How to Get a Police Report for an Accident in Boston

Car accidents are rarely easy hurdles to jump. Accidents tend to be disruptive when they are easy or incredibly dangerous when they are hard. Drivers involved in accidents are generally required to call the police before leaving the scene so that the police can make a report. The report may be of great use to you later while dealing with the aftermath of the accident.

Getting a report may take time, so you should regularly follow up with the police until the report is ready. You can request police reports by reaching out to the department that investigated your accident. However, many accident reports are available online for a fee. An attorney can help you obtain an accident report or put pressure on law enforcement if they take too long to complete the report.

Injured drivers need accident reports from the police to file personal injury lawsuits or insurance claims. Our Boston car accident lawyers can help you get the report you need as soon as possible. Our experienced team at the Law Office of John J. Sheehan can meet with you in a free legal consultation. Call us at (617) 925-6407 to get help right away.

Where Do I Request the Police Report for my Accident in Boston?

Accident reports are not provided to drivers automatically. Although that might make things easier for drivers, they must request the report themselves. Requesting a report is usually a fairly simple process. If you were involved in the accident, an accident report would be made available to you shortly after it is completed. Accident reports may not be made available to the public for at least 60 days after the crash.

One method of requesting an accident report is contacting the police officer, police department, or precinct that investigated your crash. When the police speak with drivers after a collision, they usually inform the drivers about contacting them to get a report.

If you do not know the officer who handled your accident or cannot otherwise contact the police over the phone, you may be able to obtain the accident report online. Many police departments throughout Massachusetts use to provide crash reports to the public. However, this service comes with a fee.

If you are having trouble getting an accident report, our Cambridge car accident attorneys can help. If the police have not yet completed the report, we can pressure them to do so. Our team also knows how to obtain a report quickly, so you do not have to worry about it yourself.

What Information Is in a Police Report for a Car Accident in Boston?

The information in your accident report may depend on what kind of accident you were involved in. Depending on the nature of the accident, the police must file either a long or short report. Longer reports will obviously contain more details and information about the crash. Longer reports tend to be necessary for more serious accidents, such as those involving bodily injuries or death. While minor accidents like fender-benders must be reported to the police, the investigation and resulting report are likely to be minimal.

No matter how long or short the accident report is, it can contain crucial information helpful to an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit in Boston. Accident reports tend to contain the following information:

  • The date, time, and location of the accident
  • Descriptions of any vehicles in the crash
  • Personal information, like names and addresses, of any drivers and passengers
  • Names and addresses of any witnesses
  • The identity of the investigating officers
  • Information related to the drivers’ insurance

Suppose the accident was serious and warranted a more in-depth investigation. In that case, the police might also include details about who is at fault for the accident and whether anyone was issued a traffic citation or even arrested at the scene.

According to Mass. Gen. Laws 90 § 26, drivers are required to report accidents to the police within 5 days of the accident. This is especially important in minor accidents where the police or other emergency personnel are not called. When you report your accident to the police, it is important to provide as much detail as possible, so your report is more accurate. Our Malden car accident attorneys can help you file a report.

Reasons to Request a Boston Police Report for an Accident

An injured driver has several good reasons to request a police report of their accident. After a crash, drivers and passengers may have mounting medical debt and expensive vehicle repairs they cannot afford on their own. Some drivers lack health insurance, making any medical treatments extremely expensive, no matter how necessary or lifesaving. An accident report may be necessary to file insurance claims or personal injury lawsuits to get compensation for your injuries and damages.

Accident reports are typically not used as evidence in a court of law. However, that does not mean you do not need an accident report for a personal injury lawsuit. As stated above, an accident report contains information crucial to your case, like identifying information about your defendant and any potential witnesses. Our Somerville car accident attorneys can use this information to prepare your lawsuit and argue for compensation.

If you decide not to pursue a personal injury lawsuit, you may still need an accident report to file an insurance claim. All drivers in Massachusetts are required to carry insurance in case of things like crashes or collisions. Massachusetts is a no-fault insurance state, which means your own insurance will compensate you without any showing of fault, up to a certain amount. An accident report may be necessary to prove to your insurance that an accident did indeed occur and that you suffered injuries and damages.

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