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Thousands of trucks travel through every state in the country every day to deliver cargo where it needs to go. Sadly, some number of those trucks will get into accidents and seriously injure people in the process. In a truck accident, the odds are stacked against the ordinary motorist because, oftentimes, their vehicle is simply not equipped to handle the force of getting struck by something like a large 18-wheeler. Worse still, the cost of treatment for those injuries can easily spiral out of control, leaving victims feeling helpless and like there are no options left.

If you got injured in a truck collision in or near Stoughton, we can help. Our attorneys have represented many plaintiffs injured in truck accidents. We have the experience and determination to take your case all the way to the finish line and get you what you are owed from the defendant.

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Causes of Truck Accidents in Stoughton, MA

Truck accidents happen for all sorts of reasons, but it is important that you know exactly what caused your truck accident because that informs who you sue in court. In civil actions, in order to get damages, you need to prove that the defendant caused your injuries and not somebody else. When you go over your claim with our truck accident lawyers, we can help you figure out who caused your truck crash so that you sue the right parties.

Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are often the cause, or at least partially the cause, of many truck accidents. Truckers can be negligent in all the ways that other drivers can be negligent, like speeding, driving drunk, or ignoring other traffic rules.

Additionally, there are some extra rules that truckers need to follow. For example, tired driving is incredibly dangerous, so truckers have rules created by the FMCSA that they must follow, or they will be found negligent in court.

Trucking Companies

You can also sue trucking companies in many circumstances. For example, if a trucking company negligently hired untrained drivers or did not properly train their drivers, you can sue them for negligence.

Truck Manufacturers and Designers

Finally, if the cause of your crash is an issue with the truck itself, you can sue the truck designer or manufacturer – depending on what kind of defect is present in the truck involved in your accident.

Damages in Stoughton, MA Truck Accident Lawsuits

If you successfully prove that the defendant was liable for your injuries, you will be awarded damages. Damages are the way that the court tries to undo the effects of the crash and put the plaintiff back where they were before it took place. Of course, the nature of a plaintiff’s condition may make doing that literally impossible, so compelling the defendant to pay damages is seen as an acceptable substitute.

The damages you get in your case will be unique to you because they are based on your circumstances. When you ask for damages in your initial filings, it helps to break them down so that the court knows exactly what you are seeking financial compensation for. Damages you can seek in a truck accident lawsuit include:

Medical Expenses

Most victims of truck accidents will have injuries of some kind. If injuries are serious, they can be very expensive to cover due to the cost of surgery, hospital stays medications, follow-up visits, and live-in care. Accordingly, you can get damages to compensate you for what you had to pay to deal with your injuries.

Property Damage

Your car getting totaled or badly damaged can become very expensive very quickly, especially as mechanics and repair shops find problems that were not obvious at first look. In court, you can get compensated for the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle.

Lost Income

Some of the damages you seek may not be obvious at first glance. For example, it is “injury” if you have to take time off work to recover from your injuries and miss getting paid. You are able to get damages to offset that lost income. Additionally, if your injuries are such that you have to quit your current job and take one that pays less, you can get compensation based on the difference in pay. Finally, if your injuries are to the extent that you are not able to work at all, you can get financial compensation based on what you would be projected to earn for the rest of your career.

Physical Pain and Mental Anguish

Thus far, we have discussed injuries that are “easy” to prove. For example, your medical expenses can be proven by showing a hospital bill to the court. Other kinds of injuries are less easy to see. The cost of your medical care may not necessarily reflect the mental toll or physical discomfort your injuries inflict on you regularly. Courts do understand, though, that such injuries are very real, so you can get compensation for them.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are a special kind of damages where the court aims to punish defendants who act especially badly. In Massachusetts, you can only request punitive damages in cases where someone died and that death resulted from maliciousness pursuant to Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 229 §2. If a loved one passed away in a truck crash and you are suing on their behalf, you should speak to our attorneys about whether punitive damages are on the table in your claim.

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