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After being injured as the result of a truck accident, you may pursue compensation for the injuries you suffered. However, the route to payment may not be straightforward. Factors such as the cause of your accident and the severity of your injuries can play a significant role in determining how your case will proceed.

Furthermore, the defendant may use certain strategies to refute key aspects of your case. It is important to have competent legal representation by your side when pursuing damages in a truck accident lawsuit. Our legal team can gather the evidence needed to support your claim. Also, we can deal with the defendant and negotiate for the full range of payment you are owed.

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Who Can You Sue After Being Injured Because of a Truck Accident in Lawrence, MA?

There are multiple parties who may be responsible for your truck accident injuries. Our truck accident attorneys can help review your case to determine if you may bring a lawsuit against either of the following:

The Truck Driver

Many truck accidents happen as the result of truck drivers’ negligent actions. For instance, a crash may occur because a speeding truck driver veered outside of their traffic lane on a highway. Also, a distracted truck driver may cause a devastating collision by running a red light. In such cases, injured parties may be able to file claims against the truck drivers who caused their accidents.

Still, the truck driver who caused your accident may not have the resources to pay for the full extent of damages you deserve. Accordingly, after suffering a crash caused by a negligent truck driver, it is important to investigate whether their employer may also be at fault.

The Trucking Company

There are also multiple forms of negligent behavior exhibited by trucking companies that can lead to harmful accidents. As an example, a jackknife accident may occur because a trucking company failed to properly load cargo in direct contact with each other on one of their vehicles. Further, a crash may happen because a trucking company knowingly hired a driver with a dangerous driving history. In either case, injured parties would have grounds to file claims against the trucking companies responsible for their accidents. During our free review of your potential case, the team at our firm can determine whether you may file a lawsuit against a trucking company.

Another Motorist

Lastly, some collisions with large trucks happen because of careless actions committed by other, third-party motorists. For example, a truck accident may happen because a third-party driver abruptly changed lanes without using their turn signal. Further, a truck may crash because another motorist attempted an overtake in an illegal area. In either case, those injured because of the truck accident could sue the third-party motorist who is at-fault.

Considering Settlement Offers in Lawrence Truck Accident Lawsuits

After filing a truck accident case, the defendant will likely attempt to settle your lawsuit before going to trial. If you enter into a settlement agreement, then you will receive a specific sum of damages from the defendant in exchange for the voluntary dismissal of your claim. There can be advantages to settling early. For instance, those who settle before trial may save on various expenses like witness fees. Also, plaintiffs who reach settlement agreements may obtain compensation more quickly.

Still, many defendants try to settle their truck accident lawsuits for less than they are truly worth. You may have to go to trial to recover the full amount of payment you are owed. At trial, you can recover certain damages that were not offered during settlement negotiations. However, if your case does not succeed, then you may receive nothing for your injuries.

Support from the experienced team at our firm can be very helpful when considering settlement offers in your case. We can help you confidently decide if settling early or going to trial is the best choice for you.

Common Locations Where Truck Accidents Happen in Lawrence, MA

There a many different types of places where truck accidents can happen. However, there are certain locations where they occur more frequently.

Highways and Interstates

Busy highways and interstates pose risks for truck accidents. Factors such as high speeds, heavy traffic volume, and merging lanes can lead to collisions. For example, a truck accident may occur because a driver failed to properly yield the right-of-way when entering a busy section of highway.

Urban Areas and City Streets

Congested urban areas and city streets present challenges for trucks because of narrow lanes, tight turns, and increased pedestrian and cyclist activity. Maneuvering large trucks through city streets can be difficult, increasing the likelihood of accidents. For example, a truck who is making a wide turn at an intersection in an urban area may collide with a smaller vehicle because of limited visibility.

Construction Zones

Construction zones can be hazardous for trucks as the result of reduced lanes, uneven surfaces, and changing traffic patterns. The presence of construction workers and equipment adds to the potential danger. For instance, truck accident may occur in a construction zone because a driver failed to navigate through altered lanes, leading to a collision with large equipment.

Rural Roads

Rural roads may present unique challenges for truck drivers, such as winding curves, narrow lanes, and limited shoulder space. These factors can increase the likelihood of accidents, especially when encountering oncoming traffic or negotiating tight turns. As an example, a truck accident may occur on a rural road when a truck driver fails to navigate a sharp curve, causing the truck to veer into the opposing lane and collide with another vehicle.

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