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Injury victims in Needham may be able to hold negligent parties accountable by filing personal injury lawsuits with help from our attorneys.

During accidents due to negligence, like car accidents or slip and falls, victims might sustain various injuries that warrant compensation. Common personal injuries include fractures, head injuries, neck injuries, and back injuries, among others. Immediately after you sustain an injury caused by negligence, our lawyers can begin tracking your damages. This will include your medical damages, lost wages, and non-economic damages. Once we have a clear understanding of the damages in your case, we can help you bring your claim within Massachusetts’s three-year statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits.

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Common Personal Injuries Due to Negligence in Needham, MA

Reckless drivers, negligent property owners, and other careless parties might cause catastrophic accidents that leave victims with serious injuries, such as fractures, head injuries, and neck injuries.


Bone fractures are complete or partial breaks in bones typically caused by trauma. These types of injuries are common in slip and fall accidents in Needham. For example, slipping on a wet floor at a restaurant could cause a victim to fall hard on the ground, fracturing their wrist. Facial fractures like broken noses might happen during car accidents as well.

Slight fractures still require treatment. Victims might need to get bones reset with casts or surgery, depending on the break.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are also common personal injuries in Needham. Victims might suffer concussions during car accidents like fender benders. For example, when struck from behind, a victim might be pushed forward, causing their head to move back and forth quickly. This can lead to a concussion or other head injury.

Victims might also sustain head injuries during falls from great heights, such as from scaffolding while working on a construction site in Needham.

Head injuries present the risk of brain bleeds and other permanent complications. If you hit your head at all during an accident, get immediate medical care to confirm your injury. Under no circumstances should victims ignore head injuries.

Back and Neck Injuries

Back and neck injuries are also common. Again, these types of injuries are common in auto accidents and slips and falls but could happen for numerous other reasons. For example, if a negligent driver sped through an intersection and hit a pedestrian who had the right of way, the force of impact might cause back and neck injuries.

Whiplash is a common neck injury sustained in car accidents. Though seemingly minor in comparison to other neck injuries, whiplash still requires treatment and is often compensable.

Back and neck injuries might lead to partial or total paralysis. Victims might require long-term physical therapy to heal. Because of the impact spinal cord injuries can have on victims’ lives, they can often recover compensation for non-economic damages.

Other Injuries

Other injuries, like burns and amputation, are also reasons to file personal injury lawsuits in Needham. For example, if defective machinery exploded at work, burning you, you could possibly file a third-party work injury claim against the negligent manufacturer.

Catastrophic injuries like limb loss and crushing injuries are common in severe car accidents, like T-bone accidents. Generally speaking, you can file a lawsuit for most injuries caused by negligence in Needham.

How to Track Your Damages from a Personal Injury in Needham, MA

When you file your complaint with your court, you must request damages. You will need proof of damages to support your request. Our attorneys can help victims carefully track all losses associated with their injuries so that there is sufficient proof of their damages.

For example, if you had to go to the emergency room after a car accident, keep the bill the hospital gave you. If you had to get surgery or other treatment, track those costs as well. Give copies of medical charges to our lawyers as you incur them.

Victims should start tracking their lost wages from the first day they cannot work because of an injury. You can give our personal injury lawyers your employment and financial information, like paystubs and past tax returns, to calculate damages due to lost wages. Your lawsuit can also cover any other out-of-pocket expenses related to the accident in question.

Notice how your injuries impact your life. Can you no longer engage in activities you once enjoyed? Have you been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder since the accident? Often, victims with serious injuries can recover compensation for pain and suffering. You can track your non-economic damages in a personal journal or by confiding in a capable mental health professional.

Time Limit on Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Needham, MA

Under Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 260, § 2A, Massachusetts imposes a three-year statute of limitations on most personal injury lawsuits. In general, the clock begins running the day an accident takes place. Although you will have three years to bring your claim, you should do so immediately.

In general, evidence is most readily available immediately after an accident. For example, emergency response services might clear away car accident scenes quickly to eliminate the risk of danger to other drivers on the road. Or, security camera owners might unintentionally delete footage of the accident if you wait too long to obtain it. Furthermore, eyewitnesses might forget the exact sequence of events preceding the accident as time goes on, making their testimony less valuable to your case.

If victims attempt to file claims past the statute of limitations, the court will likely dismiss their lawsuits in Needham.

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