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Construction sites are known to be very dangerous, and workers must be properly trained and given adequate safety gear to avoid injuries. Unfortunately, accidents might still happen, and injured workers can take legal action for compensation.

A lot of dangerous work is done on construction sites, and potential accidents might occur under a wide variety of circumstances. Falls from ladders or scaffolding, being caught between heavy objects, and injuries from faulty machinery or power tools are somewhat common. Suing for your injuries is sometimes complicated by Massachusetts’ Workers’ Compensation laws, but lawsuits are often possible and may yield significant compensation. Possible damages include your monetary losses and expenses in addition to your painful experiences from the accident.

A construction accident might leave you with severe injuries, and it might be impossible to cover your damages alone. Call our Woburn, MA construction accident and injury lawyers about taking legal action. For a free case evaluation, call the Law Office of John J. Sheehan at (617) 925-6407.

Typical Construction Accidents and Injuries in Woburn, MA

Construction sites are known for being dangerous environments to work in, and accidents and injuries are not unheard of. In many cases, workers are injured because of their employer’s negligence or the negligence of certain third parties. Our Woburn, MA construction accident and injury lawyer can help you determine how your accident happened and who should be named in your lawsuit.

Falls are some of the most commonly reported accidents on construction sites. Workers are at a high risk of falling when they work from rooftops, open windows, scaffolding, and ladders. In some cases, the equipment keeping the worker elevated is faulty or improperly secured. For example, some high scaffolding might be damaged or unsafe, and a worker might fall and be severely injured.

Many other accidents involve workers getting stuck in between heavy objects. These accidents, sometimes called caught-betweens, can lead to extremely bad crushing injuries. For example, a worker might be pinned to a wall by a forklift or pallets full of heavy construction materials. In severe cases, workers might be killed in such accidents, and damages are very high.

Heavy machinery and power tools are normal components of big and small construction projects. Workers might be badly hurt if the machinery or tools are damaged, defective, or otherwise unsafe to use. Often, these tools arrive from retailers or manufacturers already damaged, and workers are unaware of the hazard. If power tools like circular saws, nail guns, and power sanders malfunction, the people using the equipment will likely suffer serious injuries.

How to Sue for Damages After a Construction Accident in Woburn, MA

After being injured on a construction site, you might have several legal options worth exploring that could help you cover your damages. One such option is Workers’ Compensation, which is mandatory where applicable and prevents lawsuits against employers. If Workers’ Compensation does not apply in your case or your situation falls under an exception, our Woburn, MA construction accident and injury lawyers can help you file a lawsuit.

Under Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 152, § 1(4), Workers’ Compensation applies to anyone considered an employee under the law. This is a broad definition and includes almost all workers, with the exception of a few, including independent contractors. Since many construction workers are independent contractors, they might not be covered by Workers’ Compensation. If, by chance, you are covered, you might still be able to file a lawsuit for your injuries if you are properly classified as an independent contractor.

If you can sue, we should examine your employer’s possible negligence to determine whether they should be held liable. Employers are commonly named in workplace accident cases, including those for construction accidents, because employers are responsible for making sure the work environment is safe. Adequate training, proper safety gear, and properly functioning equipment are often the responsibilities of employers.

Even if Workers’ Compensation covers you, you can still sue your employer if they do not have the Workers’ Compensation insurance they must carry by law. You can also sue if your employer deliberately caused your accident.

In some cases, construction accidents are caused by third parties, and lawsuits are not restricted. For example, if you were injured because of faulty tools or equipment, you can sue the company that sold or manufactured the equipment in a product liability case.

Potential Damages in Woburn, MA Construction Accident Cases

Since construction accidents tend to be very dangerous, associated injuries tend to be severe, and damages are often significant. You can claim the value of economic damages, including money you lost or spent because of your injuries. You can also claim non-economic damages for your painful experiences because of the accident. Our Woburn, MA construction accident and injury attorneys can help you accurately evaluate your damages.

Economic damages may be assessed by adding up your financial costs that directly resulted from your accident. Medical bills, lost income, and the value of any damaged or destroyed personal property should be added to your economic damages. In some cases, plaintiffs have severe injuries that require ongoing treatment, and anticipated future medical costs can be claimed. The same goes for anticipated future lost income if you cannot return to work for a long time or ever.

Non-economic damages are more difficult to assess because they are very subjective and based on the plaintiff’s personal experiences connected with the accident. Physical pain, emotional suffering and trauma, humiliation, and damage to your reputation are just a few possible claims for non-economic damages. It is difficult to determine how much these damages are worth because they are very subjective. Generally, the more significant the impact these damages have on your overall life, the greater your damages claims might be.

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