How a Construction Premises Liability Case Could Avoid Trial in Boston

If a negligent Boston construction site caused your injuries, you need access to damages and fast. Because of that, it can be wise to avoid trial and settle your claim out of court. To do so, you’ll need to hire an experienced attorney.

In order to avoid trial, your Boston lawyer will compile compelling evidence that persuades a defendant to settle out of court. There are various alternative dispute resolution methods to help victims avoid going to court. Throughout the negotiation process, it’s important to keep calm and trust your lawyer. Settling out of court can be best for Boston victims who require access to compensatory damages and can’t risk losing at trial. Avoiding trials can also result in victims recovering damages sooner, allowing them to physically and financially heal from their injuries.

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How to Avoid Trial in a Boston Construction Premises Liability Case

After you file a construction premises liability case in Boston, there are many tactics your attorney can employ to avoid trial. During arbitration or mediation, your lawyer will attempt to prove a defendant’s negligence so that they are more inclined to settle out of court. That being said, when injuries are involved, plaintiffs may get frustrated during settlement negotiations. The best thing to do is to remain calm and trust that your lawyer has your best interests at heart.

Compile Compelling Evidence

Avoiding trial is often in the best interest for both a defendant and a plaintiff. That being said, sometimes a defendant needs some extra motivation to agree to a settlement. Your Cambridge construction premises liability attorney will attempt to build a strong case to avoid a trial altogether. When presented with compelling evidence during discovery, a defendant may be more likely to settle out of court. Because of this, it is crucial to hire an attorney with the experience and resources necessary to compile strong evidence of a construction site’s negligence. When the evidence is on your side, a defendant may choose to settle out of court instead of going to trial.

Enter Arbitration

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution method, common in civil lawsuits, like Boston construction premises liability cases. During arbitration, both a defendant and plaintiff can attempt to resolve the issue by presenting evidence and arguments to an arbitrator. Arbitration almost simulates a trial in that an arbitrator hears both sides before deciding on a dispute. That being said, arbitration is often much faster than going to court. Construction premises liability lawsuits can take a long time to reach a court docket, let alone litigate. Arbitration speeds up the process, allowing Boston victims faster access to compensatory damages.

Arbitration is sometimes optional. However, arbitration is often undesirable if there are alternative options. Always speak with a Boston construction accident lawyer for help if you believe you were unfairly subject to a mandatory arbitration clause in a contract or agreement.

Engage in Mediation

During mediation, an alternative dispute resolution method, all parties will engage in discussions to attempt to resolve a conflict. Mediation involves an independent third party whose role is to facilitate settlement discussions. During mediation, your Boston falling object injury lawyer will advocate on your behalf to outline how the worksite’s negligence caused your injuries. Generally, mediation will result in Boston victims recovering compensatory damages, especially if a defendant is fearful of trial.

Mediation is typically non-binding, meaning that either party can walk away from mediation and that the resulting recommendations are just suggestions. Nothing is binding until you make a settlement and agree to certain terms and damages.

Keep Calm

Understandably, tempers can flare when victims attempt to resolve a dispute out of court. If you were injured as a result of a Boston construction site’s negligence, and a defendant is refusing to give you the compensatory damages you deserve, you can get frustrated. That being said, it’s important to keep calm, even after a defendant has agreed to settle. Generally, victims have the upper hand, especially if they have an experienced Malden construction premises liability attorney by their side. While avoiding trial can result in victims recovering damages quicker, settling can also take time. So, be patient and trust that your lawyer’s goal is to get you the damages you deserve.

Reasons to Avoid Trial for Your Boston Construction Premises Liability Case

Avoiding trials can be ideal for Boston victims, especially those who sustained their injuries because of a negligent construction site. These trials can be lengthy, and victims are not always guaranteed damages. By avoiding trial, victims can mitigate the financial impact of their injuries and get the compensation they deserve.

Higher Likelihood of Compensation

When both parties agree to settle out of court, especially through mediation, it indicates that a defendant knows they can’t win a lawsuit. Because of that, victims are all but guaranteed access to compensatory damages. Generally speaking, damages from a settlement are often lower than those awarded by a court. However, our attorneys will fight for your interests outside of the courtroom so that the settlement agreement matches your needs.

It’s also important to note that victims risk not getting compensated for their injuries at all by going to trial. So, if settling out of court is a viable option, it can be the best choice for Boston victims, especially those in need of expensive medical treatment or compensation for lost wages.

Faster Access to Damages

In Boston, construction site premises liability lawsuits can take a long time to litigate. If you choose to go to trial, it could be years before you see the results of a successful lawsuit. Because of that, avoiding trial and settling out of court can help victims gain access to compensatory damages sooner.

Construction site accidents can cause serious injuries to victims. For example, if you sustained injuries from a falling object, you could require costly medical treatment. When hospital bills and lost wages pile up, victims need access to compensatory damages fast. Our Massachusetts construction premises liability attorneys can help avoid trials so that recovering damages is speedier for our injured clients.

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