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Workplace injuries can cause severe harm to employees. Furthermore, the cost of medical expenses and lost wages stemming from workplace injuries can be devastating to injured workers. Accordingly, Massachusetts law provides that employers in Salem are required to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance for their employees.

Workers’ Compensation insurance covers medical expenses and lost wages suffered because of a workplace injury. The types of benefits available to injured workers in Salem will depend on the extent of their injuries. However, insurance companies may attempt to decrease the value of Workers’ Compensation claims. Our Salem Workers Compensation lawyer can help fight insurance companies so victims of workplace injuries may receive the compensation they deserve.

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Common Types of Workers’ Compensation Injuries in Salem

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2020 data, there were 2.9 workplace injuries for every 100 workers. Workplace injuries can come in many forms. However, certain categories of workplace injury are more common than others. Employers in Salem should take steps to protect their employees from the following categories of workplace injury. Furthermore, workers who have suffered any of the following injuries should contact a Salem Workers’ Compensation lawyer to review their potential claim.


Lacerations are deep cuts or tears in flesh. Lacerations can occur in any industry, but occur more frequently in manufacturing, machine shops, food production, and restaurants. To help avoid lacerations, employees should be advised on appropriate procedures to follow and safety gear to wear. Further, businesses should replace dull blades for work tasks to help prevent potential injuries.

Sprains and Strains

Sprains involve stretched or torn ligaments while strains involve stretched or torn muscle ligaments. Any type of falling, twisting, or pulling can cause sprain or strain injuries. Improper lifting or ergonomics are common causes of sprain or strain injuries in the workplace. Employers should educate employees on relevant lifting and ergonomics guidelines from the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration to prevent such injuries.


Contusions are bruises or marks on the skin caused by blood trapped under the surface that crushes small blood vessels but does not open the skin. In the workplace, this type of injury commonly occurs when employees drop objects due to improper lifting or when they run into things. Employers should conduct regular trainings to review proper ergonomics and environmental awareness, which can usually prevent these sorts of injuries. Furthermore, machine guarding and lockout-tagout procedures are also a helpful practice that can help prevent these injuries.


Burns are injuries to tissue caused by heat, chemicals, electricity, steam, sunlight, or radiation. Burn injuries are most common in restaurants. However, burns also occur frequently in manufacturing and production, especially when heat sources, acids or bases are part of the manufacturing process. Furthermore, burns can also occur internally when inhaling smoke or chemical fumes. Since burn injuries can vary, employers should conduct regular training sessions with employees regarding the protocols for treating all types of burns.

Eye Injuries

Eye injuries can occur in any industry. Employers must provide employees with adequate eye and face protection against chemical, environmental, and radiological hazards or mechanical irritants. Furthermore, employers should conduct a workplace hazard assessment and provide adequate training for all workers who require eye and face protection. Our Salem Workers’ Compensation lawyers can help workers who have suffered eye injuries determine whether their employer took appropriate steps to prevent such an injury.

Fractures and Breaks

Fractures are breaks in the bone of any degree because of forced trauma or overuse. These types of injuries are most common in occupations involving manual labor and exposure to heavy equipment and machinery. However, fracture injuries can occur in many other industries. Employers can help prevent these industries by providing proper training and supervision. In a job where moving heavy equipment is common, increased supervision or spotting by other employees can help prevent fracture injuries.

Cumulative or Continuous Trauma

Cumulative or continuous trauma involves the degradation of a body part, joints, muscles or tendons as a result of a repeated task over a long period of time. These injuries are most common with workers that have long careers in manual labor positions. Appropriate training and recovery between injuries can help prevent cumulative or continuous trauma injuries from occurring in the workplace.

Types of Benefits Available in Salem Workers’ Compensation Cases

Workers who are injured on the job have various types of Workers’ Compensation benefits available to them. The following are four categories of Workers’ Compensation benefits that may be available to employees who were injured on the job in Salem:

  1. Temporary total incapacity benefits
  2. Temporary partial incapacity benefits
  3. Permanent and total incapacity benefits
  4. Scarring or disfigurement/loss of function benefits

Each type of benefit covers different types of injury and involves different benefit amounts. For example, if a worker breaks their arm and is unable to work for several months, they may qualify for temporary partial incapacity benefits. On the other hand, a worker who developed cancer because of their job may qualify for permanent and total incapacity benefits. Determining which benefits are available in a particular case can be difficult. A Salem Workers’ Compensation lawyer can help victims of workplace injuries review their case and determine which benefits may apply to them.

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