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When occupational illnesses, injuries, or disabilities occur in Leominster, employees may file Workers’ Compensation claims to recover benefits. Depending on your case, you might be able to get compensation for your medical expenses and a portion of your lost wages.

Immediately following an on-the-job accident in Leominster, you should report it to your employer. Do not wait to do this as it could delay your access to benefits. When applying for Workers’ Compensation, you will have to provide detailed records regarding your medical condition. You might need to give records pertaining to any pre-existing conditions to show that they are separate from your current medical issues caused by your job. When it comes to the benefits you can receive, you will likely be eligible for lost-wage and medical benefits. Survivors of employees killed at work may be able to receive Workers’ Compensation death benefits in Leominster.

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Reporting Your Workplace Injuries in Leominster, MA

Immediately after you are injured at work, regardless of how serious those injuries might appear, you should report the incident to your employer in Leominster. Failure to do so might harm your future Workers’ Compensation claim.

Begin by informing your employer of the incident that caused you injury. Employers and companies often have reporting procedures in place that victims can use following a workplace accident. Tell your supervisor what happened and give them any information about the event that they might request.

According to Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 152, § 6, employers in Leominster must report employee injuries to the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents within seven calendar days of being informed of a job-related injury. They will also inform their Workers’ Compensation carrier of the incident during the same period of time.

After you have reported your injuries to your employer, focus on getting the necessary medical care. For initial evaluations of your injuries, you must see a doctor that is approved by your employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier. Otherwise, you might have trouble getting certain medical costs covered by Workers’ Compensation in Leominster.

Getting Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Leominster, MA

In order to get Workers’ Compensation benefits, you will have to provide your employer’s insurer with detailed information about the accident that caused your injuries in Leominster.

First, our Workers’ Compensation lawyers will have to submit your medical records as proof of your workplace injuries. The insurance company might want to speak with those who witnessed the accident take place, like your peers in the workplace or your supervisor. Any evidence you have confirming the origin of your physical injuries may also be accepted, like security camera footage.

Dealing with Workers’ Compensation insurance adjusters can be a complicated matter. While Workers’ Compensation benefits follow certain guidelines in Leominster, they are calculated for each specific case. It will be important to negotiate with the carrier before accepting a settlement so that you receive sufficient compensation to cover your lost wages and medical expenses.

All Workers’ Compensation claims must be filed within four years of a workplace accident in Leominster, according to Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 152, § 41. If your claim is initially denied, our attorneys can help you appeal it to get the Workers’ Compensation benefits you deserve.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Injured Employees in Leominster, MA

Victims of workplace accidents can recover damages for their lost wages and medical expenses through Workers’ Compensation claims. Based on the circumstances surrounding your case, you might be able to recover compensation that adequately covers your losses in Leominster.

Lost-Wage Benefits

For injuries that cause temporary total incapacitation, benefits for lost wages equate to 60% of the worker’s average weekly wage before becoming injured. Temporary total incapacitation lost-wage benefits can be paid for up to 156 weeks, according to Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 152, § 34. Partial incapacity benefits cap out at 75% of your average weekly wages, but might be less than that. Partial incapacity benefits can be paid for up to 260 weeks in Leominster, according to Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 152, § 35 . Permanent and total incapacity lost-wage benefits can be up to 60% of your average weekly wage or a minimum of up to 20% of the state’s average weekly wage last for the duration of your disability. Our attorneys can help you calculate your likely lost-wage benefits so that you can prepare your finances accordingly.

Medical Benefits

Then there are medical benefits. Medical benefits may cover all reasonable and necessary medical expenses related to your injuries. This will include compensation for surgeries, prescription medications, physical therapy, or any other necessary treatment. You can get medical benefits to cover these costs while your disability persists in Leominster. It will be important to keep all records relating to your medical treatment so that we can more easily recover compensation for losses related to your workplace injuries.

Death Benefits

Workers’ Compensation death benefits are reserved for survivors and dependents of employees killed because of work-related injuries or accidents. Children of decedents can only get Workers’ Compensation death benefits if they are under the age of 18, are full-time students, or cannot work because of their own injury or disability. According to Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 152, § 31, spouses of decedents can get 60% of the victim’s average weekly wage while they remain dependent or do not remarry in Leominster. In addition to lost wage death benefits, survivors can receive other benefits depending on the situation. Workers’ Compensation can also cover some or all of a deceased employee’s funeral expenses in Massachusetts.

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