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Car accidents can have catastrophic consequences. Many victims suffer serious injuries and expensive property damages. Accordingly, the damages caused by car accidents can place devastating financial stress on victims.

Fortunately, car accident victims may recover financial compensation. In many cases, drivers must seek benefits from their own insurer after a crash. However, in more severe cases, victims may file lawsuits against at-fault motorists.

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Proving Fault in Quincy, MA Car Accident Lawsuits

In order for plaintiffs’ car accident lawsuits to succeed, they must show that their injuries were caused by defendants’ negligent actions. Defendants and their insurers may hire defense lawyers and private investigators to try and deflect blame for a crash. The assistance of our Quincy car accident lawyers can be very helpful when establishing fault on behalf of a negligent defendant. The following are examples of evidence our attorneys may use when proving fault:

Accident Reports

After all accidents, a police officer should visit the scene and draft an accident report. Accident reports may offer some of the officer’s observations regarding how a crash occurred. Furthermore, such reports can contain statements made by drivers in the aftermath of their accidents. Accordingly, accident reports can be beneficial to our Quincy car accident lawyers when proving fault for a crash.

Physical Evidence

Physical evidence from the scene of an accident can also help establish fault. For example, drug paraphernalia found at the scene of a crash may be used to prove that a defendant driver was impaired at the time of an accident. However, some physical evidence may be unable to be preserved or brought into court. Therefore, there are other means of evidentiary documentation are permitted.

Photographic Evidence

Photographic evidence is another type of evidence regularly used to prove fault for car accidents. Victims should always attempt to take photos at the scene of the crash. Photos can help prove or disprove theories regarding why a crash occurred. For example, a negligent driver may assert that a crash occurred because a street light was out, so it was dark on the road. In such cases, photos from the accident scene can be used to prove the street light was working and did not contribute to the crash.

Traffic Camera Footage

Furthermore, traffic camera footage can be very useful when proving fault. Many intersections and major roadways are equipped with cameras that surveil traffic. Footage from these cameras can be used to show the events leading up to an accident.

However, recovering traffic camera footage can be difficult. Our Quincy car accident lawyers can help gather any traffic camera footage that may be used to prove your case.

Eyewitness Testimony

Like traffic camera footage, eyewitnesses can help explain the events that occurred before, during, and after a car accident. Therefore, eyewitness testimony can also help prove fault. Car accident victims should always attempt to collect contact information for witnesses to their crash if possible. Witnesses may provide either oral or written testimony.

Expert Witness Testimony

Lastly, expert witness testimony may also be used to prove fault for a car accident. Expert witnesses are considered experts in their respective fields because of their training, education, and experience. In some cases, accident reconstruction experts may be called to explain why a crash occurred. Furthermore, in cases caused be defective car parts, an engineering expert may be called to explain the product’s flaw. Our Quincy car accident lawyers can help call on the right expert witnesses to support your case.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Quincy, MA

A great number of car accidents are caused by drivers’ negligent behavior. There are many forms of negligence that can lead to car crashes. Still, some causes arise more than others. The following are common causes of car accidents in Quincy:


Speeding is a very common cause of car accidents. Speeding motorists will have difficulty obeying traffic signals and recognizing hazards on the roadways. Furthermore, accidents that happen at high speeds can lead to more severe injuries. Our Quincy car accident lawyers can help victims recover compensation after accidents caused by speeding drivers.

Improper Lane Changes

Improper lane changes are also a common cause of car accidents in Quincy, MA. Many careless motorists cause accidents on highways by changing lanes without using turn signals or checking their blind spots. Furthermore, many accidents are also caused by drivers who commit lane changes in illegal zones while attempting to pass other vehicles. Accidents caused by improper lane changes can lead to devastating injuries.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is another cause of many accidents in Quincy. Drunk drivers will exhibit slow reaction times and reckless decision-making. Accordingly, drunk drivers put all other motorists around them at risk. Our experienced Quincy car accident lawyers can help prove that an accident was caused by a drunk driver.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of car accidents. Distracted driving can occur when drivers engage in any activity that takes their attention off the road. The following are examples of activities that distract drivers in Quincy:

  • Texting
  • Looking at social media
  • Entering information into a GPS
  • Choosing music on the stereo
  • Talking on the phone
  • Talking with other passengers
  • Eating or drinking

There are many other potential forms of distracted driving. Victims of distracted driving accidents may be entitled to multiple categories of compensation.

Running Red Lights

Lastly, running red lights is also a common cause of car crashes. Drivers that run red lights run the risk of causing severe head-on collisions and side-collisions at intersections. Our experienced Quincy car accident lawyers can help victims of such accidents build their case.

If You Were Injured Because of a Car Accident in Quincy, MA, Our Lawyers Can Help

If you were injured because of a car accident, seek assistance from our experienced Quincy car accident lawyers by calling the Law Office of John J. Sheehan at (617) 925-6407 for a free case review.