What Are the Most Dangerous Roads in Massachusetts?

As a frequent driver in Massachusetts, it is important to be aware of the more dangerous roads in your state. Hot spots for car accidents range from interstates to intersections, including many local roadways in Massachusetts.

According to the most current report from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) published in 2020, some roads and intersections are more dangerous than others in Massachusetts. Typically, the most dangerous roads include popular highways, like I-495 and I-95, as well as local roadways in cities and towns. The weather in Massachusetts can present an increased danger for car accidents in the winter because of the state’s frequent snow storms. Negligent drivers can make any road in Massachusetts dangerous for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists alike. After being injured in a car accident on a dangerous road in Massachusetts, contact our attorneys for help filing a lawsuit.

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Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Massachusetts for Car Accidents

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation periodically releases information on recent crash data, including the top locations of auto accidents. The most recent information published by MassDOT concerns car accident data from 2015 to 2017. Typically, the most dangerous locations in Massachusetts are intersections, based on the information provided by MassDOT.


The intersection of Veterans of Foreign Wars Highway and Bridge Street is particularly dangerous in Lowell, MA. Between 2015 and 2017, this intersection recorded 124 car accidents. Of those car accidents, 28 resulted in fatalities or other injuries, while 96 resulted in no injury, according to the information obtained at the accident site. This intersection involves other local roads as well as a bridge and can be difficult for drivers to navigate, which leads to a high number of collisions.

Between 2015 and 2017, there were a total of 60 car accidents at the intersection of Randolph Avenue and Chickatawbut Road on Route 28 in Milton, MA, which MassDOT ranks as the second most dangerous intersection. This intersection is part of a stretch of Route 28 in Massachusetts that is relatively secluded near the Blue Hills Reservation, leaving drivers with little visibility at night. In recent years, MassDOT has recorded a total of 60 car accidents at this intersection. Of those 60 collisions, 30 resulted in fatalities or other injuries to involved parties, while 30 resulted in no injury.

It is important to note that MassDOT ranks dangerous intersection crash locations by property damage, not by fatality or the number of accidents. Other dangerous intersections in Massachusetts based on the number of car accidents in Massachusetts from 2015 to 2017 include the following:

  • Honorable Thomas S. Burgin Parkway and Walter J. Hannon Parkway in Quincy
  • Kelley Square and Water Street in Worcester
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars Highway and Mammoth Road in Lowell
  • Appleton Street and Central Street in Lowell
  • Market Street and Grand Army of the Republic Highway in Swansea
  • Chandler Street and Mason Street in Worcester
  • Morton Street and Harvard Street in Boston


In addition to providing information in a consolidated report, MassDOT also has an interactive map showing the top 200 car accident clusters from 2017 to 2019. Upon initial viewing of this map, it is clear that the highest concentration of car accidents in Massachusetts are in Springfield Worcester, Brockton, Lynn, and throughout Suffolk County, including the popular city Boston. The most serious car accidents, according to MassDOT interactive map data, seem to occur on popular highways and roadways, like Park Avenue and Madison Street in Worcester and I-95, which runs throughout Massachusetts.

Though these areas tend to see the highest concentration of car accidents in Massachusetts, MassDOT’s interactive crash data map clearly shows that serious collisions might happen anywhere in the state. Should you be injured in a collision, regardless of the location, reach out to our Milton car accident lawyers immediately.

Most Dangerous Massachusetts Roads for Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians or Cyclists

While some roads are more dangerous for drivers operating their vehicles, others are more dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists. In addition to providing crash information for vehicle collisions, MassDOT also provides data for locations that see the most pedestrian and bicycle accidents involving vehicles. Getting injured in a crash as a pedestrian or bicyclist can present challenges to victims, which is why contacting our Quincy car accident lawyers is important.

Roads in Chelsea

Between 2008 and 2017, MassDOT collected crash data regarding pedestrian accidents throughout Massachusetts. The highest concentration of pedestrian accidents occurred on roads in the downtown area of Chelsea, namely Division Street. From 2008 to 2017, there were 254 pedestrian accidents in downtown Chelsea, 191 resulting in injuries or fatalities.

Roads in Lynn

Lynn, MA saw the second highest concentration of pedestrian accidents from 2008 to 2017, according to MassDOT, many occurring on Washington Street between Western Avenue and Broad Street. According to the most recent data report from MassDOT, there were a total of 215 pedestrian accidents in this crash cluster area between 2008 and 2017, 151 of which resulted in victims sustaining injuries or dying. Other dangerous roads in Lynn include Essex Street and Union Street, which were part of a crash cluster that recorded 126 pedestrian car accidents between 2008 and 2017.

Roads in Fall River

According to the most recent Massachusetts Department of Transportation report, Fall River saw the third-highest number of pedestrian accidents from 2008 to 2017. During this time, South Main Street appeared to be the most dangerous road for pedestrians to be struck by cars in Fall River, MA. Over this nine-year timeframe, there were 175 pedestrian accidents reported in this area. Of those 175 accidents, 136 involved death or injury.

Roads in Boston

Unsurprisingly, roads in Boston can be especially dangerous for pedestrians. In downtown Boston, roads like Washington Street, Essex Street, Beach Street, and Lincoln Street proved dangerous for pedestrians, making up a crash cluster that saw 139 pedestrians struck by cars between 2008 and 2017.

