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If you have been hit by a car, you could now be looking at expensive medical bills, time away from work, and other expenses and pressures in your life.  Pain and suffering is another area of damages that many car accident victims face – and an area that insurance companies usually want to avoid covering.  For help with your case, you should always work with an experienced car accident lawyer.

Our attorneys have experience helping car accident victims and their families get financial compensation for the medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, vehicle repairs, and other damages suffered in a car crash.  When you work with our lawyers, we can seek to negotiate a fair settlement with the driver and their insurance company and, if this is unsuccessful, we can take the case to court.

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Types of Car Accidents We Handle in Wellesley, MA

Car accidents happen in many different ways, but they usually stick to a few common “types” of cases.  Although the specific facts – such as the number of cars, the speed of each car, and how each driver reacted – will be a bit different in each case, these different types of cases are analyzed in a similar way.

Speeding Accidents

Statistically, most car accidents involve speeding at least as a contributing factor in causing the crash.  When a driver goes over the speed limit, their speeding can be enough to hold them at fault when they cause a crash.  However, even in cases where both drivers were speeding or there were other violations, crashing at high speeds simply makes the crash worse, potentially causing more damage and destruction.

Intersection Accidents

When a crash happens in an intersection, there are usually traffic lights, stop signs, or other traffic control devices we can look to to determine who was at fault.  If a driver ran a red light or a stop sign – even if it was a “rolling stop” – then they could be held liable for the crash.  If a driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic when turning left, that is another common cause our car accident lawyers can point to as supplying fault in one of these crashes.

The specific facts of who did what and how the intersection was laid out will be vital in explaining a case like this to the insurance company or the court.

DUI Accidents

When a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, their actions are often responsible for a crash.  Reduced reaction times, poor judgment, or even falling asleep at the wheel while drunk could all cause serious injuries or even fatal crashes.

We can use evidence such as the driver’s high BAC or the fact that they did not leave skid marks by reacting in time to hit the brakes as evidence of intoxication.  We can also use observable things like the odor of alcohol on their breath, empty bottles in the driver’s area, and slurred speech as evidence of their intoxication.

Tired Driving Accidents

Similarly, crashes brought on by driving after long hours on the road or after a late night with no sleep can usually be blamed on the tired driver.  These crashes are often as serious as drunk driving accidents with sleep deprivation and alcohol having similar effects on drivers.

Rear-End Crashes

When one driver rear-ends another, it is usually the driver to the rear’s fault.  Following too closely is illegal, and so when a driver crashes into you from behind, it is usually because they were simply too close.  However, if the driver in front intentionally “brake-checked” the driver behind them or slammed on the brakes suddenly without cause, then they might be at fault instead.

Lastly, if a driver was backing up, the crash is likely their fault, such as in parking lot accidents.

Front-End Crashes

Head-on collisions are often some of the most serious crashes because the speed of both cars combine to make the crash worse than striking a stationary object or a car going the same direction.  In these accidents, a car’s safety features – such as crumple zones, seat belts, and air bags – are essential in reducing the energy of the crash, protecting the occupants from injury, and keeping them from being thrown from the vehicle.  Even so, these crashes can total vehicles and cause drivers and passengers quite serious or even deadly injuries.

How to Bring a Car Accident Claim in Wellesley, MA

In most cases, your injury case will start with filing an insurance claim.  Every driver is required to carry insurance, and this can help pay for some things quickly.  However, it is important not to accept damages from the at-fault driver’s insurance before going over your case with a lawyer.

When you accept money from the driver who hit you or their insurance company, it often functions as a legal settlement and prevents you from claiming additional damages after that settlement or taking the case to court.  You only get one bite at the apple, and it is important to decide whether you are settling the case or fighting it out in court by consulting with your attorney.

In most cases, our lawyers can negotiate with the insurance company and potentially get a better settlement offer that covers your needs more fully.  However, settlements might still be too low for your comfort, and you might want to press the case in court.  When we file a lawsuit, we file the necessary paperwork and a complaint explaining what happened and why the defendant is at fault for the accident.  The case then goes through various stages before reaching trial.  If you want to settle any time up until a jury verdict, that is usually still an option.

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