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A high number of people are hurt each year because of car crashes in Lynn, MA. Some accidents are merely fender-benders, while other collisions can lead to severe, life-altering injuries.

You can recover payment for your car accident injuries. Still, the process of pursuing damages can differ. Some crash victims must seek benefits from their own insurers. Meanwhile, other victims may file lawsuits against the drivers who caused their collisions.

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Types of Motor Vehicle Collisions that Occur in Lynn, MA

Car crashes can come in several different forms. Our car accident attorneys can provide guidance and support to victims of each of the following types of motor vehicle collisions:

Read-End Collisions

Read-end collisions regularly happen when motorists do not leave too much space between their cars and the cars in front of them in traffic. These types of collisions can range from minor to severe, often result in neck injuries and fractured bones.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions are one of the most serious types of car accidents that victims can suffer. These collisions happen when vehicles crash while moving towards each other. Head-on collisions are more likely to produce severe injuries than other types of accidents. If you were injured because of a head-on collision, then you should contact our car accident attorneys for help building your case.

Side-Impact Collisions

Sometimes referred to as “T-bone accidents,” side-impact collisions happen when a car moving in one direction strikes another car at a perpendicular angle. These types of accidents are particularly dangerous for drivers and passengers riding on the sides that are struck.

Sideswipe Crashes

Sideswipe crashes happen when two or more cars are driving parallel to one another, and one of them strikes the side of the other. These types of accidents often happen because drivers fail to check their surroundings before changing lanes on highways. However, sideswipe crashes can also affect pedestrians and cyclists travelling along roadways. If you were hurt because of a sideswipe accident, then you should seek support from our experienced car accident attorneys.

Single-Vehicle Crashes

Furthermore, single-vehicle crashes are also a common occurrence in Lynn, MA. These accidents regularly happen when hazards force drivers to veer off of roadways, where they may strike guard rails, light poles, or other objects. For example, a driver may suffer a single-vehicle crash because cargo was dropped into their path by another vehicle in front of them. Our lawyers can help victims of such accidents obtain payment for their injuries.

Multi-Vehicle Crashes

Multi-vehicle crashes are another common type of motor vehicle collision. Accidents involving multiple vehicles are often catastrophic. For instance, when a car is crushed between other vehicles, its passengers can suffer severe or even fatal injuries. However, determining who is to blame for a multi-vehicle crash can be a complicated task. The guidance of our car accident attorneys can be beneficial when establishing who is at fault for such an accident.

Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents are another type of motor vehicle collision that can result in serious harm. The force of a car being flipped over can cause anyone inside the vehicle to incur devastating injuries such as concussions, broken bones, and spinal cord damage. Furthermore, many people are hurt when they are thrown from their vehicles during the course of rollover accidents.

Low-Speed Crashes

Lastly, low-speed crashes are common type of motor vehicle collision that occurs in Lynn, MA. Some people may believe that serious injuries cannot result from crashes that occur at low speeds. On the contrary, these types of accidents can produce severe harm. Common injuries associated with low-speed crashes include whiplash, concussions, and damage to soft tissue.

Sources of Car Crashes in Lynn, MA

Car crashes often stem from drivers’ negligence. There are multiple different forms of careless behavior that can lead to such accidents. This behavior and other evidence can be documented in a police report, which you should request if considering hiring a car accident lawyer. The following are ordinary sources of car crashes in Lynn, MA:

Disobeying Traffic Signals

Accidents often happen because motorists run red and yellow lights. When drivers fail to properly abide by traffic signals, devastating crashes can take place. These crashes often involve head-on and side-impact collisions which have a high propensity to cause serious harm.

Improper Lane Changes

Additionally, many car accidents happen in Lynn, MA because of improper lane changes. When motorists do not properly use their turn signals, harmful collisions may occur. These accidents often occur on highways and involve sideswipe collisions.

Driving While Distracted

Many car accidents happen because motorists are driving while distracted. Drivers can distract themselves visually, manually, or cognitively. This type of negligent behavior frequently leads to rear-end collisions and side-impact accidents. If you were involved in an accident caused by a distracted driver, then you should contact our law firm for help. Our car accident attorneys will review your claim and explain the proper steps toward compensation.

Driving at High Speeds

Furthermore, many crashes occur because drivers are travelling at illegal speeds. When speeding, motorists can have difficulty controlling their vehicles and observing their surroundings. Accordingly, speeding drivers can cause multiple different types of collisions. Such accidents are also prone to causing more serious injuries.

Driving Drunk

Lastly, drunk drivers also cause many car crashes in Lynn, MA. While drunk, motorists may exhibit reckless decision-making, impaired vision, and delayed motor skills. Accordingly, drunk drivers are prone to causing multi-vehicle collisions on highways and at intersections. The harm caused by these accidents is often severe. Our lawyers can help hold drunk motorists accountable for their negligent actions.

Victims of Car Accidents in Lynn, MA Can Reach Out to Our Lawyers for Help

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