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Navigating the Workers’ Compensation system can be difficult for anyone, but especially those dealing with debilitating occupational injuries in Andover. Our lawyers can help you get Workers’ Compensation benefits so that you can physically recover while getting the financial support you need.

Most workplace injuries and illnesses qualify employees for Workers’ Compensation in Andover. That does not mean that recovering Workers’ Compensation benefits will be easy, even if you were harmed in a serious workplace accident. You will have to show that you were hurt while working and that you did not intentionally cause your injuries. In order to get Workers’ Compensation, a claimant must provide their employer’s insurer with medical information regarding their injuries. If you have a pre-existing injury or condition that is called into question, you may have to give medical records regarding that information as well. When approved for Workers’ Compensation, you can get medical and lost-wage benefits. Your lost-wage benefits will be calculated according to your average weekly wage (AWW) prior to sustaining an injury.

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Injuries that Qualify Employees for Workers’ Compensation in Andover, MA

In order to qualify for Workers’ Compensation in Andover, you must have an occupational illness, injury, or disability. We can review the facts of your case to determine whether or not you are eligible for benefits.

Workers’ Compensation is a no-fault system, meaning it may not matter who caused your workplace injuries when you apply for benefits. Your employer does not have to act negligently and cause your injuries for you to get Workers’ Compensation. Provided an injured worker did not intentionally cause their injuries, they will likely qualify for Workers’ Compensation in Andover.

Occupational illnesses and injuries that worsen over time might also qualify you for benefits. For example, repetitive motion injuries, common in the manufacturing and construction industries, occur when workers use the same muscles continuously over a long period. Repetitive motion injuries, soft tissue injuries, or any other occupational injury that makes you unable to perform your workplace duties might enable you to get Workers’ Compensation. More apparent injuries, such as those caused by accidents at work, should also qualify you for benefits.

If you are unsure whether or not your injuries qualify you for benefits in Andover, ask our Workers’ Compensation lawyers for clarification. Generally speaking, as long as you did not cause your injuries intentionally, were not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time, and were performing your occupational duties at the time of injury, you can get Workers’ Compensation benefits to supplement your income and cover your medical expenses.

Medical Records Used in Workers’ Compensation Claims in Andover, MA

When preparing your Workers’ Compensation claim in Andover, having ample medical records confirming your injuries and their cause will be necessary. Our lawyers can organize your medical records so that they clearly show that you are eligible for Workers’ Compensation.

After an accident at work, get medical attention. Immediately going to the hospital as soon as you sustain an occupational injury is necessary, as it generates medical evidence that we can use in support of your claim. Our lawyers can make sure you follow all rules regarding getting care from approved doctors so that your Workers’ Compensation claim is jeopardized. You should keep getting care for as long as doctors advise you to.

In addition to providing your immediate and continuous medical records regarding your injuries, we may also have to provide information regarding any pre-existing conditions you might have. This may be done to eliminate any concerns or questions that a possible pre-existing condition was the cause of your current injuries, discomfort, or complications.

After you submit your Workers’ Compensation claim, you might be asked to provide more information regarding your medical history or treatment. Staying up to date on your care and organizing your medical information will be crucial so that your claim progresses as smoothly as possible.

Calculating Workers’ Compensation Benefit Amounts in Andover, MA

Your Workers’ Compensation benefit payments will depend on your income prior to sustaining an injury and the seriousness of your injury. Our lawyers can review your case and help calculate your likely benefit amount so that you know what to expect.

There are several kinds of Workers’ Compensation benefits available to claimants in Andover. The first is lost-wage benefits. These benefits are assessed differently, depending on the extent of the worker’s disability. For example, temporary total incapacity benefits for missed income will be 60% of a claimant’s average weekly wage prior to injury. Partial incapacity benefits can be up to 75% of a claimant’s AWW but could differ. Finally, permanent and total incapacity benefits cap to 60% of a claimant’s AWW for the 52 weeks before sustaining their injury. The amount of time they receive these benefits will depend on the classification of each claimant’s disability. If you are permanently disabled, you might get Workers’ Compensation for the rest of your life. If you have questions regarding your lost-wage benefits, do not hesitate to ask our lawyers.

Workers’ Compensation also provides medical benefits, which can cover all costs relating to your medical treatment. This can include any physical therapy, surgeries, medications, or other treatment you may need. Medical benefits are not capped in the same way lost-wage benefits are for Workers’ Compensation.

If a worker dies due to an occupational illness or injury, their survivors can recover Workers’ Compensation death benefits. Compensation in these cases can differ, depending on a survivor’s relationship to a deceased victim. Death benefits also cover reasonable burial expenses in Andover.

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