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Many construction workers are injured each year because of harmful accidents in Waltham, MA. For example, workers are regularly hurt because they are caught between heavy objects, struck by falling items, and equipped with defective tools.

You can recover payment for injuries caused by a construction site accident. However, the path to compensation can be difficult to navigate without assistance from our attorneys. Our experienced legal team can assess your case and fight for the full extent of monetary damages available.

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Common Vehicles Involved in Waltham, MA Construction Accidents

There are often multiple large vehicles performing tasks simultaneously on construction sites. When these vehicles’ operators, manufacturers, and mechanics act carelessly, devastating construction accidents can occur.


Bulldozer accidents are a common source of harm on construction sites. These are large, tractor-like vehicles with mounted blades for pushing rocks, dirt, and various other materials. In order to perform their tasks effectively, bulldozers are designed to be very heavy. Unfortunately, this means that works can suffer severe and even fatal injuries when crushed under the weight of these vehicles. After being struck by a bulldozer, you should weigh your options for recovering compensation.


Cranes are large, tall vehicles used to haul equipment on construction sites. They are especially useful when carry cargo to high places. However, if this cargo is not properly secured, it can be dropped on unsuspecting workers below. Furthermore, some crane accidents happen because vehicles’ parts were not properly manufactured. Crane accidents are usually catastrophic and have a high propensity to cause serious harm.

Concrete Mixers

Concrete mixers are trucks that blend cement mix inside of large drums. They are used to transport cement to various jobsites and areas within such sites. Like most construction vehicles, they are usually very heavy. Many accidents involving cement trucks occur because of inexperienced operators. Moreover, these operators are usually on tight schedules while trying to deliver their loads on time. While hurried, they are more likely to committing harmful mistakes behind the wheel.

Dump Trucks

Furthermore, dump trucks are a common vehicle involved in construction accidents in Waltham. When working on a construction project, crews often need to dispose of large amounts of materials from job sites. Dump trucks are very useful in transporting waste from construction sites.

However, because dump trucks are usually very large, their drivers can have difficulty navigating crowded construction sites. Workers involved in dump truck accidents are typically hurt because they are run over or crushed by debris.

Road Graders

Road graders are vehicles equipped with long blades used to level uneven surfaces. In several instances, they are utilized during the final stages of road building, when gravel must be flattened. Even when looking through rear-view mirrors and back-windows, operators of these vehicles can lack awareness of their surroundings. When construction workers are trapped underneath road graders, fatalities can ensue.

Can You Sue the Property Owner After an Accident on a Construction Site in Waltham, MA?

If you were injured because of dangerous conditions that were left unaddressed on your work site, you may be able to sue the property’s owner. For example, if a worker suffers a harmful slip and fall because of a staircase’s broken railing, they may be able to sue the property’s owner for failing to maintain their premises. However, there are multiple factors that must be analyzed when assessing a potential premises liability lawsuit.

Can You Sue Your Employer After a Waltham, MA Construction Accident?

You will likely be unable to sue your employer after sustaining construction accident injuries in Waltham. Construction accident lawsuits typically can only be filed against negligent, third parties. For example, if your accident occurred because of a faulty tool or part, you may be able to sue the defective product’s designer, seller or manufacturer. Further, if your accident is related to the negligence of a third-party contractor, you may be able to file a construction accident lawsuit.

Your Employer and Their Insurer May Not Be on Your Side After a Construction Accident in Waltham, MA

Do not presume that your employer or their insurance company are on your side after being hurt because of a construction site accident. These parties are not looking to assume liability or admit that an injury resulted from negligence on a job site.

Furthermore, inspectors from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) do not always have your best interests in mind. They do not necessarily have an interest in preserving workers’ rights. In some cases, OSHA inspectors’ findings actually harm plaintiffs’ potential cases.

Can You Still File a Lawsuit if You Collected Workers’ Compensation After a Construction Accident in Waltham, MA?

If you collected workers’ compensation benefits related to your construction accident injuries, you may still file a lawsuit against the party who caused your accident. There are many damages available to plaintiffs in construction accident cases that cannot be obtained through Workers’ Compensation.

Evaluating Settlement Offers in Waltham Construction Accident Lawsuits

If you file a construction accident lawsuit, you will likely be presented with a settlement offer at some point before trial. After accepting a settlement agreement, the defendant will pay you a certain amount of damages and your case will be dismissed. There are some potential advantages to reaching a settlement agreement before trial. You may acquire payment sooner and save on some of the costs associated with litigating your case.

However, defendants often attempt to entice low settlement agreements that do not reflect the true value of plaintiffs’ cases. If you do not receive an adequate settlement offer, then you must go to trial to recover the payment you are owed.

Victims of Construction Accidents in Waltham, MA Can Call Our Attorneys for Assistance

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