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Personal injury cases may involve a very wide variety of accidents and injuries. If someone has injured you, you should talk to an attorney about filing a personal injury claim so you can get fair compensation.

Dealing with a personal injury can be hectic and confusing. The first thing you should do is call for help and get emergency medical care. It would be best if you also made the police aware of the incident. Damages in personal injury cases tend to vary. The more severe your injuries, the higher your damages should be. Medical bills, property damage, and numerous other losses deserve compensation. Personal injury claims can involve all sorts of injuries. Our team has handled numerous claims and is prepared to assist you with yours.

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What to Do if You Sustain Personal Injuries in an Accident in Shrewsbury, MA

Personal injury cases can be overwhelming. You might be in an accident and a lot of pain, but you also need to take steps to protect your legal rights and interests.

Your first step should be calling for help. Some accidents are severe, and you should call 911 and get emergency medical providers dispatched immediately. Other accidents might be less urgent, but you are injured nonetheless. In such cases, you might not call for an ambulance, but you should still get to a hospital as quickly as possible. You should also contact the authorities and explain what happened. Some personal injuries overlap with criminal offenses, and the police might want to investigate.

While waiting for help to arrive, try to exchange info with others at the scene. In car accident cases, exchanging information is common, if not expected. If you are in a different kind of accident, you should still exchange information with others. It would be best if you tried to get information from multiple people, including the potential defendant and possible witnesses.

If you can, try to record the accident scene before it is cleaned up. Take pictures, record videos, or make notes of anything that seems important. Accident scenes are usually cleaned up or cleared away quickly, and important evidence might be lost.

Finally, contact a lawyer as soon as you can. Our personal injury lawyers can review your case and determine who should held responsible and what kind of compensation you deserve. We can also help you explore other possible legal options if they are available.

Damages You May Claim in a Shrewsbury, MA Personal Injury Case

Personal injury claims may vary greatly from person to person, and so can damages. Plaintiffs often focus on damages based on the money they have spent or lost because of their injuries, but our assessments should not end there. Your distress, pain, and other personal experiences may also be considered for compensation even though no money is involved.

Your economic costs might include a whole host of expenses. Common economic damages include medical costs, property damage, and lost wages.

Depending on your injuries, you might have racked up enormous hospital bills. Not only are you dealing with bills from an initial trip to the ER, but you might have ongoing care and future treatments to pay for, which must be considered when we assess damages.

A lot of personal injury accidents involve damage to certain pieces of property. You might have lost your vehicle in a car accident or lost smaller personal items, like your cell phone or wedding ring. The cost to repair or replace property should also be included in your overall damages.

Many people cannot return to work for a while due to the severity of their injuries. In such cases, accident victims lose income. The longer you are out of work, the greater your damages might be.

Non-economic damages tend to be rooted in your painful experiences from the accident. Perhaps the accident itself was jarring and traumatic. Maybe long-term complications from your injuries have taken a steep mental toll. Even though pain and distress do not technically cost money, they still should be compensated.

Personal Injury Claims Our Shrewsbury, MA Team Has Handled

Since personal injuries may include all sorts of injuries and accidents, it is best to hire a lawyer with experience dealing with cases similar to yours. Our team has experience with various personal injury claims. Below are some, but not necessarily all, cases we can assist you with.

Accidents on the Road

Vehicle accidents on the road or highway are some of the most common examples of personal injuries. Your accident might involve cars, large trucks, motorcycles, or other vehicles. Bicycle crashes and pedestrian collisions are also very common.

Many auto accidents are the result of negligent drivers. You should report your accident to the police and call a lawyer as soon as possible.

Dangerous Goods and Products

Every day, people are injured by brand new items they just bought and used for the first time. We expect a product to work and be safe when we use it. Unfortunately, many goods and products are unfit for use when they leave the manufacturer. If you were injured because of a defective item, we can help you sue the manufacturer and other people in the chain of sale, including stores and retailers.

Accidents on Construction Jobs

Construction sites are known for being dangerous places, and only experienced workers can be there. Many construction workers and even ordinary people passing by the site have been injured. These kinds of accidents can be severe, and your damages might be very high.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Taking a bad tumble and getting hurt can be very embarrassing. It can also be very dangerous. Slip and fall accidents can lead to severe injuries, and the person who owns the property where you fell might be responsible. Property owners have a duty to make the premises safe for others or at least warn them of hazards. If they do not, they might be liable for injuries and damages.

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