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When accidents happen on construction sites, the results can be catastrophic. As a victim, you have the right to recovery after sustaining a construction site injury in Leominster.

Construction site injuries are common in Leominster, and many of them are caused by trips, slips, and falls. That said, any number of things might cause a construction accident, including defective machinery and unaddressed hazards. If you were injured while working on a construction site in Leominster, inform your employer of your injuries right away. Then, focus on receiving medical care and building evidence of your injuries. Our attorneys can then investigate your accident to determine if a negligent third party, like a manufacturer, is liable for your damages. If that is the case, we can help you file a third-party work injury lawsuit to recover compensation. Most likely, you will have three years from the date of your accident to sue for damages.

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Reasons for Construction Site Injuries in Leominster, MA

Generally speaking, falls, trips, and slips are the leading cause of construction site injuries in Leominster. That does not mean that victims cannot be hurt in other accidents. In fact, there are a wide range of incidents that lead to injuries on construction sites.

Construction workers have to come in contact with dangerous machinery, tools, and circumstances day in and day out. Falls are a top cause of construction site injuries in Leominster and might occur when workers are using defective or unsecure equipment, such as scaffolding or ladders, that causes them to fall. Injuries might also occur if a worker does not have an effective harness or other means of protection to avoid a fall from a great height. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, over one-third of construction industry deaths are due to falls, slips, and trips.

Other times, construction site injuries might be caused by explosions, electrocutions, falling objects, and other incidents. These types of accidents often boil down to negligence, meaning that your employer might have failed to properly train you or ensure equipment was totally safe for use. Furthermore, the manufacturers of certain construction tools and equipment might fail to ensure they work properly, resulting in an accident that causes serious injury or death on a construction site Leominster.

Any of these accidents might cause serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, hearing loss, sight loss, lacerations, burns, limb loss, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and other life-altering injuries.

Responding to Construction Site Accidents and Injuries in Leominster, MA

Properly responding to a construction site accident will be important for the success of your future claim in Leominster. Begin by reporting the accident to the construction site in question and move forward from there.

If you were hurt on a construction site as a construction worker, be sure to report your injuries to your employer. You should do this immediately after you are injured at work in Leominster, as your recovery could hinge on the success of your Workers’ Compensation claim, depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident. Because workplace injuries are so common in the construction industry, employers typically have reporting procedures in place for employees hurt on the job.

Victims of construction site accidents are not always workers. Sometimes, they are passersby who are struck by falling objects or otherwise injured because of a negligent construction company. In such situations, calling the police might be necessary to report your injuries. No matter your connection to the construction site in question, you should call for emergency medical help after you are injured in Leominster.

Immediately following an accident on a construction site, you should go to the emergency room. For additional care, see a doctor who is approved by your employer’s Workers’ Compensation carrier. Stay committed to your physical recovery so that there are ample medical records to use in support of your compensation claim.

Filing a Third-Party Construction Injury Claim in Leominster, MA

Depending on the specifics of your case, you might have multiple options for recovery if you sustained a construction site accident injury in Leominster. For example, you can may be able to file a Workers’ Compensation claim or a third-party construction injury lawsuit.

If your employer’s negligence caused your injuries, you would likely have to file a claim with their Workers’ Compensation carrier. This can be a difficult process in and of itself, which is why turning to our construction site injury lawyers in Leominster is beneficial. We can help you proceed with a claim, appeal a denial if necessary, and get you benefits for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages.

Simply put, workers cannot sue their employers for injury if they have the necessary workplace liability insurance in Massachusetts. Because of this, our attorneys may explore the possibility of you filing a third-party work injury lawsuit. For example, suppose you were hurt because of defective machinery that caused an explosion. It could be that the original distributor or manufacturer of the product acted negligently, ultimately causing your injuries.

Filing third-party workplace injury claims can lead to greater compensation for victims that is not available in an insurance claim. For example, you may recover compensation for pain and suffering if hurt on a construction site because of a negligent third party in Leominster.

According to Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 260, § 2A, you will have three years to file your third-party construction site injury lawsuit in Massachusetts. This deadline is enforced by the court, meaning if you fail to file on time, you will be barred from recovery of damages.

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