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A collision in any form could have devastating consequences. Individuals could sustain serious injury and property damage due to an accident. Severe accidents could even occur in a parking lot. Most parking lots do have posted signs concerning the speed limit that cars are supposed to follow or obey when driving on the parking lot. Usually, it is five miles per hour. The driver in the parking lot has the duty to keep a careful lookout for pedestrians especially those coming across their pathway from parked cars. There is a heightened responsibility to keep a careful lookout not to speed and to proceed with caution. When an individual sustains an injury, the party responsible could be held liable for damages.

If you or a loved one were injured in a car crash due to the negligent actions of another, a Boston parking lot accident lawyer could help you seek compensation from the responsible party. They could review the facts of your case, collect evidence and prove negligence in court. Speak to a dedicated Boston car accident attorney for parking lot accidents to get started on your claim.

Difference Between Parking Lot Accidents and Other Car Accidents

A person should respond to a parking lot accident the same way they would with any other car crash. If a person is seriously injured as a result of the car accident that occurs in the parking lot, they should call 911, call the police, and exchange information. The rules might be different as far as they might not be a specific statute concerning the rules of the road that would apply to a public way or street.

What makes a parking lot collision and other accidents in Boston is the type of property that the crash occurred on. a car accident that occurs on the street is considered a public way, and a parking lot is on private property. The significance of a street being a public way is that there are rules of the road that are codified in the Massachusetts General Laws. The statutes are enacted by the state legislature and they mandate guidelines for driving on a public way or street, things such as speed, rules of the road as far as approaching a pedestrian crosswalk, and yielding when taking a left turn.

Those rules of the road that apply to public ways or streets are important when a Boston parking lot accident lawyer is investigating the collision. They would have to establish the duties and the legal responsibility of the defendant driver and to see whether or not there was a violation of a rule of the road, that would be from the basis of proving negligence.

Dealing with the Insurance Company After a Boston Parking Lot Accident

Insurance companies treat parking lot accidents similar to other accidents. However, one consideration that the insurance company would investigate at the very beginning is speed. They would look to see if speed was not the factor, they would look at things such as damage to the vehicle, and was there contact made between the vehicle and a pedestrian in a parking lot. These are all defenses that insurance companies might try to utilize to minimize any compensation that they would have to pay or try and avoid paying compensation altogether. an experienced Boston parking lot accident attorney could negotiate with an insurance company to help injured claimants recover compensation.

Determining Negligence in Your Boston Parking Lot Accident

Contributory negligence plays a role in impacting Boston parking lot cases in that one rule for personal injury cases is that all persons are required due care. The driver of the car is responsible for exercising due care, by obeying the rules of the road, keeping a careful lookout, not driving at an excessive rate of speed, and being able to maintain stopping distance. However, pedestrians likewise are also required to exercise due care for their own safety, by not just walking out into the path of an oncoming car without looking.

In parking lot cases, a common factor that needs to be analyzed and investigated is if the pedestrian contributed to their own injury such as being distracted, texting, being on a cell phone, and not paying attention to their surroundings. a knowledgeable parking lot accident attorney in Boston could fight against claims of shared fault or negligence.

Speak to a Boston Parking Lot Accident Attorney Today If You Were Hit

When a motor vehicle accident occurs, individuals should seek help from a dedicated attorney. In a parking lot accident injury case, a person should look for an attorney who has the experience and proven results and who specializes in that area of the law.

It is best for those who have been injured due to the negligent actions of another to seek help from a Boston parking lot accident lawyer. They could help you seek the compensation you need for your injuries and damages. Call today at (617) 925-6407 to schedule a consultation with our Boston personal injury lawyer.