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Construction sites are dangerous places, even for the people working there. If proper safety precautions are not taken, injuries may occur. If you find yourself in such a position, call a lawyer and ask about getting compensation.

Construction areas are known for being hectic and crowded with workers, tools, and machinery. As such, there are numerous ways in which accidents might happen. Falling accidents, faulty equipment, and being caught between heavy objects are common instances of construction injuries. Damages in such cases may be high since injuries are often severe. You not only have to pay big medical bills, but you could be unable to work for a while. Various people might be responsible for the accident, including contractors, property owners, and third parties not directly connected to the construction site. An experienced lawyer can help you evaluate your damages, gather strong evidence, and file a claim for damages.

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Frequently Cited Factors in Construction Accidents in Arlington, MA

Construction sites are known for being hectic, with numerous pieces of machinery and equipment being used at any given time. Workers and passersby might be hurt if proper safety protocols are not followed. Some of the more typical construction-related accidents include falling injuries, defective tools, and being crushed between heavy objects.

Falling accidents are among the most frequently cited reasons for construction injury claims. Workers are very often doing their jobs from high off the ground. They might be on ladders, high scaffolding, or on rooftops. If something goes wrong, a worker might fall and be gravely injured.

Faulty equipment is a huge problem on construction sites. Machines and power tools may be dangerous even when working properly. If damaged or defective, they might badly injure unsuspecting construction workers. Tools like table saws, nail guns, and miter saws are very powerful and may cause severe injuries if they are faulty.

Accidents where workers are stuck or crushed between heavy objects on a construction site are often called caught-betweens. For example, a worker might be caught between a forklift and a pallet full of drywall or plywood. Victims of such accidents may be catastrophically injured or worse.

Damages You Can Claim in an Arlington, MA Construction Accident and Injury Case

Damages in construction accidents have been known to be very high when injuries are severe. One of the biggest costs that many injured victims encounter is medical costs. As said before, injuries in construction accidents can be very bad. Not only should you have received emergency medical treatment in the ER, but you might also need follow-up care or indefinite treatment. These costs add up to incredible sums, and the defendant should have to cover them.

Another major concern for injured construction workers is their income. If they are hurt, there is a good chance they cannot return to their job. As a result, they may lose valuable income. The longer they cannot return to work, the more money they might lose. Any lost earnings should be accounted for and added to your damages claims.

Many construction workers are required to provide their own tools. If you lost some of your valuable work tools in the accident, the cost to replace them might be significant. Property damage costs are an important part of our damages calculations.

Not all damages come with a bill or receipt. For example, you might have been humiliated in front of your coworkers and peers when you were injured. As a result, you might see your reputation as a professional in the construction industry tarnished. These experiences deserve fair compensation, and our team can help you get it.

Who Should Be Named in a Construction Accident Case in Arlington, MA?

Knowing who to include in your claim for damages is often challenging. Our team can help you determine who caused the accident and how to hold them responsible. On a construction site, people are almost constantly coming and going, and various parties might be to blame. Contractors, property owners, and certain third parties are commonly implicated in construction accidents.


Contractors are usually the people hiring workers for a construction job. Different types of contractors might be connected with your accident. General contractors are usually in charge of the whole construction job and hire all the people needed for the job. If a general contractor employed you, they might be liable for your accident.

Subcontractors are hired by general contractors to do more specific elements of the construction work. For example, the general contractor could hire a subcontractor who can do drywall or electrical work. The subcontractor can then hire their own team to help them get the job done. If a subcontractor hired you, our construction accident injury lawyers can help you sue them for the accident, as it likely happened on their watch.

Property Owners

The owner of the property where construction is taking place usually has minimal involvement in the project. As such, they are not often implicated in accident claims. However, if the accident happened because of unsafe conditions on the property that the property owner failed to warn you about, they might be liable.

For example, you might have been doing work on the roof of a house or building, and the owner failed to warn you that a certain spot on the roof is dangerously unstable due to water damage and wood rot. If you fall through this unsafe area, you can sue the property owner for failing to warn you about the hazardous conditions.

Third Parties

People not directly involved in the construction project or even present at the site might be responsible for the accident. If you were injured by a faulty piece of machinery or power tool, you can sue the manufacturer as a liable third party.

If you file a claim against a manufacturer for providing faulty or damaged tools or machine parts, there are certain elements you need to establish. First, you must show that you did not damage the item and that it arrived to you damaged or faulty. Second, you must show that you were using the item for its intended purpose and that you were not misusing it or using it in a dangerous or reckless way.

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You can call our construction accident injury lawyers at (617) 925-6407 to arrange a private, free review of your accident case with our legal team at the Law Office of John J. Sheehan.