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Construction workers regularly deal with heavy equipment, powerful tools, and dangerous substances. Accordingly, accidents that occur on construction sites can lead to devastating injuries, and victims of these accidents can seek payment for damages that they incur.

However, the route to compensation after a construction accident can differ depending on many circumstances surrounding the victim’s injury. Our attorneys can help victims investigate the causes of their accidents and take the right steps toward monetary damages.

In the aftermath of a harmful construction accident that happens in Lynn, MA, seek support from our experienced construction accident and injury lawyers. Connect with our team at the Law Office of John J. Sheehan by dialing (617) 925-6407 today for a free assessment of your claim.

Workers’ Compensation Claims vs. Third-Party Lawsuits After Construction Accidents that Occur in Lynn, MA

Generally, there are two main paths to compensation after being injured because of a construction accident in Lynn. Most injured workers will be able seek benefits through Workers’ Compensation insurance. However, under certain circumstances, some will also be permitted to pursue monetary damages by filing third-party injury lawsuits against the people responsible for their accidents.

If you suffered an injury on-the-job, you will likely be able to claim Workers’ Compensation benefits. Claimants can obtain payment for the medical expenses and lost income they suffered because of their injuries. When filing for these benefits, you do not need to prove that another party is at-fault for the injuries you sustained. Rather, you only have to prove that you were injured during the course of your employment. Still, the process for filing a Workers’ Compensation claim can be complex. Insurers may look for reasons to deny payment. Thankfully, the construction accident and injury attorneys at our firm will help file your claim and ensure that you recover the benefits you deserve.

In specific cases, injured construction workers can also file third-party injury lawsuits against those responsible for their accidents. Plaintiffs in third-party lawsuits may obtain several forms of economic and non-economic damages that are unavailable through Workers’ Compensation insurance. However, for these cases to be successful, plaintiffs must prove that they sustained harm because of defendants’ negligence.

Furthermore, if your accident occurred because of carelessness exhibited by your employer or one of your coworkers, then you will be limited to seeking benefits through Workers’ Compensation. You can only file a construction accident lawsuit if you were injured because of a third party’s negligence. For example, if you sustained an injury during a defective product accident, then you may be able to sue that product’s manufacturer. Furthermore, you may be able to sue a property owner who caused your accident by failing to disclose hazardous conditions on their work site. During a free case review, our experienced construction accident lawyers will explain your options for pursuing compensation.

Common Types of Construction Accidents that Occur in Lynn, MA

Construction accidents can occur in several different forms. The type of accident you suffered can influence the process for recovering payment in your case. The following examples are common types of accidents that occur in Lynn, MA:

Crane Accidents

Crane accidents are a regular source of construction site injuries. There are several different ways that cranes may be involved in accidents. For instance, crane accidents can occur when cranes strike power lines, causing workers to suffer electrocutions. Furthermore, when cranes’ loads are too heavy or improperly secured, the cargo can be dropped onto workers below. After being hurt in a crane accident, our construction accident and injury attorneys can help fight for the payment available to you.

Scaffolding Accidents

Scaffolding accidents are also a common type of construction accident that happens in Lynn, MA. Scaffolding are temporary platforms or other structures that assist those working from tall heights. Scaffolding accidents can occur for a number of reasons. For instance, workers may suffer harmful falls because scaffolding was not assembled properly. Furthermore, a fall may happen because of a slippery spot that was left uncleaned on the floor of a scaffolding structure. In any case, victims can call our law firm for help determining the appropriate steps toward financial compensation.

Excavation Accidents

Excavation accidents are another common type of construction accident that may occur. Excavation sites involve digging tunnels, holes, or trenches in certain areas for site development. These sites can pose falling hazards if they are not appropriately maintained or safety precautions are not followed. For instance, after a rainstorm, a worker can fall into a muddy hole that has not been properly upkept. If you sustained harm as the result of an excavation accident, you should call our construction accident lawyers for help building your claim.

Welding Accidents

Furthermore, many construction workers are hurt as the result of welding accidents. The UV radiation produces by welding torches can cause serious harm to victims’ skin and eyes. The injuries caused by welding accidents may require costly medical treatment and rehabilitation. After being hurt during a welding accident on a construction site, you may recover payment for the damages you incurred.

Equipment Failure

When tools and equipment are not manufactured, marketed, or designed correctly, devastating construction accidents can happen. There are a wide range of accidents that may occur because of defective products on construction sites. For instance, a worker may sustain a puncture wound because they handled a faulty nail gun. Further, catastrophic injuries may result from vehicle collision caused by a defective forklift. Workers who are injured because of defective products may pursue monetary damages from at-fault parties.

However, filing a case against the seller or manufacturer of a defective product can be a complex task. Extensive amounts of complicated evidence may be required in support of such a claim. Accordingly, the assistance of our construction accident and injury attorneys can be very helpful when seeking payment for injuries caused by equipment failure.

If You Sustained an Injury Because of a Construction Accident in Lynn, MA, Our Attorneys Can Help

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