on the shoulder of the road and safe from being hit by an oncoming car.

Individuals should also exchange information with the other driver. State police will usually take care of that. The police will obtain the license and registration information from the drivers involved and provide the drivers with a sheet containing that information.

If individuals are offered first aid assistance by paramedics and offered to be taken by ambulance to a nearby emergency room, he or she should err on the side of caution and accept the assistance to make sure that they are okay. Because of the shock involved, most people would have no idea of the nature and extent of their injuries. it is better to be checked out and make sure that any injuries he or she might have are evaluated and treated. A dedicated attorney could speak to medical professionals to understand your injuries and use medical reports, scans, and documentation to prove the extent of your damages in court.

Factors that Could Impact an Accident

Automobile accidents are common occurrences in Massachusetts. Every car accident is unique and is caused by various circumstances. The common factors that could impact an accident include location, speed, and condition of the road.


Location impacts the response following an accident. on Massachusetts interstate highways, the jurisdiction goes to the Massachusetts State Police. The police would be the first responders but because of the location being on the interstate, he or she  could be delayed in getting to the scene.

In addition to the police, the ambulance and paramedics have to get there, but because of the volume, there could be a delay in trying to navigate already congested to highways between exits. on local roadways, there is not as much volume as the highways, so that is a factor that comes into play.


Speeding is a common contributing factor in car accidents on interstate highways in Massachusetts, where typically the speed limit is anywhere between 55 or 65. There are often cars driving 80 miles or above routinely. When cars are coming down weaving in and out of traffic going above 75 to 80 miles per hour, the results are much more catastrophic and severe than two cars involved in the collision on the local roadways that are traveling less than 40 miles per hour.

The speed of traffic impacts the damages and injuries in an accident. They are often far more severe and serious than on a local roadway, where the speeds are significantly reduced. The Massachusetts State Police, as well as an experienced Boston interstate highway accident lawyer, may conduct a collision reconstruction investigation, which may help prove that the accident was caused by the negligent driver’s excessive speed.

Conditions of The Road

Weather conditions can make the roads slippery or icy because of rain, snowfall, or ice. Weather can create additional hazards that can cause accidents especially if there is a large volume of cars. Drivers on the interstate highways have to slow or stop and may be unable to do so because of the conditions of the roadway itself.

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Automobile collisions could result in catastrophic injuries and damages to all involved. When an individual is involved in a car crash they should seek help from a Boston interstate highway accident lawyer. a lawyer could be helpful immediately following an accident by collecting evidence and seeking help from an accident reconstructionist in order to prove negligence. Speak to a skilled attorney to learn about how you may be eligible to seek compensation. Call today to get started on your case.