The Importance of Legal Representation in a Car Accident Case

Car WreckA car accident can be a terrifying accident for anyone involved. However, it may be even scarier when one thinks of the legal ramifications of a car accident, according to our Boston car accident lawyer. You may have read the article from the Sun Herald portraying a particularly thorny issue in which a couple from Rehoboth, Massachusetts declared that a car malfunction almost left them dead.

A Scary Accident

In this case, the couple stated that when Mr. Biello attempted to exit Interstate 95 in Attleboro, he pressed a lever that was supposed to switch the car to cruise control. However, rather than reducing the speed of the vehicle, the switched lever caused it to accelerate. And when Mr. Biello stomped on the brake, it did very little to reduce the truck’s speed. He then placed the vehicle’s transmission into neutral but could not avoid striking a curb. The accident resulted in a smashed windshield and dents in the sides and roof of the truck, and a Boston truck accident attorney had to be involved.

The Unfortunate Aftermath

After experiencing such a terrifying ordeal, the Biello’s were stunned to learn that they would receive a surcharge on their insurance because of the car accident. This incident exemplifies why it is important to obtain legal representation. In addition to the insurance charge, the Biello’s sustained minor injuries. While they were minor, if the fault of the manufacturing company could be established, not only could the insurance charges and damages to the vehicle be imputed to the company, but also the costs for injuries.

It is also important to obtain legal representation in such an event because it can be frustrating and daunting to deal with a powerful and rich company that has an array of experts and resources at its expense. These types of situations involve long procedures in which expert testimony may be needed.

Manufacture error in automobile accidents is not a rare phenomenon. The article mentions several instances in which Toyota has settled lawsuits for possible vehicle errors. While in this case Mr. Biello could observe that his car continued to accelerate when he pressed the brake, there may be instances in which a car accident is caused by a manufacturing error of which the driver may be unaware.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Toyota is considering a $1 billion deal to end a criminal probe by federal prosecutors regarding Toyota’s disclosures of drivers’ complaints of unintended consequences. Additionally, there may be an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), as Toyota has received two subpoenas.

In the event of a car accident, it is imperative that you speak with a qualified legal professional to understand your options. Even if a company wants to settle, it is important to engage a Cambridge car accident attorney who can understand the depths of the manufacturer’s errors and whether the settlement is fair. If you are involved in a car accident, you should not hesitate to contact Boston injury attorney John J. Sheehan to discover how he can help you recover compensation.

Photo Credit: Robbie Howell