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Trucks can be extremely dangerous when the truck driver does not exercise caution. Negligent truckers are a serious problem, and people injured in truck accidents can hold them accountable for injuries.

Injured plaintiffs tend to take legal action against truckers, but other parties might also share responsibility. The trucking business that employed the truck driver might be responsible, or other drivers on the road might have contributed to the crash. Damages are often very high in truck accident cases. Medical bills, the cost of replacing your car, and the loss of income from taking time away from work should all be considered. You and your lawyer should begin working on your case as soon as possible. The sooner you get started, the easier it might be to obtain evidence. Evidence might be found at the crash scene, on the truck, or in various business records pertaining to the truck and truck driver.

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Who is to Blame for Truck Accidents in Attleboro, MA?

An important component of any accident case is figuring out who is responsible. People sometimes assume that only one person can be held responsible for a truck accident, but this is not always true. In many cases, multiple parties share liability, including truckers, their employers, and even other drivers involved in the crash.

Truck Drivers

The truck driver involved in your crash should definitely be investigated for liability. Many truck accidents can be traced back to some negligent action or inaction the trucker took. Common examples of trucker negligence include fatigued driving, inattentive driving, and speeding.

Truck drivers bear a lot of responsibility. One wrong move and they hurt not only themselves but multiple drivers around them. Truck crashes tend to be large and injure many people on the road. Truck drivers have the same legal duty that all drivers have. They must drive with reasonable safety under the circumstances while adhering to the traffic laws. If they violate this duty and cause an accident, our truck accident lawyers can help you make sure they are held responsible.

Trucking Companies

Truck drivers are not the only people responsible for accidents. Trucking businesses and companies are often held vicariously liable for the injuries caused by negligent truck drivers. Under the legal principle of respondeat superior, employers may be vicariously liable for injuries and damages caused by an employee’s negligent behavior as long as that behavior occurs within the employee’s normal job duties.

Many truck accidents happen when truckers are negligent while performing normal job duties. Traffic violations, speeding, or driving while texting might be considered negligent acts committed in the normal course of their job duties, and their employer might be liable for damages.

Criminal acts or negligence outside the trucker’s normal job description might not be covered. Instead, you might sue the trucking company for negligent hiring. For example, suppose a truck driver becomes so enraged on the road that they purposefully crash into another car, causing a severe accident. Since road rage and acts of violence are not usually covered by respondeat superior, injured plaintiffs might instead sue them for negligently hiring the trucker.

The plaintiffs would need to prove that the trucking company knew the trucker had a history of road rage when they hired them. This point can be hard to prove, but it might help you get significant compensation.

Other Responsible Parties

Truckers and trucking companies are not the only parties you might sue for damages after a truck accident. Sometimes, these accidents are not solely caused by truckers. During the accident, other drivers on the road might have somehow contributed to the crash or made it worse. In that case, your attorney can help you identify the other drivers and sue them for damages.

For example, suppose a truck driver struck you from the rear, pushing you into an intersection and in front of oncoming traffic. Next, suppose another driver T-boned you in the intersection because they were speeding dangerously and could not brake in time to avoid the collision. In that case, the trucker and the second driver might be liable.

In some cases, the negligence of other drivers might be less obvious, and you might not realize that someone else played a role in the crash until later. Our team can help you review police reports and talk to witnesses to determine if other drivers might be responsible for the crash.

Damages You Should Claim in an Attleboro, MA Truck Accident Case

It is typical for truck accidents to involve extensive property damage, severe injuries, and enormous damages. Talk to your lawyer about your specific injuries and losses. Not only can you claim damages for the money you spend on recovering from the accident, but you can also claim damages for pain and suffering.

As said, many damages are based on how much money they cost you. Chief among these damages are medical bills and property damage. Injuries in truck accidents can be extreme, and injured victims often require extensive medical treatment. Such treatment is usually very expensive. If injured victims do not have health insurance, these costs might be overwhelming. Plaintiffs should also claim the loss of their vehicle and any personal belongings they had during the accident.

Non-economic injuries, or those that do not actually cost plaintiffs any money, should also be evaluated. Physical pain, emotional trauma, and psychological distress might not technically cost you money, but they are still costly experiences. For many, these experiences last far beyond the accident and cause much distress and turmoil for years. You should be fairly compensated for everything you have gone through.

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