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The aftermath of a construction accident can be a painful, disorienting experience. Many victims sustain catastrophic injuries that substantially restrict their enjoyment of life. Thankfully, injured workers may be able to obtain payment for the many economic and non-economic damages they suffer.

There are several factors that must be analyzed in order to determine the amount of payment available in your case. During a free case evaluation, our experienced lawyers can explain the value of your claim. Additionally, our team can help determine the appropriate steps to take.

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Different Types of Construction Accidents that Can Occur in Lawrence

Unfortunately, there are many types of construction accidents that can occur. The type of accident you suffered can influence the path to compensation in your case.

Ladder Accidents

Broken and unsteady ladders are a common source of harm on construction sites. Workers are regularly injured while using ladders that have not been properly secured. Moreover, devastating ladder accidents can also happen because the equipment at issue was not properly maintained.

Saw or Cutting Blade Accidents

Saw or cutting blade accidents are another common source of injury for construction workers. There are many types of saws that may be utilized to perform tasks on construction sites. For instance, workers regularly handle table saws, chainsaws, bandsaws, and handheld saws. Some saw or cutting blade accidents happen because these devices are not equipped with proper safety features like blade guards.

Painter Accidents

Painters are often asked to work from tall heights. Accordingly, there are many forms of negligence that can cause them to suffer harmful accidents. For example, a painter may fall because they were not provided appropriate safety equipotent. Alternatively, they may fall because a scaffolding structure was not properly assembled.

Welding Accidents

Welding refers to the process of using intense pressure and heat to fuse materials together. It is an especially dangerous type of work that is performed on construction sites. Welders may be injured because they suffered a fall while welding or because they were handling a defective torch. Furthermore, some welders incur serious injuries and illnesses because of exposure to toxic substances and bright light.

Trench Accidents

Trench accidents occur when soil collapses or caves in on construction workers. They are not as common as some other types of accidents. However, when they occur, workers can suffer severe injuries.

There are many different sources of negligence that can lead to trench accidents. For example, workers may not be provided with proper access and egress from dangerous areas. Furthermore, trench accidents may happen because of improper bracing or shoring.

Wall and Roof Collapses

Wall and roof collapses can produce devastating harm. These accidents may happen because of improper wall or ceiling support. Additionally, walls and roofs may collapse because of inadequate building materials or design flaws. In the aftermath of a wall or roof collapse, connect with our attorneys as quickly as you can.

Explosions and Fires

Some construction workers in Lawrence incur injuries because of explosions and fires that occur on construction sites. There are countless forms of negligence that can lead to such accidents. For example, explosions and fires may happen because of vehicle crashes, exploding gas lines, or bad electrical wiring.

Elevator Accidents

Lastly, elevator accidents are also a source of harm for construction workers. It is very important that elevators are properly cared for and upkept. When they are not properly serviced, devastating accidents can happen. For instance, a worker in an elevator may sustain injuries when a sudden acceleration or deceleration happens. Furthermore, an injury may be suffered because a worker was trapped in an elevator door.

Evaluating Settlement Offers After Filing a Construction Accident Case in Lawrence

After filing a construction accident lawsuit, you will likely be presented with settlement offers from the defendant. If you enter into a settlement agreement, then the defendant will pay you the agreed-upon amount of damages in exchange for dismissal of your claim. There are some advantages to settling early. For instance, by accepting a settlement offer, you may obtain payment sooner. Furthermore, you may save on some of the costs associate with going to trial like witness fees and administrative costs.

However, settling early is not always advised. Defendants regularly attempt to settle claims for less than their true value. By going to trial, you may be able to recover damages that were not offered during settlement negotiations.

Damages You Can Recover in a Lawrence Construction Accident Lawsuit

You can recover multiple types of damages in your construction accident lawsuit. First, you can be compensated for a wide range of financial losses like medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and out-of-pocket expenses. These damages are usually established using medical records, receipts, and other financial documents.

Furthermore, many construction accident injuries cause excruciating pain and produce detrimental impacts on plaintiffs’ quality of life. Accordingly, after filing a construction accident lawsuit, you may also be awarded payment for non-economic damages like physical pain and emotional anguish.

However, the value of noneconomic damages can be difficult to quantify. There are multiple approaches that courts may utilize when calculating such damages. Factors that are considered include the severity of victims’ injuries and the effects these injuries had on their daily lives. Generally, more severe injuries will warrant higher payments.

Can You Still File a Construction Accident Lawsuit if You Received Workers’ Compensation in Lawrence?

If you received Workers’ Compensation benefits for your construction accident injury, you may still be able to file a lawsuit seeking additional damages. Plaintiffs in construction accident lawsuits can recover several categories of monetary damages that are not available through Workers’ Compensation insurance. In some cases, filing a lawsuit is the only way for victims to obtain the payment they deserve.

Injured Construction Workers in Lawrence Can Reach Out to Our Lawyers for Support

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