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Generally, there are two potential routes to compensation after a workplace accident. Some victims may be able to sue the parties responsible for their injuries. However, in most cases, injured employees will have to seek benefits through Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Workers’ Compensation provides successful claimants with damages for medical expenses and lost income related to their on-the-job injuries. Unfortunately, some employers and insurance companies attempt to deny workers the payment they deserve.

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Examples of Accidents that Cause Workplace Injuries in Lawrence, MA

There are a multitude of different accidents that can cause workplace injuries. The following are common sources of work injuries in Lawrence:

Tree Care Accidents

Many workers are hurt while trimming, felling, or pruning bushes and trees. For example, arborists can suffer devastating injuries when they are struck by falling objects, electrocuted, or fall from tall heights. The injuries caused by such accidents are often severe. Furthermore, in some cases, victims suffer fatal harm. Our Workers’ Compensation lawyers can offer support and guidance to those injured as the result of tree care accidents.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are also a common cause of on-the-job injuries in Lawrence. There are several types of dangerous conditions that can lead to such accidents. For example, workers may slip and fall because of slippery floors, loose wiring, or dim lighting.

Employees who suffer slip and fall accidents at work can obtain Workers’ Compensation benefits regardless of who is at fault. However, if your accident occurred on another person’s property, you may also be able to seek damages through a third-party injury lawsuit. After suffering a slip and fall at work, you can call our law firm for help investigating the source of your accident and weighing your legal options.

Construction Site Accidents

Furthermore, a high number of workers are injured because of construction site accidents. Workers on construction sites regularly perform tasks with powerful tools, amongst heavy machinery, and from tall heights. Therefore, construction accidents have a high propensity to cause severe injuries. Construction workers who are hurt on the job can get in touch with our experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyers for help seeking the full range of payment available to them.

Electrocution Accidents

Electrocution accidents are another very common source of workplace injuries in Lawrence. These accidents can occur in a variety of different settings. Electricians, carpenters, roofers, truckers, painters, and others who work with heavy machinery are all types of workers that are likely to suffer electrocution accidents.

The injuries caused by electrocution accidents can be devastating. For instance, victims may suffer nerve damage, muscle depolarization, contact burns, thermal burns, or other internal electrical injuries. If you sustained an injury because of an electrocution accident at work, you may call our law firm for help obtaining financial compensation.

Toxic Chemical Exposure

Also, many workers are hurt because of toxic chemical exposure. There are many different types of workers who may be exposed to harmful chemicals during the course of their employment. After being exposed, victims may incur breathing issues, eye irritations, skin irritations, and skin discoloration. Further, over extended periods of time, toxic chemical exposure can lead to life-threatening illnesses. Victims of these accidents can obtain benefits through Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Vehicle Collisions

Lastly, vehicle collisions are a common source of workplace injuries. For example, a delivery driver may suffer a harmful crash while completing their daily route. Furthermore, a worker on a construction site may sustain injuries as the result of an on-site accident involving a forklift. In any case, victims of workplace vehicle accidents can call our Workers’ Compensation attorneys for help filing their claims.

What You Should Do After Being Hurt at Work in Lawrence, MA

There are specific steps you may take after a workplace accident that will enhance your chances at recovering benefits through Workers’ Compensation. You should take the following actions after being hurt at work in Lawrence:

Inform Your Boss

You should let your boss know that you suffered a harmful workplace accident as soon as possible. Even if you sustained an injury that seems minor, you should inform your employer right away. Injuries that do not appear serious at first can still lead to severe issues later on. Failing to notify your boss of your injury in a timely manner could inhibit your chances at recovering the payment you deserve.

Seek Medical Attention

You should also seek medical attention right away after sustaining a workplace accident. Your employer and their insurance company may require you to see one of their preferred providers. Still, after seeing one of their doctors, you may continue receiving medical treatment from a physician of your choosing. Our Workers’ Compensation lawyers can help locate the right doctors for you.

Furthermore, you should seek prompt medical attention because proper documentation of your injuries is necessary to obtain Workers’ Compensation benefits. Waiting to let your injuries heal on their own could keep you from collecting important damages.

Record Your Symptoms

Additionally, you should record any symptoms you experience because of your workplace injury. It can be helpful to maintain a journal tracking the progress of your recovery. Doing so may assist our lawyers when fighting for the full range of benefits available in your claim.

Call Our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Finally, you should call our law firm quickly after being hurt on-the-job. There are certain strategies that employers and insurance companies can employ to deny workers’ claims. Our Workers’ Compensation attorneys can help ensure you recover the damages you are owed.

If You Were Hurt at Work in Lawrence, MA, Our Law Firm Can Help

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