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Riding a motorcycle can be an enjoyable way to travel around Taunton but can also be dangerous as not every driver acts with care for riders. As such, motorcycle accidents can be some of the most devastating a person can be injured in.

Fortunately, you have the right to recover compensation if you were injured on account of another person’s negligence. Motorcycle accident lawsuits tend to be complex and can be an uphill battle as many riders are seen to have caused their accident. However, our team knows that most of these accidents are the result of the other driver’s carelessness and can help you prove it.

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Who Can Be Held Liable for a Motorcycle Accident in Taunton, MA

The complexity of a motorcycle accident lawsuit depends on who caused the injury and whether they are solely responsible for it. Fortunately, our motorcycle accident attorneys have the experience to identify the parties that can be held liable for your injuries. Sometimes, multiple parties might have acted negligently, leading to the accident. It is possible that the injury was not caused by another driver but rather due to the carelessness of the motorcycle manufacturer or a Taunton government entity. Here are the most commonly named parties in a motorcycle accident lawsuit in Taunton:

Other Drivers

Motorcycle accidents in Taunton often result in injuries to the rider due to the negligence of the other vehicle’s driver. Many drivers fail to notice motorcycles on the road, either due to a lack of focus or complete oversight. However, not seeing the rider beforehand is not a valid defense in any resulting lawsuit.

Multiple Drivers

If multiple drivers are involved in a motorcycle accident, each one can be held responsible for the damages they caused. For example, if one driver was speeding and collided with another vehicle that made an illegal lane change, resulting in damage to your motorcycle, both drivers would be responsible for compensating you for the damages related to their actions.

Employers and Commercial Drivers

If a motorcycle accident occurred due to an employee’s negligence while performing their work duties, the employer could be held accountable alongside the driver. For example, if you sustained injuries while a driver was delivering goods for a company, the employer is typically responsible for their negligence in the event of an accident on the job. This legal concept is known as respondeat superior, and both the driver and their employer can face legal action.

Manufacturers and Designers

In the event that a defective part of your motorcycle played a role in an accident, you might have grounds to file a claim against the manufacturer or designer, irrespective of whether it is an imported bike. For instance, the maker of the motorcycle could be held liable for failing to ensure that the design of the motorcycle was safe or neglecting to disclose any potential hazards associated with the use of the product.

State and Local Governments

Motorcyclists can sustain injuries due to poor road conditions or other hazards that are the responsibility of local or state government agencies. For example, a rider might hit a hard-to-notice pothole and be thrown off their bike. If the city was aware of the pothole’s presence and neglected to address it, you could potentially file a lawsuit for their negligence. However, suing a government entity involves additional legal regulations, making these cases more challenging to navigate.

What to Do After Getting Injured in a Taunton, MA Motorcycle Accident

In Taunton, motorcycle accidents can result in significant harm. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, it is essential to take appropriate measures to protect your legal rights. After getting medical help, our team is available to assist you in obtaining the compensation you are entitled to. To increase your chances of success in Taunton, it is crucial to follow the steps provided below:

Call 911

In the event of a motorcycle accident in Taunton, it is important to immediately contact the police. They will arrive on the scene and document the incident, as well as offer aid in exchanging information with the other party or taking photographs of the damages. Moreover, if the police ascertain that the other driver was responsible, they might issue a traffic citation.

Exchange Driver Information

It is also important to exchange information with the driver responsible for the accident, witnesses, passengers, and other drivers involved. It is important to take note of the names, addresses, and phone numbers of everyone involved in the accident. Also, collect the insurance details of the driver at fault. If the other driver is uncooperative, you can seek assistance from the police officers to obtain the necessary information through their investigation.

Take Photographs

Apart from exchanging details with other parties involved, you should also take photos and videos of the damage caused to your motorcycle and helmet. Use your smartphone to capture images of all aspects related to the accident scene, such as broken glass, debris, skid marks, and any visible damage to the vehicles, like broken headlights or taillights. Do not forget to take pictures of where the vehicles came to a stop after the collision. This evidence will be beneficial in case you need to file a lawsuit in the future.

When you sustain injuries, it is crucial to take photos and videos of them immediately after the incident. This will enable you to compare the condition of your injuries later on in the legal proceedings after seeking medical attention. Additionally, it is advisable to note down all the particulars you can recollect about the accident before your memory fades.

Get Medical Help

Of course, seeking immediate medical attention is of utmost importance. This is due to the possibility of severe injuries, which can worsen if left untreated. If you suffer from a head injury, it is particularly crucial to have a doctor examine you promptly. Delaying treatment can lead to permanent injuries, making it harder for your lawyer to establish the extent of your injuries and associated damages.

Contact Our Team

Finally, you should contact our firm without delay to protect your rights and ensure that the insurance provider of the responsible party pays all the benefits you are entitled to, or we can file a lawsuit to recover the compensation you deserve. Moreover, we can communicate with witnesses to obtain their statements and collect more evidence to strengthen your case.

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