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If you were hurt on the job, you can recover payment for your medical bills and lost income by filing for Workers’ Compensation benefits. All types of workplace injuries and illness are covered. Furthermore, claimants do not have to show that other parties are at fault for their accidents in order for their claims to succeed.

All employers in Waltham, MA are required to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance for their employees. However, the process for filing a claim can be complicated. Claimants must provide a great deal of information related to their on-the-job injuries. Accordingly, the assistance of our attorneys can be highly beneficial when filing your claim.

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Who is Covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Waltham, MA?

Workplace accidents can come in many forms. Whether working in an office building, behind the wheel, or on a construction site, serious injuries can occur. Fortunately, all employees are covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance in Massachusetts. No matter what field you work in, if you suffered an on-the-job injury, you can pursue benefits through Workers’ Compensation.

Employers who do not carry Workers’ Compensation insurance can face serious penalties. For example, an uninsured employer may be served with severe fines and a stop work order. Fortunately, even if your employer is uninsured, you can still recover payment for your on-the-job injury or illness. Injured workers should contact our Waltham Workers’ Compensation lawyers for help determining the appropriate steps toward payment.

Types of Benefits Available to Workers’ Compensation Claimants in Waltham, MA

Workers’ Compensation claimants in Waltham, MA can recover multiple categories of benefits related to their on-the-job injuries. The compensation awarded in your case will be determined by the extent of harm you incurred. Any of the following types of payment may be awarded:

  • Total incapacity benefits
  • Partial incapacity benefits
  • Permanent and total incapacity benefits
  • Benefits for specific injuries

Each of these categories of benefits provides crucial support to injured workers during their stressful and tiresome roads to recovery. During your free case assessment, our Waltham Workers’ Compensation lawyers can help assess which of the aforementioned benefits can be sought.

Common Sources of On-the-Job Injuries in Waltham, MA

There are many different types of workplace accidents that can occur. However, some accidents arise more frequently than others. The following are common sources of on-the-job injuries in Waltham, MA:


Fall from tall heights are a very common source of workplace injuries. Construction workers, arborists, roofers, and line workers are all highly susceptible to suffering such accidents. In many cases, victims of falling accidents can incur severe injuries like broken bones. If you suffered a fall at work, you should contact our Waltham Workers’ Compensation lawyers for help seeking the payment you deserve.

Loud Noise

Loud noise is also a common cause of on-the-job injuries. Workers who are exposed to loud noises for extended periods of time can develop serious hearing problems that affect their ability to work in the future. Factory workers, landscapers, and construction site workers are all types of employees that are often exposed. Fortunately, workers who suffer injuries because of exposure to loud noise can recover benefits through Workers’ Compensation.

Dangerous Tools and Machinery

Additionally, dangerous tools and machinery are also common sources of workplace accidents. For example, a mechanic may incur severe injuries because their arm was caught in a hydraulic press. Further, a construction worker may suffer a puncture wound because of an accident involving a nail gun. In any case, our Waltham Workers’ Compensation lawyers can help seek payment for injuries sustained because of accidents involving dangerous tools and machinery.

Toxic Fumes

Many workplace injuries and illnesses occur because workers are exposed to toxic fumes. Workers such as landscapers, factory workers, and exterminators are all examples of people who may be exposed to toxic chemicals during the course of their employment.

There are a wide range of illnesses that can develop because of exposure to toxic fumes. If you were injured because you were exposed to harmful chemicals at work, you may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits. Our attorneys can help file your claim.


Overexertion is another common source of workplace injuries. Workers that perform consistent, repetitive motions while at work can develop multiple types of debilitating injuries. For instance, an office worker that must sit at their desk and type for extended periods of time may develop carpel tunnel syndrome. Furthermore, a worker in the manufacturing industry may develop spinal cord damage after many years of manual labor. Victims of overexertion can contact our Waltham Workers’ Compensation lawyers for guidance and support on their roads to recovery.

Vehicle Accidents

A great number of on-the-job injuries occur because of vehicle accidents. For example, a delivery driver may suffer a harmful accident while completing their daily route. Furthermore, a construction worker may be seriously hurt because of a vehicle accident caused by a careless backhoe operator. These types of accidents can lead to devastating injuries like traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. Employees who are hurt because of on-the-job vehicle accidents can recover payment through Workers’ Compensation.

Handling Heavy Objects

Lastly, many workers suffer injuries while handling heavy objects. For instance, a worker may be hurt because they attempted to lift, pull, push, carry, or lower a heavy item. Such accidents are prone to causing soft tissue injuries such as sprains and strains. Our Waltham Workers’ Compensation lawyers can help victims of such accidents seek the full range of benefits available to them.

If You Need to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Waltham, MA, Our Attorneys Can Help

If you were hurt on the job, seek support from our experienced Waltham Workers’ Compensation lawyers by calling The Law Office of John J. Sheehan at (617) 925-6407 for a free review of your case.