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Experiencing a car accident can be a daunting event, especially when it involves an Amazon delivery truck. The process of seeking compensation for injuries can be complex, and identifying the party responsible for damages is not always straightforward.

In the event that you are involved in an accident with an Amazon delivery truck, it is crucial to protect your legal rights. Entrusting our lawyers can significantly increase the likelihood of receiving the highest possible compensation. Amazon’s association with its drivers is intricate, as many of them are independent contractors and external businesses. Although this might absolve Amazon from liability, multiple parties might be held accountable for your losses owing to their interrelated commercial affiliations.

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Common Causes of Amazon Delivery Truck Accidents in Taunton, MA

There are several reasons why accidents can occur, but specific factors have been associated with Amazon truck accidents in Taunton. It is crucial to determine the cause of the accident to properly handle the case and establish liability. Fortunately, our Amazon delivery truck accident lawyers can help you regardless of how your accident was caused. The following are the most common reasons for Amazon delivery truck accidents in Taunton:

Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue is a common cause of accidents involving Amazon delivery trucks in Taunton. Amazon’s drivers are under significant pressure to meet strict shipping requirements. Although they are required to take breaks at regular intervals, many drivers exceed their allotted time and skip breaks. This can lead to dangerous situations where drivers might fall asleep at the wheel, resulting in serious accidents.

If you were injured as a result of an Amazon delivery truck driver’s exhaustion, there might be evidence available to prove that they violated the law. Upon examining work logs and records, it can be determined whether the driver neglected to take required breaks or document their rest periods.

Inexperienced Drivers

Amazon’s expanding business requires a constant supply of new drivers to fulfill their delivery services. As a result, Amazon often hires drivers who have limited experience in commercial deliveries. However, drivers with less experience might not have the necessary skills and instincts to safely operate Amazon’s large and bulky trucks, which come with blind spots. This unfamiliarity increases the risk of accidents on the road.

Drivers who lack experience are more likely to violate traffic laws and trucking regulations. This is because they might not fully comprehend the significance of safety protocols and might not consistently follow them.

Reckless Driving

Many Amazon delivery drivers are under immense pressure to complete a demanding delivery schedule, which can lead them to drive recklessly in order to meet deadlines. Although Amazon’s fast shipping is a desirable feature for customers, it comes at a price. Reckless driving increases the likelihood of drivers breaking traffic laws to make timely deliveries. Considering the size of Amazon vehicles, such dangerous behavior might lead to unavoidable accidents.

Determining Liability for an Amazon Delivery Truck Accident in Taunton, MA

Legal cases involving Amazon delivery truck accidents can be more complex than regular car accidents due to the potential involvement of multiple parties responsible for injuries. There might also be uncertainties regarding Amazon’s accountability for these accidents. However, our team can help identify and name all responsible parties in your lawsuit to ensure proper compensation for your injuries.


It is commonly understood that employers might bear responsibility for the negligence of their employees. However, in the case of Amazon, the company is typically not held liable for accidents caused by its delivery drivers. This is because the majority of Amazon delivery drivers are classified as independent contractors rather than official Amazon employees in the eyes of the law. These drivers work either independently or for a delivery service provider and are solely contracted to fulfill Amazon deliveries. Therefore, Amazon is generally not held accountable for any actions taken by these drivers while on the job.

It might be worthwhile to consider pursuing legal action against Amazon, despite some reservations. Attorneys across the country are presenting the argument that Amazon’s management of their drivers is substantial enough to hold them liable for any driver negligence. Amazon offers real-time driving instructions and route suggestions to numerous delivery drivers, which several lawyers contend should be sufficient grounds to hold Amazon responsible.

Amazon Flex Drivers

If you are looking to receive compensation for an accident involving an Amazon truck, it is crucial to understand that the majority of their drivers are independent contractors. For instance, Amazon Flex drivers are self-employed, similar to Uber or Lyft rideshare drivers. In such cases, you might need to seek compensation directly from the driver rather than Amazon itself.

However, it is mandatory for all truck drivers working for Amazon to have Amazon Flex insurance, which offers coverage of up to $1 million for bodily injury caused to victims in case of an accident involving an Amazon driver. It is worth noting that this insurance policy is applicable only if the driver was on duty during the time of the accident.

Delivery Service Companies

As mentioned earlier, employers could be held accountable for their workers’ careless behavior through the legal principle of respondent superior. However, this liability is only applicable when the mishap occurs while the driver is carrying out their job-related tasks and obligations.

Amazon cannot be held responsible under the legal theory of respondent superior, but the delivery service companies it works with can be. Amazon collaborates with multiple delivery service partners across Taunton and the country, such as independent Amazon Flex drivers, to facilitate its vast delivery operations. These partners are accountable for the actions of their staff and can be held vicariously liable, just like any other employer.

Statute of Limitations to File an Amazon Delivery Truck Accident Lawsuit in Taunton, MA

In Massachusetts, there is a timeframe for filing a lawsuit related to Amazon delivery truck accidents, which is referred to as the statute of limitations. As per Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 260, § 2A, victims of Amazon delivery truck accidents in Taunton must file a lawsuit within three years. If the lawsuit is not filed within the specified time frame, it will not be considered by the court and will be dismissed.

Obtaining vital evidence can be a lengthy procedure, particularly when it involves various parties. Presently, most Amazon delivery trucks have surveillance cameras and dash-cams installed. If an accident occurs, this footage can be extremely valuable, but it needs to be requested promptly to avoid erasure. Thus, it is best to initiate your case as soon as possible.

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