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In an auto accident, you should call for help immediately and, when ready, speak to an attorney. You might have big expenses from the accident, and the other driver should pay you fair compensation.

Talk to your attorney about how you can protect your legal rights going forward. If you have not done so, visit a doctor and get checked out. We need accurate medical records about your injuries to present as evidence. If you took photos or videos at the crash scene, they may also be used as evidence. The deadline to file your case is a mere 3 years after the accident, so speak to a lawyer as soon as possible. Car insurance is required in Massachusetts, and drivers must file no-fault claims unless they have a serious injury. At that point, they can sue the other driver for damages. Your damages should reflect the severity, extent, and cost of your injuries and painful experiences. In many car accident cases, damages are very great.

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How to Protect Yourself After a Car Accident in Shrewsbury, MA

If you are in the unfortunate position of being in a car crash, you might require immediate medical and legal attention. Before you do anything else, you must call for help. Drivers sometimes avoid calling for help because they do not feel badly injured and do not want to involve the police. On the contrary, getting doctors and the police involved as soon as possible helps create a record of the accident we need to get your fair financial compensation.

Not only might the police conduct an investigation and write a crash report, but your doctor will also keep thorough medical records of your injuries and treatment. We need these details to build your case.

You should next focus on exchanging information with others. People often know to exchange personal details with the other driver. You need their details for when you file an insurance claim. However, they often forget to talk to others at the scene. You should exchange contact information with other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians who were nearby when the accident happened because you never know who might make a great witness in court.

If you can, try to record the accident scene in any way you can. The authorities usually clean up crashes for safety reasons, and important evidence might be lost when this happens. Take pictures, record some videos, or write down what you see if possible. Preserving as many details as possible may be paramount to your case.

Although people usually like to take some time to recover from their injuries and think about their next move before contacting an attorney, you should still call a lawyer sooner rather than later. Even if you are still deciding what you want to do next, our car accident lawyers can help you explore all your legal options.

When is the Right Time to Contact a Lawyer About Your Car Accident in Shrewsbury, MA?

As we said before, contacting an attorney and discussing your case as soon as possible after a car accident is best. The statute of limitations is only 3 years, according to Mass. Gen. Laws. Ch. 260 § 2A. Your deadline begins on the day of your accident, and the clock begins ticking immediately. If you do not file your lawsuit by the deadline, you risk losing your legal cause of action, and you might never get a chance to take your case to court.

Under specific circumstances, the statute of limitations might be tolled, and you could have more time to file your case with your lawyer. For example, under Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 260 § 7, if you were under 18 when the accident happened, the statute of limitations would not begin to count down to your filing deadline until you turn 18.

How Auto Insurance Affects Your Car Accident Case in Shrewsbury, MA

After a car accident, drivers usually file insurance claims. In Massachusetts, drivers are required to follow no-fault insurance laws that require them to file claims with their own insurance rather than the other driver’s insurance.

If you would rather file a lawsuit against the other driver, Massachusetts no-fault rules impose some restrictions you should discuss with your attorney. According to Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 231 § 6D, an injured driver may only sue the other driver in an accident if they incurred at least $2,000 in medical expenses or they can prove you have a serious injury.

A serious injury is defined under the law as an injury that causes death, the loss of a body part or member, serious disfigurement, the loss of hearing or sight, or broken bones.

Many people want to file lawsuits because insurance does not cover all their damages. People with serious injuries tend to exhaust the limits of their insurance, and meeting the above rule for suing might be easy. Talk to your lawyer about your injuries and whether you meet the requirements to file a lawsuit.

Available Damages in Shrewsbury, MA Car Accident Claims

Damages in car accident cases can be quite substantial, especially when injuries are extreme. Severe injuries very often lead to high hospital bills. For some, injuries are so severe and treatment is so extensive that they continue to incur hospital bills after the case is over. We can help you estimate and claim future medical expenses in that situation.

The cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle with a new one should also be considered. Not to mention the various personal items that might have been inside your car and damaged during the accident.

You might be losing income as we speak if you cannot go back to work because of your injuries. In such a case, you can claim the cost of lost earnings among your damages.

Your pain does not always cost money. The experiences of bodily pain and psychological suffering do not come with price tags, but they should still be compensated. Talk to your lawyer about how you felt during and after the crash. Your pain and suffering might be substantial, and major damages might be in order.

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