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Car accidents are often severely damaging to victims, leaving them with catastrophic injuries and expensive damages. Such damages can be compensated when you file a claim against a negligent driver in Falmouth.

After your car accident in Falmouth, talk to any other parties involved in the crash. Get the necessary information only, like their names and insurance information. If you have extended conversations with a negligent driver, that might come back to haunt you. When the police arrive at the accident location, speak to them as well. Tell officers what happened to the best of your ability. You can also talk to eyewitnesses at the accident site. Ask for eyewitnesses’ contact information so that our attorneys can more easily interview them in the coming weeks. From the accident site, go to the hospital. Once there, you can explain your injuries to medical professionals and get the proper care. Finally, victims can contact our lawyers for help preparing, filing, and navigating car accident claims. We can ensure your case is brought before the filing deadline and that it is supported with compelling evidence capable of proving the defendant’s negligence.

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Who to Talk to After Your Car Accident in Falmouth, MA

In the immediate aftermath of your car crash in Falmouth, there are certain individuals you should speak to. These include those involved in the accident, law enforcement officers who arrive at the location, and eyewitnesses to the accident. When you leave the site, go to the hospital and get your injuries assessed. Once you have done this, you can contact our lawyers to see if you have reason to file an auto accident lawsuit for compensation.

Involved Parties

When car accidents happen in Falmouth, all involved parties must stop and exchange information. You should get the at-fault driver’s name, insurance information, and license plate number. Beyond that, you do not need to have any further discussions about the accident. Do not go over what happened or apologize for the crash. Doing so could be misconstrued as accepting fault for the accident, which could harm your case down the line. So, limit conversations with the negligent driver to only what is necessary immediately following the collision.

Law Enforcement

All accidents, even minor ones, should be reported to the police in Falmouth. That said, only accidents that result in injury, death, or an excess of $1,000 in property damage must legally be reported to law enforcement, according to Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 90, § 26. Once officers arrive at the accident location, they will ask you for certain information about the crash. They will also collect your personal information and that of the negligent driver. Officers may take photographs, talk to witnesses, and note the accident’s location, date, and time in a crash report. This report will be available to you within several days of the collision. We can request this report through email or phone, by going to the Falmouth Police Department in person, or by using the online portal for accident reports. Getting this report from law enforcement can be crucial when building the foundation of your compensation claim.


Once you have spoken to the police, you can turn your attention to eyewitnesses. Statements from eyewitness can tip the scales of a lawsuit in your favor, especially if their testimony aligns with the facts of your case. When you talk to eyewitnesses at the accident site, you do not need to engage in lengthy conversations or review what happened with them. Just ask them if they saw the accident take place and, if they did, request their phone numbers and names. Our car accident lawyers can contact eyewitnesses in the days and weeks following the crash and interview them. This is best done quickly after an accident so eyewitnesses’ memories do not fade.

Medical Professionals

Upon leaving the scene of the accident, go directly to the closest hospital in Falmouth. When you get to the emergency room, tell doctors what happened and how you were injured. Medical professionals can then evaluate you to diagnose your injuries. As you heal from your injuries, continue to get the necessary treatment. Do not intentionally create any gaps in your treatment by missing appointments with doctors or failing to get the proper care. Doing this could indicate that victims are not committed to their physical recoveries, which could then harm their chances of a financial recovery.

Our Lawyers

Finally, victims can speak with our lawyers following auto accidents in Falmouth. Upon reviewing your case, we can compare your medical damages and injuries to Massachusetts’ serious injury threshold, which can be found in Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 231, § 6D. Since Massachusetts operates under a no-fault system for auto accidents, victims have to prove that they deserve to sue for injuries. We can establish your right to compensation by organizing your medical bills and records of your injuries. If you do not do this, the court might deny your claim.

Our attorneys will also investigate your accident immediately to ensure evidence is not lost or destroyed as time passes. We can also enlist experts to assist with your case, such as accident reconstruction experts or medical experts. Expert testimony can carry a lot of weight, especially when lawsuits go to trial in Falmouth. Our team will prepare and bring your case before the three-year deadline so that it is not blocked. We can also ensure that your interests are represented during settlement negotiations so that you do not accept an offer that is less than what you deserve. And, if your case goes to court, we can present the evidence we have gathered in front of a jury to prove the defendant’s fault for your injuries and damages.

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