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When injured motorcyclists need compensatory damages in Needham, they can turn to our lawyers for help with their claims.

How you handle things in the immediate aftermath of a crash could affect your compensation case in the future. Try to get yourself to safety if you can. Then, talk to the other driver involved and get their information. After you call 911 and speak to the police at the scene, you can go to the hospital. This is crucial, as you can start building medical evidence by doing so. You may be able to get compensation for your tangible and intangible losses from the accident. Tangible losses are economic damages and include losses from medical treatment and missed income. Intangible losses refer to emotional damages victims experience, like the pain and suffering they deal with after devastating motorcycle accidents.

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How to Handle Motorcycle Accidents in Needham, MA

Begin by getting yourself to safety. Some motorcycle accident injuries are so severe that victims cannot move to a safe location away from the road without help from emergency medical professionals or first responders. Similarly, if you get pinned beneath your motorcycle because of a collision, do not try to remove yourself without help. Doing so could actually worsen your injuries.

Again, provided your injuries permit you, speak to the other driver or drivers involved. Motorcycle accidents are sometimes multi-vehicle accidents, as a negligent driver might entangle several cars into the crash in addition to a motorcyclist. Ask everyone involved for their contact details and other information, like insurance and registration. If multiple parties are involved, our motorcycle accident lawyers will evaluate the possible negligence of everyone connected to the accident to allocate fault appropriately.

Do not forget to call the police. You should report the accident to law enforcement, especially if you are hurt in any way.

Once you have collected the necessary information at the accident scene, you can go straight to the nearest hospital. This is one of the most important things you can do following a motorcycle accident, as you can start building medical evidence. When you get to the emergency room, tell doctors what happened and how badly you are hurt. They will run the necessary diagnostic tests and perform any emergency treatments. For example, you might need a broken bone set or immediate surgery.

In the days after the accident, our lawyers can help you obtain the police report for the crash from the Needham Police Department. We will then review this report for accuracy and any additional information that could help your case.

How to Document Your Losses from a Needham, MA Motorcycle Accident

Generally speaking, two types of compensatory damages are available to motorcycle accident victims in Needham and are for victims’ tangible losses and intangible losses. Tangible losses refer to a victim’s economic damages due to an accident, while intangible losses refer to a victim’s emotional pain and suffering.

Tangible Losses

Tangible damages are more easily quantifiable as they leave proof. For example, medical expenses for motorcycle accident injuries are tangible losses, as they are financial damages you can prove with medical bills. The same goes for other economic damages, such as a victim’s lost wages. If you cannot work because of your injuries, we can help you recover compensation for lost wages. To calculate your lost wages, our attorneys may need your income information, previous tax returns, and details from your employer. If a motorcycle accident has left you permanently disabled and unable to work in Needham, you may recover compensation for future lost wages as well. This is also true of future medical damages for motorcycle accident victims.

Our lawyers can explain other compensable tangible losses, such as transportation costs to and from the hospital throughout your treatment. Other costs, like in-home medical assistance or childcare, may also be covered in your claim. The most important thing when tracking your economic damages is keeping all copies of bills or invoices related to the accident in question. You can give our lawyers this information as you receive it, and we can use that to calculate your deserved economic damages in Needham.

Intangible Losses

Intangible losses are harder to quantify, and proving them is often much more challenging than proving economic damages. Our attorneys may discuss your pain and suffering with you as a starting point. For example, suppose you can no longer engage with your peers at work because of a motorcycle accident injury. That change might reduce your quality of life and lead to depression or feelings of isolation. Furthermore, sustaining an injury that requires long-term and extensive treatment might be emotionally and mentally draining for victims.

Massachusetts does not cap victims’ recoveries of intangible losses in motorcycle accident lawsuits. Because of this, you can get considerable compensation in your claim, provided you can show the jury your emotional losses. To do this, you might have to give statements explaining your struggles since the accident. Our attorneys may also get medical experts or mental health professionals to testify in court to give the jury better insight into the likely difficulties someone with your specific injuries might face.

Before advising you to accept a settlement offer from the defendant, our lawyers will review the offer to ensure it includes some compensation for pain and suffering. Such damages are not guaranteed in settlements, especially in the first offer, which is typically low. Our lawyers can leverage evidence in settlement negotiations to possibly persuade the defendant to include compensation for pain and suffering in a settlement to avoid a trial. If the defendant refuses, we can take your case to court and prove that you deserve compensation for your intangible losses in Needham.

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