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Since car accidents can be traumatic events for victims, resulting in financial and emotional distress, suing for injury might be necessary so that victims can get the damages they require.

After an accident, limit your communication with the negligent driver. When victims apologize for a crash, negligent drivers might use that to undermine their claims. Before filing a lawsuit for a car accident in Natick, you must prepare your claim. We can help you do this by identifying the party ultimately responsible for your injuries. We can also interview eyewitnesses and obtain other evidence. You can aid in this effort by getting the necessary medical care for your accident injuries. Taking these steps immediately is important as victims only have three years to sue for injury in Massachusetts. When it comes to recovering compensation, both economic and non-economic damages are available to victims. Our lawyers can also help you recover compensation for future losses not yet incurred, like future medical costs.

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Dealing with Negligent Drivers After Car Accidents in Natick, MA

After an auto accident in Natick, all involved drivers are required to stop and exchange information. Beyond that basic interaction, you should not have much more communication with the driver responsible for causing your injuries.

According to Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 90, § 11, anyone involved in a car accident must give their insurance and information to other parties upon request. This should be the extent of your communication. Do not discuss the accident or apologize for the incident. Something as simple as saying you are sorry could be misconstrued as you admitting fault for the accident.

Depending on how soon law enforcement arrives after the crash, you might not have to speak to the negligent driver at all. Police officers might gather the necessary insurance and personal information from the at-fault driver so that you can focus on getting immediate medical care.

During future conversations with negligent drivers, victims should allow our car accident lawyers handle necessary discussions. We can help you navigate settlement negotiations so that you can avoid accepting an offer that is unfair. We can also ensure that you do not unintentionally misspeak during conversations with the negligent driver or an insurance company so that you are not wrongly assigned fault for your injuries in Natick.

How to Prepare Your Car Accident Recovery Claim in Natick, MA

When suing for a car accident in Natick, victims typically have the best chances of recovery when they prepare a strong case. Our lawyers can help you do this so that you can claim the damages you need.

Preparing your car accident lawsuit begins with identifying who is at fault for your injuries and gathering evidence of their negligence. Depending on the circumstances of the accident in question, fault might be more or less clear. By reviewing witness statements and other evidence, like video footage and physical evidence from the scene, our attorneys can pinpoint who is to blame for the accident, even if multiple drivers were involved in the crash.

Many car accident lawsuits hinge on whether or not victims can submit sufficient proof of their injuries. Because of this, it will be necessary for you to get immediate medical care following the accident, even if you do not think you are physically injured. The impact from car accidents can cause serious injuries, such as internal injuries, that may not appear until sometime after a crash.

Window to File Your Car Accident Injury Claim in Natick, MA

Most civil claims are held to a statute of limitations, meaning victims only have a certain amount of time during which they can file a lawsuit. The filing deadline imposed on your case will dictate your window of opportunity to sue.

According to Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 260, § 2A, any injury claim brought for a car accident must be filed within three years of the incident date. This is so that defendants are not unfairly sued many years after an event. You have to bring your claim within this time period or risk losing your ability to file a lawsuit and recover damages in Natick.

Recovering Compensation for Future Losses Due to a Natick, MA Car Accident

Often, victims continue to incur damages past the conclusion of their car accident lawsuits. Our lawyers can build a case complete with compelling evidence like expert testimony to help you recover compensation for damages not yet incurred in Natick.

If your injuries are severe, you might require medical treatment for several years. In some instances, victims need care for the rest of their lives. Our lawyers can enlist help from medical experts who can testify to the extent of your injuries and their anticipated impact on your life moving forward. This can allow you to recover damages for future medical costs. If your injuries are permanent and will prevent you from working indefinitely, we can work to get future lost wages included in your recovery amounts. Economic damages are not limited in Massachusetts, meaning victims can recover compensation for all financial losses related to their injuries provided they can submit proof of damages.

When injuries are permanent and severe, victims might experience pain and suffering for a long time. To reinforce your claim for non-economic damages, we can present evidence, such as your medical records and your personal testimony, that highlights your mental and emotional difficulties due to an accident in Natick.

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