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When reeling from a bus crash in Milford, victims can rely on our lawyers to help prepare and pursue their compensation claims.

When preparing your case, our attorneys will start by reviewing who is involved. We may interview eyewitnesses and assess evidence from the scene. To preserve evidence, you should also take pictures and talk to the police when they arrive. If you have a claim against the MetroWest Regional Transit Authority (MWRTA), you must present it in writing within two years of the incident. We can make sure you meet the necessary filing deadlines for your case and prepare a strong claim demonstrating the at-fault party’s negligence and liability.

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Outlining the Basic Facts of Your Bus Accident in Milford, MA

Splitting your bus accident claim into the categories of “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” and “why” can make approaching the lawsuit easier. Our attorneys will help you piece together the basis of your claim, gathering evidence along the way to support it.


Start with who is involved. If you were a passenger on the bus, there might have been other passengers that were also hurt. You can talk to them at the scene and any eyewitnesses. Our bus accident lawyers can get statements from witnesses and others at the scene to strengthen your case.

Get the bus driver’s information as well. Even if the bus driver was negligent and caused the accident, your claim will not be against them but the agency that employs them. This is a stipulation of Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 258, § 2, which states that public agencies, not negligent public employees, are liable for victims’ damages.

If a negligent bus driver injured you, the public agency in question might be the MetroWest Regional Transit Authority (MWRTA), which operates throughout Milford and the surrounding area.

Because compensation limits in claims against government agencies are low in Massachusetts, our lawyers will also explore the possibility that another driver or party, like a part or vehicle manufacturer, is liable for your injuries.


The “what” in question is the accident itself. Though remembering exactly what happened may be challenging, especially if you were a passenger, do your best to recount the accident to the police. If you saw the bus driver or another driver acting negligently, whether by speeding, making an improper turn, or acting recklessly, inform the police.

Do not leave the accident scene before talking to the police. They will create a crash report, which we can help you retrieve from the Milford Police Department in the days following the incident.

The adrenaline from a serious crash might cause some victims to ignore injuries unintentionally. Focus on your physical health and safety after an accident and accept emergency medical care at the scene. Take pictures of your injuries and any visible debris or materials on the road. Then, go to the hospital for continued treatment. Rejecting medical care or delaying care for any reason could hurt your case if you eventually bring a claim against the MWRTA or a negligent driver in Milford.

As you recover from the bus crash, our lawyers can start organizing and categorizing your losses into economic and non-economic damages. Keeping tabs on your losses is crucial, as you must present proof of them during your case.


It is important to note the exact date and time an accident occurred. If you forget the specifics, we can learn this information from the police report.

As we prepare your claim, we will do so with the statute of limitations in mind. Since the MWRTA is a government agency, victims must first file a claim with the MWRTA in writing within two years of an accident, according to § 4. If you do not settle your claim filed with the MWRTA or your claim is denied within the next six months, you can proceed with a civil action. Remember that you only have three years from the crash date to file a civil action in court against the MWRTA in Milford.

Abiding by the various filing deadlines may be challenging and confusing for bus accident victims, but our lawyers can help you navigate the process so you reach your desired result.

If your claim does not involve the MWRTA and instead is against a third party, like another driver or manufacturer, you will only have to worry about the normal three-year filing deadline.


The location of the bus accident could indicate the accident’s cause or give additional context to the crash. For example, security cameras might be nearby if the accident happened at a busy intersection in Milford. If that is the case, our lawyers can access footage by requesting or subpoenaing it. Additionally, surveying the accident location for traffic signs or possible obstructions that might have contributed to the accident is important. Take photos of the crash site while you are still at the scene. We can give those photos to an accident reconstruction expert to strengthen your case.


Finally, we have to determine why exactly the accident happened. Accident reconstruction experts can be useful on this front, as they can assess photos from the crash site to determine its cause. Eyewitness testimony can also help us iron out why the accident happened. For example, if eyewitnesses saw the bus driver speeding through an intersection right before the crash, that information would be useful to your case.

Remember, even if the bus driver caused the accident, your claim will not be against them but their employer, the MWRTA. It is important to note that if you file a claim with the MWRTA and settle it through arbitration or mediation, you cannot then file a lawsuit against the MWRTA for negligence, according to § 5. Furthermore, a lawsuit against a third party might result in greater damages, such as compensation for your economic and emotional losses. Because of this, carefully reviewing settlement offers and ensuring you make a full recovery is crucial. Our attorneys will add up all of your losses from a bus accident so you understand your deserved recovery before pursuing it in Milford.

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