Common Issues that Arise in a Construction Accident Lawsuit in Boston

There are common boston construction accident premises liability injuries. If you have been the victim of a construction premises liability accident, you may be wondering about how best to go about holding the at-fault party accountable for their careless disregard for your safety. Unfortunately, some plaintiffs are unable to receive the compensation they deserve due to the common issues in a Boston construction premises liability case. There are ways a boston construction premises liability case could avoid trial. To avoid having your case reach a negative outcome like a wrongful death accident, it may be best to work with a skilled Salem, MA construction accident and injury lawyer who may be able to get you the compensation and handle the wrongful death workplace case.

Multiple Subcontractors in a Construction Premises Liability Case

A common issue that arises in a construction premises liability claim in Boston is the inability to define who the general contractor is. In some cases, there may be numerous subcontractors who are hired to perform a specific task, such as masonry work or plumbing. As a result, it may be difficult to hold someone liable for injuries sustained as a result of a contractor’s negligence. If you are faced with such a task, it is recommended to work with a Milton construction accident attorney to help you identify the general contractor at fault.

Failure to Identify the Owner of a Boston Premises

Another issue that may arise is regarding who is responsible for the area where the premises liability accident occurred. In order to determine the at-fault party, an attorney may look at yearly reports, as well as internal reports, to examine what is being done on a day-to-day basis. it could become difficult to accurately identify who is at fault given the potential presence of various subcontractors on the property, but by establishing the main property owner, you would be taking a vital step forward in your construction premises liability claim.

Conflicting Timeline of Events

Construction workers and subcontractors are not always on the same schedules. As a result, if an injury occurs, the potential for conflicting timelines may be very high. When trying to point fault at a specific party, an argument may arise regarding the timing for the accident and the timing of their presence. If such a situation occurs, it could prove difficult to hold a specific party accountable without the appropriate evidence necessary to hold them accountable for your injuries.

Past Medical History

The defense may present arguments relating to a victim’s medical history. The defendant may argue that because the victim has suffered previous injuries before the accident occurred, there may be no connection between the alleged construction accident and a victim’s recent injuries. In order to avoid having a claim being denied or dismissed because of this counterargument, it is strongly recommended that victims visit a medical professional for a proper evaluation of their injuries.

By visiting a doctor promptly after suffering an injury, a victim is also much more likely to obtain compensation for injuries relating to a construction premises liability accident. Failure to do so could prove detrimental for a person’s case and cause them to miss out on obtaining the compensation they deserve.

Call a Boston Attorney About the Common Issues in a Construction Premises Liability Case

Filing a wrongful death claim and Boston premises liability case of any kind is no easy task. However, this responsibility could be even more troublesome should you encounter hindrances which may prove too challenging to overcome. You and your family have to determine what can sue for the wrongful death.  In the scope of a construction premises liability case, there may be problems with who to hold accountable, as well as conflicting accounts of the injuries sustained and the timing of the accident. Presenting a boston construction premises liability case in court is not an easy task. To learn more about how best to avoid the common issues in a Boston construction premises liability case, be sure to schedule a consultation today with our Boston lawyers for families of construction site deaths.