Roads in Cambridge and Somerville

Most likely because they are home to some of Massachusetts’ most popular and esteemed colleges, full of students riding bikes to get to class, roads in Cambridge and Somerville typically see the highest concentration of cyclists hit by cars. Crash clusters that include parts of both cities recorded high numbers of bicycle accidents on Cambridge Street, Beacon Street, Massachusetts Avenue, and Dickinson Street, according to a nine-year data collection report from MassDOT.

Why Are Some Massachusetts Roads More Dangerous Than Others?

While some areas in Massachusetts see more car accidents involving vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists than others, many streets have risk factors that increase the chance of a victim being injured in a collision. Our Cambridge car accident lawyers can explain these risk factors so that you are better prepared while driving on some of the more dangerous roads in the state.

Highways and Interstates

From state to state, highways tend to be some of the most dangerous roadways for drivers. That is typically because of the elevated speed limit and the fact that highways might see more drivers traveling through a state and may be unfamiliar with the roadways. Highways, like the Massachusetts Turnpike and I-95, are toll roads, meaning drivers must be prepared to slow down or stop when passing through tolls. Especially on particularly congested traffic days, this might present an increased risk for dangerous car accidents.

In Massachusetts, snow is plentiful in the winter. While snow might not always stick to the roads, it can cause highways to become slicker, making roads more dangerous. The risks of car accidents increase during winter, especially if negligent drivers are speeding during a Massachusetts snowstorm.

Several interstates and highways in Massachusetts, like I-495, Route 35, and I-95, are used by vacationers to get to the state’s popular tourist destination, Cape Cod. Beachgoers frustrated with the traffic or locals speeding to get home might make these roadways increasingly dangerous in Massachusetts. If you are hit by a negligent driver while vacationing in Cape Cod, contact our Chelsea car accident lawyers to learn about filing a lawsuit as a non-resident.


Like in any state, intersections in Massachusetts might be dangerous, especially at night. Antsy drivers might run red lights and strike other drivers or even pedestrians crossing the road. Intersections are a common location for motorcycle and bike accidents in Massachusetts, as passenger car drivers might not take the time to look out for smaller vehicles. Truck accidents also commonly occur at intersections in Massachusetts, as trucks have much larger blind spots, and drivers might not see other vehicles while turning.

Intersections off Massachusetts highway exit ramps might be more dangerous than others in the state, especially if speeding drivers don’t slow down after exiting one of Massachusetts’ popular highways or interstates. Collisions at intersections can be difficult to navigate, especially when determining fault. Our Danvers car accident lawyers can identify who is responsible for your injuries so that you can recover the compensation you deserve.

Local Roads

While local roads might seem relatively safe, they can be dangerous in Massachusetts. Like most states, Massachusetts is connected by a comprehensive map of highways and interstates. Just off of these roads are local streets. When entering a town off of a highway, negligent drivers might continue driving too quickly, making these neighboring roads in Massachusetts more dangerous. Local roads might also be poorly lit, leading to more dangerous car accidents at night, especially during the winter months when it is darker for longer.

The state’s winter snow storms can also plague local roads in Massachusetts. Snow on the roads might cause hydroplaning or other incidents that result in a car accident. Local roads are often more dangerous at night, especially in areas of Massachusetts that are less densely populated, like Montague in Franklin County and Stockbridge in Berkshire County. Although local roads might appear much less dangerous than highways or interstates in Massachusetts, drivers should always be careful as roadway dangers might exist anywhere.

Negligent Drivers

A negligent driver can make any road in Massachusetts incredibly dangerous. Negligent drivers might be found on any highway, interstate, or local roadway throughout the state. Common ways negligent drivers make the roads more dangerous is by speeding, driving under the influence, ignoring stop signs or stoplights, weaving in and out of traffic, driving while distracted, or otherwise driving recklessly. Contact our attorneys if you are struck by a negligent driver and unsure what to do next. Our Framingham car accident lawyers can investigate your case to determine if you can file a lawsuit for compensation.

What if to Do You Are Injured in an Accident on a Dangerous Road in Massachusetts?

Based on information from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, it is more likely that you will be injured in a car accident on one of the more dangerous roads in the state. That said, car accidents might happen anywhere at any time, which is why victims should know what to do if they are injured in a crash in Massachusetts.

After being injured in a car accident on one of Massachusetts’s more dangerous roads, do your best to get out of the way of moving traffic. Popular roadways, like I-95 and I-495, are often crowded, and the speed limits on these roads can reach up to 65 miles per hour. Intersections can also be especially dangerous areas to be hit by a car because of the high volume of traffic moving in several directions. So, try to get to a safe location by the side of the road, then call the police.

MassDOT’s data regarding the most dangerous roads in the state is largely based on information from reports following car accidents, like police reports. Reporting your car accident to the police in Massachusetts is essential so that you can create proper documentation of the crash’s location, time, and involved parties.

Next, get medical attention for your injuries. Massachusetts is a no-fault state for car accidents. This means that victims can typically only sue a negligent driver if their injuries are severe enough. Our Fall River car accident lawyers can assess your injuries to determine if they meet the state’s serious injury threshold. If they do, our attorneys can help you file a lawsuit for compensation against a negligent driver after a car accident on a dangerous road in Massachusetts.

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