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After a car crash, injured drivers might be left with painful injuries and significant expenses they cannot afford. To help cover these costs, you should speak to an attorney about how to get fair compensation from the driver who caused the accident.

Damages in car accidents can be substantial. You should talk to a lawyer about your injuries, medical costs, property damage, and income you lost from missing work after the crash. Car accidents can happen in any number of ways. Common examples of accidents include T-bone crashes, rear-end collisions, and accidents due to poor road or weather conditions. Finding evidence is tricky, as evidence is widely available in some cases but hard to find in others. Your lawyer can help you find things like photos and videos of the accident, witnesses, and more. To start your lawsuit, you must meet Massachusetts’s serious injury rule, which holds that only certain kinds of serious injuries are grounds for lawsuits.

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Damages and Injuries You Might Have After a Car Accident in Arlington, MA

Injuries and damages from car accidents can be overwhelming. Many injured drivers cannot afford to cover things like medical costs and vehicle repairs on their own. A lawsuit might help you recover damages for all these expenses so you can recover with peace of mind.

Bodily injuries are the source of a wide variety of damages after car accidents. First, serious injuries are usually accompanied by significant medical bills. Health care is notoriously expensive. Even a single visit to the emergency room might cost you thousands of dollars. If you require more extensive treatment after an accident (e.g., surgery, X-rays, scans, physical therapy), your bills might be outrageous.

Physical injuries might also lead to significant emotional damages. Pain and suffering are often used to sum up the broad spectrum of non-economic damages, but they include much more. You might experience serious depression after the accident because your injuries prevent you from enjoying your life. This also often happens when accident survivors are left with significant scarring or disfigurements. Other psychological injuries like humiliation, anxiety, or even PTSD may be claimed.

Property damage might also be a big factor in your damages considerations. Vehicle repairs can be very costly. If your vehicle was totaled beyond repair, you might need to pay for a completely new vehicle. The negligent driver who caused your accident should have to cover these costs.

After a car accident, it is typical for injured drivers to take time away from work to recover. In many cases, people are out of work for so long that they lose a significant amount of income. You can claim this lost income as part of your damages.

Ways Car Accidents Might Happen Around Arlington, MA

No two car accidents are alike, and there are thousands of ways in which an accident might happen on the road. Knowing the nature of the crash can help your attorney determine who should be held responsible and what kind of damages might be involved. If you are not exactly sure how your accident happened, talk to our car accident lawyers about getting copies of police accident reports, as they might contain valuable details.

T-bone collisions are common in intersections. Often, one vehicle will pass through the intersection when another vehicle collides directly into the side of the first vehicle. Which driver is responsible for the crash depends on who was supposed to stop and who was allowed to proceed. These can be extremely serious accidents, especially when high rates of speed are involved.

Rear-end accidents are also very common. Many people know these kinds of crashes as minor fender-benders. For example, you might be stopped at a red light when a car behind you does not quite stop in time, and they bump into your car from behind. Often, there are no serious injuries. However, if the car behind you was speeding, the crash might be more severe. You might also be pushed into oncoming traffic and hit by more cars, causing further injuries.

Another very common cause of accidents is poor road or weather conditions. When it is raining, snowing, or foggy, drivers are expected to drive more defensively. This includes using headlights and adjusting speed. While you might be as careful as can be, other drivers might not, and accidents could happen.

How to Find Evidence for a Car Accident Case in Arlington, MA

Evidence can be difficult in some cases. Often, when car accident scenes are cleared away by law enforcement, valuable evidence is lost forever. This can make our search for evidence difficult but not impossible.

A great place to start our search is the police accident report for your accident. The law enforcement officers who responded to and investigated your accident compile and file these reports. It is possible that the police uncovered important evidence and details useful to your case. While the report itself is likely not admissible because it is considered hearsay, it might lead us to admissible evidence.

Witnesses are another great source of information and details. Car accidents often happen on busy roads and highways, and numerous other drivers might have seen what happened. If we can track down even just a few of those drivers, your case might be much stronger.

Many drivers immediately take photos and record videos after a car accident. This is usually for insurance companies, but these recordings can also be used in the courtroom. We might also take advantage of dashcams, security cameras, and traffic cameras that record parts of the accident on video.

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