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Many drivers get a little nervous when a truck pulls up next to them. These vehicles are huge and can be destructive in an accident. If you are injured in a truck accident, you should call a lawyer after getting emergency help.

Truck accidents might occur in several ways. Rollovers, jackknife accidents, and collisions from sideswipes or turning are common. Truck accidents may be severe, and damages are often quite substantial. You might have significant medical bills on top of extensive property damage. Not only that, but you might lose income if you cannot go back to work. If you decide to sue, you should name the truck driver in your lawsuit and the trucking company that employed them, as they might be vicariously liable.

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Types of Truck Accidents That Might Occur Around Barnstable, MA

A big reason why truck accidents are so dangerous is that they might occur in numerous ways. Accidents might involve the entire truck and trailer rolling over on the highway or coming uncoupled from the truck’s hitch. Often, the trucker’s negligent behavior is the root cause of the crash.


A rollover accident is exactly what it sounds like: the truck rolls over on the road. A rollover is extremely dangerous for several reasons. First, the truck and trailer are enormous and heavy, and a rollover accident might cause other vehicles alongside the truck to be crushed. A rollover accident that occurs at a high rate of speed might be an utter highway disaster.

Second, rollover accidents are dangerous because they are difficult for other drivers to avoid. When a truck’s trailer tips over, it is hard to escape because it is long. If other vehicles are in front of you, avoiding being crushed under the trailer might be impossible.

Slick road conditions like rain or snow cause many rollover truck accidents. They might also be caused by heavy cargo that is loaded improperly. The cargo might shift in transit and cause the trailer to roll over.

Jackknife Accidents

A jackknife accident is when the trailer of a truck pushes forward and causes the truck to swerve to one side. The truck and trailer create a sort of L or jackknife shape. In some cases, the truck and trailer might spin completely around on the road, and numerous other drivers might be injured.

Many jackknife crashes are caused by braking too suddenly, high speeds, sharp turns, and wet roads. While a normal car might be able to stop on a dime, trucks cannot. If the trucker slams their brakes for some reason, the truck could jackknife.

Turning and Sideswipe Accidents

A sideswipe occurs when truck drivers are not paying attention to other vehicles in neighboring lanes. Essentially, this kind of accident involves the truck violently swiping against neighboring cars. Many vehicles are violently pushed into other lanes of traffic when they are sideswiped by a truck. It is also possible that a car might get stuck under the truck in a sideswipe accident because trucks are usually much taller than normal cars. Sideswipe accidents often stem from truckers failing to check blind spots when merging.

Turning accidents occur because truckers need to make very wide right turns. They usually must swerve left before circling right. As such, truckers must be aware of drivers on either side of them. If a trucker is not paying attention and does take proper precautions when turning, they might swerve into other cars.

Types of Damages You Can Claim in Barnstable, MA Truck Accident Cases

As one can imagine, the injuries and damages in truck accident cases tend to be substantial. Injuries might be severe, and economic and non-economic losses might be high. Our truck accident attorneys can help you assess and claim these damages so you get fair compensation.

Emergency medical care is crucial after a truck accident. Unfortunately, medical care is often extremely expensive. Even if you have health insurance, you might still pay high deductibles. If you are uninsured, serious medical debt could financially ruin you. You should claim these damages in your lawsuit and make the person responsible for your accident cover them.

You might have also lost valuable property in the accident. Your vehicle and numerous personal belongings might be destroyed, and replacing them is likely extremely expensive. Your lawyer should help you evaluate these losses and add them to your damages claims.

Truck accidents can be severe, and victims might walk away feeling like they just had a near-death experience. This is traumatic, and you might live with severe emotional distress, suffering, and anguish after the accident. Not only that, but people left with long-term or permanent injuries have to psychologically cope with how their lives changed so suddenly because of one person’s negligence. This pain and suffering should be factored into your damages, and you deserve fair compensation.

Who You Should Name in Your Truck Accident Lawsuit in Barnstable, MA

When filing a lawsuit or taking other legal action to get compensation after a truck accident, it is important to include all necessary parties. Of course, this includes the trucker behind the wheel when the accident occurred. Often, the trucker’s actions are the direct and proximate cause of the crash, and they must be included in a lawsuit.

In addition to the truck driver, we should include the trucker’s employer. Employers may be held vicariously liable for injuries caused by an employee’s negligent actions or omissions. The employee’s negligence must be within the scope of their normal job duties. Trucking companies often have significant insurance and resources that may be used to cover your damages.

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