Initial Consultation with a Lawyer Following a Boston Construction Site Accident

It is important to walk into an initial consultation with a Boston construction site accident attorney prepared. This includes having any documentation of the accident as well as of any medical treatment. This can help the construction site accident attorney determine what options you have to recover compensation.

Documents to Bring to a Consultation

When going to an initial consultation with a construction accident lawyer, the injured worker should bring copies of their pay stubs showing their wages and hours, documents they received after they were discharged from the hospital, and any documents, reports, or disability notes they have from their treating doctors. If the person has photographs showing the construction site where they were working when they got hurt, that would also be helpful to show to an attorney.

There also may be text messages that the injured worker has between the potential witnesses or employees of a potential third party defendant that may be relevant evidence. An attorney can further explain what information may be helpful to bring to an initial consultation.

What Happens at the First Meeting with a Construction Site Accident Lawyer?

At the first meeting between a construction site accident lawyer and an injured individual, the lawyer is going to try to get as much information as possible about the accident and how it happened. They will identify any potential witnesses or anyone who might have information about the circumstances of the accident, where the accident happened, whether the police were notified, whether the police came, whether the police took any statements from witnesses or persons present on the job site, and whether the police took any photographs.

They will also determine whether OSHA was notified and whether an OSHA inspection was opened. Then the attorney will work to determine the full nature and extent of the injured worker’s injuries, any future treatment they need, and future anticipated disability. During this time they will also gather information concerning both workers’ compensation and potential third party claims.

Then they send the defendant’s a notification of the potential claim along with the notification called the spoliation notice so that the defendants take all necessary steps to persevere any evidence they might have. In addition, the Boston construction accident attorney would ask the workers’ compensation insurance company whether they have started an investigation. The workers’ compensation insurance company would have a financial interest in trying to identify and pursue a potential third party defendant to recover some money they spent by paying for medical treatment or money paid directly to the injured worker and workers’ compensation benefits.

That type of claim by the workers’ compensation insurance company is called the subrogation claim. The Boston construction accident attorney would determine whether the insurance company opened a subrogation file and talk to the subrogation adjuster to see what information they might have obtained as far as identifying third-party defendants and any documentation they have.

Call for an Initial Consultation With a Boston Construction Site Accident Attorney

A consultation with an attorney following a Boston construction site accident can help you determine your rights and options to pursue compensation. They can help you through the workers’ compensation process and determine whether you may have a claim against a third party. To discuss your case, call today for a free consultation.