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Accidents on construction sites might leave victims with debilitating injuries that alter the quality of their lives forever. In the event that you were hurt because of negligence on a construction site, you can bring a lawsuit to recover damages in Andover.

Most often, victims of construction accidents are those who work on construction sites in Andover. They might be injured because of defective machinery, broken equipment, or other accidents. Sometimes, passersby of construction sites are struck by falling objects, entitling them to damages. To sue for a construction site injury in Massachusetts, start by identifying who is to blame for your injuries. If you were hurt as a worker, our lawyers will seek to bring a lawsuit against a negligent third party and not your employer. Then, you will have to bring your case within the statute of limitations. For injury lawsuits, that is three years. To prove your case, you must submit evidence of fault. Evidence typically used in construction accident lawsuits includes eyewitness statements, video footage, photographs, and a victim’s medical records.

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Victims of Construction Accidents in Andover, MA

Generally speaking, construction workers the ones most commonly injured in accidents on worksites in Andover. That said, others, like passersby, might also be hurt because of a negligent construction site.

Occupational responsibilities require many construction workers to use dangerous machinery, substances, and tools each day. Poor training, a lack of safety gear, or defective machinery might cause construction accidents in Andover. Accidents that take place firmly on construction sites might only injure construction workers.

That said, construction zones are often located near streets or other areas where pedestrians might frequent, even in rural areas like Andover. When passing by a construction site, a victim might be hit by a falling object or injured because of another negligent act. All that is to say, the nature of construction sites makes it so that others, not just workers, might be injured when accidents take place.

Because most construction accident victims are workers, they might have the proper safety gear to lessen the impact of an accident and reduce their chances of sustaining serious injuries. Unfortunately, safety equipment failure is a cause of many construction accidents and injuries in Andover. For example, ladders or scaffolding that give out may cause workers to fall from great heights. Other times, a lack of safety equipment, like harnesses or hard hats, might cause construction site workers to be injured on the job in Andover.

Suing for Construction Accidents and Injuries in Andover, MA

Your relationship with the construction company will matter when it comes to determining fault and filing a lawsuit in Andover. Our lawyers will carefully review the circumstances of the accident in question so you can pursue compensation immediately.

Injured employees can only sue their workers for negligence if their employers do not have Workers’ Compensation insurance in Massachusetts. Otherwise, filing a lawsuit is only an option if you can do so against a negligent third party, like a manufacturer. For example, suppose you were hurt in an explosion at work, and the explosion was caused by defective equipment. In that case, the manufacturer that produced and distributed that defective equipment might be partially to blame. This can enable you to file a third-party construction injury lawsuit to recover compensatory damages in Andover. Negligent third parties might also include reckless drivers who run into construction sites, injuring workers.

In the event that you were hurt as a pedestrian or passerby, you can file a claim for damages against the at-fault construction company in Massachusetts. According to Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 260, § 2A, the deadline to file a personal injury lawsuit for construction injuries in Andover is three years. Comparatively, the deadline to file a Workers’ Compensation claim for a construction site accident is four years, according to Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 152, § 41.

Getting Evidence for Your Construction Accident Injury Lawsuit in Andover, MA

Evidence is vital for the success of any lawsuit in Andover. When victims have been seriously injured in accidents on construction sites, recovery becomes even more crucial.

To get the damages you deserve following an accident on a construction site, we will gather evidence in support of your case. At the start of our investigation, our construction accident injury lawyers may review incident reports related to the accident in question. This might include police reports or reports of injury from your employer. Then, we will request access to any additional information, such as surveillance footage, that might indicate fault.

We may also interview eyewitnesses to get their statements, which can be used as evidence in your compensation claim in Andover. Speaking with eyewitnesses immediately is important, as their memories might fade over time.

In addition to the evidence we gathered during the course of our investigation, you can build evidence by going to the hospital and getting continuous care for your injuries. Your medical records will be crucial evidence in your recovery claim.

On top of proof of fault, you will also need to submit proof of damages. This refers to your financial and emotional losses caused by a construction site accident in Andover. Proving that you have incurred real damages will be a necessary part of your case. If you cannot establish that the defendant has caused you to incur losses, you will not recover damages. We can gather records pertaining to your losses and submit them as evidence. Victims of construction accidents in Andover stand to recover economic and non-economic damages against negligent parties.

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