Milford, MA Construction Accident Lawyer

Working on construction sites is an important yet dangerous job. Many workers are hurt while working and end up with painful injuries. Discuss the possibility of taking legal action for damages with a lawyer.

Construction accidents may vary based on the nature of the work, the construction project size, and whether employers enforce adequate safety measures. Falling accidents, defective tools, electrical accidents, and injuries from falling debris are common. If you are injured on a construction site, our legal team can help you determine who should be held responsible. Your employer, property owners, or possibly the manufacturers of tools or equipment might be involved in the case. The right time to talk to a lawyer about your case is no, as you have a limited time to file your claims in court. Damages may encompass the financial costs of the accident in addition to painful personal experiences that are more subjective yet still deserving of compensation.

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How You Might Be Injured in a Milford, MA Construction Accident

Construction sites are very dangerous places. Most are surrounded by barriers preventing the public from inadvertently walking through or attempting to take a shortcut through the construction zone. Workers are not immune to the risks of the job, and people are often hurt.

Falling accidents are some of the most common accidents on construction sites. Maybe you fell from an unstable ladder or scaffolding that was not assembled correctly. Maybe you were working from a high roof and accidentally fell over the edge. Falling accidents can be severe, and many victims are left with incredibly painful injuries.

Power tools and machinery are common features of construction sites. Many tools, machinery, and pieces of equipment are complex devices that require proper training to use. Unfortunately, even when workers are properly trained and use the items as safely as possible, they might still be injured because of defects. For example, a nail gun might be defective and misfire, sending a nail right through someone’s hand.

Electrocution is another common injury on construction sites. The power must be shut off if any electrical work is being done. Workers must be made aware when the power is on so they know to stay away from live wiring. If there is some sort of miscommunication, the power might be on without anyone knowing, and someone might be electrocuted.

Falling debris is also common. Someone working above you might drop tools, pieces of building material, bricks, or other heavy objects. If your employer does not provide hard hats or if the hats are inadequate, you might have a claim for damages.

Who to Hold Responsible for Your Construction Accident Injuries in Milford, MA

Often, so many people and parties are involved in a construction project that it can be challenging to figure out who is responsible when an accident occurs. In many cases, blame is shared among several defendants. In others, only one party might be to blame. Talk to a lawyer about your accident soon so you can figure out who to include in your lawsuit.

Your Employer

Many injured construction workers sue their employers for creating an unsafe work environment. Maybe your employer did not train employees or provide adequate safety gear. This might have been a risky cost-saving measure that ultimately led to a serious accident. We can review evidence from the accident and speak to other construction workers to determine if your employer adhered to proper safety protocols.

Your employer might also be responsible if they willfully or deliberately caused the accident on the construction site. This might involve an employer knowing that certain equipment is unsafe but using it anyway. Maybe they knew the scaffolding you were working on was old and needed to be replaced but did not do so. Alternatively, they might have caused the accident on purpose for more sinister or even criminal motives.

The Property Owner

Generally, the owner of a property where a construction job is taking place is uninvolved in the actual construction. However, some property owners take a more active role. In doing so, they might open themselves to legal liability for accidents. For example, if the property owner insisted on providing construction tools and equipment that were later found to be dangerously defective, they may be held liable for an accident.

Another possibility is that there was something unsafe about the property that the property owner failed to warn you about. Maybe you were renovating a building, but the property owner failed to warn you about weak spots on the roof. If you fell through one of these spots and got hurt, you may sue the property owner.

Manufacturers of Faulty Goods

Anyone who has worked on a construction site can attest to the importance of quality tools and machinery. Unfortunately, many accidents result from tools and machinery that are defective or poorly designed. Even when defective tools are used correctly, they might malfunction and cause severe injuries. In such a case, we can help you sue the manufacturer of the defective equipment and possibly other parties in the chain of sale.

The Right Time to Speak to a Lawyer About Your Construction Accident in Milford, MA

You might be wondering whether now is the best time to speak to an attorney. If your injuries are fresh, you might need some time to rest before taking legal action. However, waiting too long before talking to a lawyer is not wise. The statute of limitations imposes a very strict time limit on plaintiffs. If you do not file your case on time, you might lose your right to bring the cause of action at all.

According to Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 260 § 2A, plaintiffs in personal injury claims, including those involving construction accidents, have only 3 years to file civil cases. This is a much shorter time than many think, as it can take months or more to gather evidence, assess damages, and prepare the case. The longer you wait, the more likely evidence will disappear, and witnesses will move away or forget important details.

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